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Top Augmented Reality Development Companies 2019

We researched on the best augmented reality developers globally & listed the top 15 most promising AR companies.

Here are the top AR app development firms :

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In the last year or two, we have witnessed a rapid rise in the field of AR, i.e. Augmented Reality and this growth is estimated to reach new heights in the next few years.

According to a recent forecast report by Statista, the market size for the augmented reality and virtual reality has the potential to reach over $209 Billion. This forecast is based on the current market size which stands at a threshold of only 27 Billion US Dollars.

One of the main reasons behind this exponential growth rate of the industry is the increasing demand for the Augmented Reality based apps. The best part about the augmented reality technology is that it is not only applicable to a particular sector like gaming or entertainment but also versatile enough to be implemented in various industry verticals including healthcare and medicine sector, where it can serve as a boon to mankind.

That's the reason why we decided to release our next report on the “Top Augmented Reality Developers of 2019” as companies have to step up their augmented reality game to keep up with the technology trends.

MobileAppDaily is a renowned mobile application news portal, which is known to release thoroughly researched reports featuring the top-notch companies from all around the world. And today, we have curated a list of the “Top 15 Augmented Reality App Development Companies” who have proved themselves to be the best in the field of AR technology.


Chicago, IL

The NEXT/NOW is one of the best augmented reality companies that firmly believes in combining creativity and digital content to deliver an exceptional interaction to their customers. As an innovative technology agency, NEXT/NOW provides the next generation physical as well as digital experiences for the known world-class names like Audi, LG, Intel and many more.

According to the founder of this creative agency, Alan Hughes, their team uses innovative display concepts, natural user interfaces, motion, and gesture interactivity to develop augmented reality applications that can build a special connection between the brands and their customers.

Some of their well-appreciated projects are the LG's numerous interactive video Times Square collaborations, Target's in-store augmented reality kiosks, the Fremont Street Experience of multiple experiential films featuring the world's largest video screen.

Services: AR Projection Mapping, Motion and Gesture Control, 3D Animation and Multi-Touch Surfaces

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Bielsko-Bia?a, Poland

4Experience surely deserves a place in this list of the top augmented reality companies as their team specializes in VR & AR development. This AR app development company believe in the notion of 'the future begins today' because with the development of augmented reality applications as many opportunities are introduced to a number of different sectors.

This company is known to focus on creating a long-term vision by applying valuable principles that contribute towards bringing a change in the current market boundaries. After running their virtual reality company for the last few years, they have understood the need of the AR environment.

Services: Virtual Reality Player, VR Event App, AR Player and Mobile & VR Games

+48 727 577 265
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VR Vision Inc.

Toronto, ON, Canada

VR Vision has been in the named among best AR development companies quite a few times as they offer edge cutting augmented reality services to their clients globally. Their main aim is to provide impactful and innovative experiences to the users by using the VR and AR technologies.

The team of VR Vision is made by combining four important essential like overachieving, flexibility, collaboration, and free-thinking of individuals. By teaming up with Lenovo and HTC, this company also provides high-end hardware deployment services to match with the unparalleled quality of customized mobile and web apps.

Services: Application Development, Healthcare, Education & Learning, and 360 Content Production

[+1] 888-253-3264
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Seattle, WA

The 8ninths is among the well-known AR/ VR development companies based out of Seattle. The company offers top-notch services and solutions for the clients across several industry verticals. The 8minths is also a part of the Valence Group as they now further help their enterprise clients to meet the business objectives set by them.

Their team follows a creative strategy as they consider the augmented reality and virtual reality are the stepping stones of a whole new age of technology. A few clients of their AR and VR apps are Magic Leap One, Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and many more.

Services: Usability Testing & Iteration, Agile Methodology, 3D Audio Design, 360 Video and Performance Optimization

(206) 494-4339
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Groove Jones

Dallas, TX

Groove Jones is a creative technology company that produces next-generation experiences for world-class brands. They are best known for their award-winning client work in AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) which has appeared at some of the most popular sporting and entertainment events like mutliple Super Bowls, NASCAR racers, PGA Tours, Comic-con, SXSW, CES and the Mobile World Conferecne. 

The founders of Groove Jones have worked on major motion pictures and location based motion rides like Minion Mayhem and the Simpson’s ride at Universal Studios. The company offers a digital platform called GrooveTech™ which is a proprietary group of technologies they’ve developed for their clients to leverage for their marketing objectives. 

Services: Onsite Activations, AR and Social Mobile Filters, Experiential Marketing Campaigns, and AR and VR Games


1-214-749-0094 x631
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Gravity Jack

Spokane, WA

This company was founded in the year 2009 and since then Gravity Jack has grown immensely by developing fully custom software for mobile as well as web platforms. Being one of the best AR development companies across the globe, they only have 20 professionals in their team that let their passion for augmented reality fuel them for their future endeavors.

As this company was founded almost nine years back, they have successfully created a reputable position for themselves in the AR industry. If you are looking for services like 360 video, customized augmented reality application, they are the one you should definitely have a look at

Services: AR & VR Development, Web Apps, and 360 Video Production.

(509) 863-9228
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Cracow, Poland

The Mofobles is a leading Augmented Reality application development company that is mainly driven by its thirst for technology and its advancements. They have a great history of working with some of the big names in the entertainment industry. The team of mofables builds custom mobile applications on various leading platforms using the Unity framework.

They are widely known for their specialization in the front-end development but they also can cover the back-end development quite well. The company aims to keep on delivering excellent AR and VR services and also to keep on moving forward while experimenting with various use case scenarios.

Services: Apps Development, AR/VR Experience, and Game Design

+48 501 588 628
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Invisible Toys


The journey of Invisible Toys as an augmented reality app development services provider started in the year 2015 by solely focusing on the outsourcing of the Unity 3D development, Web apps for visualization, and virtual reality development. The team is consists of some of the most talented visualization developers who are determined to cover all aspects of AR/VR technology for different types of commercial sectors.

As a software and app development company, Invisible Toys focus on how they are delivering the technical side of all their augmented reality projects to their clients.

Services: Custom AR development, AR for education, VR development, Virtual Tours, Marketing and Promotion

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Los Angeles, CA

WeAR is a renowned Augmented Reality based app development company which specializes in industry verticals like marketing, retail, and e-commerce. WeAR promises is to deliver the best possible augmented reality solutions to their clients in a pre-defined time frame and within an appropriate budget as per the requirements of the project.

The WeAR studio is here to improve the use of AR technology in mobile applications and raise awareness regarding the trending technologies especially the ones that are related to the mixed reality.

Services: Virtual Reality Applications, Mixed Reality Applications, Hybrid Applications, and 3D Tours


+1 209 813 2546
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Hedgehog lab

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

The Hedgehog Lab offers top-notch development of AR-based mobile apps to their clients which can further help the client in driving their sales up to a great extent. Their team includes many world-class designers that are responsible for Hedgehog's remarkable designs as visual appeal is one of the important factors in all their projects.

Their team members are creative professionals who precisely comprehend the client's brand image as per their targeted user base. Because at this time of extensive competition, the design is something that can make your app stand out in the crowd of other AR/VR mobile apps.

Services: Native app development, Hybrid App Development, Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, AR Development

0191 249 8039
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Credencys Solution

LA Palma, CA

Since its inception, Credencys has not only provided advanced technical solutions to the real world problems but also have played a major role in promoting the new technology trends in the market. In the span of five years, this leading software solution company as developed 300 projects including several projects of AR development with apps for both web and mobile platforms.

The team of Credencys specializes in non-traditional technologies like Big Data, Cloud, IoT (Internet of Things), AR and virtual reality. Currently, they have established their offices in locations including Mumbai (India), Washington (USA) and Singapore.

Services: AR and VR Experiences, Internet of Things, Enterprise Mobility, Web Development, and Cloud Transformation


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Jaipur, India

Yeppar has been revolutionizing the business industries by offering impeccable Augmented Reality app development services since the year 2016 and within this short span of time, they have truly shown their true potential in the field of virtual reality. In the last two years, yeppar have successfully developed a variety of projects on technologies like VR, mixed reality and AR.

Last year they won the award for the 'Growthenabler top rated AR/VR/MR Startup India 2017' in India which has inspired them, even more, to prioritize augmented reality technology as an influencing technology that holds the potential to transform the entire IT industry.

Services: AR Development, Manufacturing & Training, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

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Northampton, United Kingdom

INDE is known is known for building award-winning interactive and advanced products in various sectors like advertising, education, and entertainment. The INDE have been around since the year 2011 and in this time period, their team has launched AR systems in more than 40 countries including brand names like Guinness Book of World Records, BBC Worldwide, WWF, Coca-Cola, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic and American Express.

This development company mainly uses emerging technologies like computer vision and motion capture. Basically, they are working towards creating a next-generation platform that will transform the way that people are currently interacting with the digital content.

Services: Broadcast AR, Bar Interactive, Hero Mirror, Live Mirror, Avatar, and Mobile AR.

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San Francisco, United States

Niantic was originally formed in the year 2010 at Google, but now it runs as an independent company on its own which is backed up by a group of investors including Nintendo. One of their most popular projects is Pokémon GO that went viral worldwide in just a couple of days when it first came into the market.

Their main aim is to completely utilize the different emerging technologies to help in enriching the real world experiences for human beings. That's the reason why they develop products that have the potential of inspiring an exploration and face-to-face social interaction with one another.

Services: App Development, Mapping, Security, and AR capabilities

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Gurgaon, India

Quy Technology Pvt Ltd was founded in the year 2010 and since then they have been delivering excellent Web and mobile app development services including Augmented Reality app development as well. Quytech's team mainly focuses on SMEs (small to medium-scale enterprises) and startups that are innovative and are filled with zest to change the world.

So, if you are looking for an app development company that is highly experienced and trusted globally, then make sure you have a look at the portfolio of Quytech. They also expertise in niche technology services like consulting and outsourcing.

Services: Virtual Reality Apps for Training apps for Events, Hybrid App Development, Unity 3d App Development, and AR Kit Development

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The above list only features the best of the AR development companies that only have top-notch services to offer to their clients at an international level. We have only curated this list after talking to several clients with augmented reality projects and their feedback regarding the companies that developed their projects.  

So, if you have a requirement of augmented reality for commercial use project or you are in search of augmented reality developers to develop augmented reality apps for your brand these companies are worth looking at.

We really hope that the list of '2019 Top AR Development Companies' will come in handy for you, in your search for a trusted and reliable AR development company.