List of Top 50 Augmented Reality Development Companies of 2019

Top 50 Augmented Reality Development Companies Oct-2019

The report features top names in the mobile app industry who have made themselves known to their Augmented Reality development services. With crucial factors like client testimonials, work quality, and more, we are here to help you make the decision!

In the last year or two, we have witnessed a rapid rise in the field of AR, i.e. Augmented Reality and this growth is estimated to reach new heights in the next few years.

According to a recent forecast report by Statista, the market size for augmented reality and virtual reality has the potential to reach over $209 Billion. This forecast is based on the current market size which stands at a threshold of only 27 Billion US Dollars. 

One of the main reasons behind this exponential growth rate of the industry is the increasing demand for AR-based apps. The best part about the augmented reality technology is that it is not only applicable to a particular sector like gaming or entertainment but also versatile enough to be implemented in various industry verticals including healthcare and medicine sector, where it can serve as a boon to mankind.

MobileAppDaily is a renowned mobile application news portal, which is known to release thoroughly researched reports featuring top-notch companies from all around the world. And today, we have curated a list of the “Top Augmented Reality App Development Companies” who have proved themselves to be the best in the field of AR technology

Leading AR App Development Companies in 2019

On What Basis Does MobileAppDaily Shortlist Augmented Reality Development Companies in 2019

During the shortlisting process for the top AR companies in 2019, experts from MobileAppDaily make sure to go through the entire essential checklist. 

The above list only features the best of the augmented reality development companies that only have top-notch services to offer to their clients at an international level. We have only curated this list after talking to several clients with augmented reality projects and their feedback regarding the companies that developed their projects.  

With that being said, let’s take a look at the crucial factors on whose basis you can finalize the final hiring decision of a suitable Augmented Reality development company in 2019: 

  • Go through various client testimonials.
  • Ask about the level of expertise of AR app developers.
  • Inquire about the previous AR app development projects.
  • Get to know about the AR app development tools & technologies being used. 
  • Vision and Mission of the company.

The team of analysts at MobileAppDaily ensures that exclusive reports with well-researched and highly informative content are released regularly. These exclusive reports are the ones that feature only the best mobile application development companies from various industry verticals like Android, iOS, Virtual Reality (VR), E-commerce, Blockchain and many more.

Also in the near future, MobileAppDaily will be releasing annual reports that are specific with respect to different factors like the range of clients’ budget, geolocation of the company, and other primary pre-defined factors.  

So if you are looking forward to getting acquainted with some of the top leaders of the mobile app industry, then we would recommend staying tuned to us! And in case, you have some questions regarding the top AR companies listed above, feel free to contact us now. 

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