Best Law Apps to Boost Your Legal Efficiency and Capabilities in 2023

1 in every 3 families face legal interactions. These Best Legal Apps help you prepare or avoid legal confrontations.
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July 29, 2023
Best Legal Apps

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. From homes to offices, our phones accompany us through it all. You use your mobile phones for almost everything, from entertaining yourself to booking your transportation and recording your everyday work. But did you know how much you can get out of your mobile phone for legal practices?

Best lawyer apps can be used to simplify and streamline the process of communication, legal research, and other law-related practices. Some mobile apps have also become mandatory for lawyers to carry out hassle-free legal practices.

With the increasing role of AI in the legal industry and improved technology, the latest legal apps can save the day for you. With their cloud-based technology, you can boost your privacy and systematically track all your work. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top apps for lawyers available for Android and iOS users.

Our Top Picks

Here’s a look at some of the top law apps designed specifically for lawyers. These apps will surely help you increase your productivity and streamline all your legal work. From preparing legal documents to managing calendars and client meetings, these are the best law apps for legal experts in 2023.

Top Lawyer Apps for Mobilizing Legal Assistance and Excellence in 2023!

We have prepared a list of the best lawyer apps available in the market today and how they can transform your legal practices. These apps will surely get your work done in less time and will enhance your productivity.

All the apps are mentioned along with their detailed descriptions, features, and downloadable links that will make it easy for you to download and launch the app on your mobile device. So. let’s get started with our list now:



Apple 4.8
android 5.0

Skylex is a free mobile app that acts as your one-stop solution for all the issues related to immigration. The app offers an integrated platform that connects users with top immigration lawyers who can assist you with family-based immigration or any other similar cases. 

The app is extremely simple to use and is packed with all the essential features for its users. Through the Skylex app, you can connect with top lawyers and professionals via e-mail, chat, voice call, or video call. With the latest techniques, smart tools, and a network of experienced professionals, Skylex is one of the most efficient lawyer apps for resolving immigration issues.

Top features of Skylex- The best app for attorneys

  • Support via audio and video calls
  • Simplifies the process of immigration 
  • Protects private information and details
  • Connect with smart, knowledgeable experts
  • Connect from any country without disclosing your phone number
Download Skylex- Best app for lawyers


Apple 4.8
android 4.6

Clio is an exceptional lawyer app that offers cloud-based management solutions for small and large law firms. The platform enables businesses in the legal industry to track deadlines, manage cases, bill clients, and accept payments through a single platform. It keeps all your important legal documents safe in one place and is thereby regarded as the best mobile application for lawyers. 

It works well with multiple legal technologies and invites integration with many third-party applications and software as well. Clio offers leading legal management solutions and services and is thus trusted by many professionals as the best lawyer app.

Top features of Clio- A management app for lawyers

  • Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android users
  • Offers multiple billing and management options
  • Push notifications and instant messaging options
  • Electronic signature, custom field creation, etc.
  • Supports smooth client management and interactions
Download Clio- A helpful app for lawyers

Rocket Lawyer

Apple 4.9
android 4.7

Rocket Lawyer is one of the best lawyer apps for Android and iOS users that offers multiple legal services through an integrated platform. Users can avail of different services related to business formation, legal documents, legal advice, and much more. Unlike other mobile apps for lawyers, the Rocket Lawyer app is aimed at offering the best legal services for small businesses. 

It is one of the most important tools for lawyers and other professionals to simplify legal terms and cases. The app is geared towards offering exceptional legal advice and services facilitated by verified, licensed attorneys. If you are looking for a quick solution to resolve your legal issues, the Rocket Lawyer app is the perfect solution for you.

Top features of Rocket Lawyer- The best app for lawyer

  • Offers a free trial for all users
  • Free access to business attorneys 
  • Offers discounts on various legal needs
  • Offers phone, chat, and e-mail support 
  • Provides free LLC business formation services
Download Rocket Lawyer- Leading application for lawyers

AI Lawyer

Apple 4.8
android 4.9

AI Lawyer app is an extremely powerful legal tool that offers a range of features and utilities that help you work with legal documents and receive the most suitable legal advice. Users can easily understand all the complex legal terms with simple definitions and explanations. 

Through an integrated Natural Language Processing(NLP) system, the apps can quickly scan and analyze legal documents. It can identify all the important clauses and terms, empowering with expert and relevant legal advice and suggestions. The app can solve all your queries and offer solutions for a wide range of legal issues. This app is best for anyone who wishes to resolve legal issues at a minimum cost.

Top features of AI Lawyer- Among the best legal apps for mobile

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Saves a lot of time, money, and hassle
  • Quickly scans and analyzes legal documents
  • Clear writings and explanations based on AI tools
  • Ideal for business owners, legal professionals, etc.
Download AI Lawyer- One of the best lawyer apps
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Laws on Demand

Apple 4.4
android 3.5

Laws on Demand is a legal advisory app that offers instant access to multiple legal resources through your mobile device. Whether you are an attorney, a law student, or someone looking for a better understanding of legal information, Laws on Demand is the best solution for you. 
The app works as your portable legal dictionary that is simple to use and comprehend and is thus among the best law apps for students.

You can search for all the information about complex legal terminology right through your mobile phone. Law on Demand allows users to look for many legal concepts, important legal cases, precedents, movements, history of laws, and much more. Download this app now to master your legal practices and knowledge. 

Top features of Law on Demand- The best app for attorneys

  • Simple-to-use tab navigation interface
  • Enables you to search over 20,000 legal terms
  • User-friendly, comprehensive, and authoritative tools
  • Allows you to bookmark and save important information
  • Easily decipher legal jargon and comprehend complex legal advice
Download Laws on Demand- One of the best law apps


Apple 4.0
android 4.5

LegalKart is a practice management app for lawyers that offers a comprehensive set of solutions for managing cases, documents, client fees, and other management related to legal practices. It is the best app for attorneys that help lawyers to connect with their existing clients and find new clients as well. 

It is among the simplest tools for lawyers that helps them adopt technology that can further reduce the burden of labor-intensive tasks. Using this app, lawyers can automate their day-to-day activities and enhance their efficiency.

Top features of LegalKart- A popular lawyer app for mobile

  • Offered AI-enables tools and features
  • Automates tough legal tasks and services
  • Connects existing and new clients with lawyers
  • Based on machine learning and NLP algorithms
  • Exceptional technology platform for simplifying legal services
Download LegalKart- A popular app for attorneys


Apple 2.7
android 3.7

MyCase is a cloud-based legal management solution that helps attorneys in small to medium size law firms manage their clients and daily operations. The app is packed with all the essential tools that a law firm might need to improve organizational operations by improving its efficiency, scalability, and productivity. 

If you are looking for a platform to keep and maintain all your important documents, e-mails, legal contacts, and more, MyCase is one of the best attorney apps that can offer exceptional legal services for all professionals.

Top features of MyCase- One of the best mobile apps for lawyers

  • Offers seamless integration with QuickBooks
  • Facilitates electronic bill pay and notifications
  • Time-tracking, accounting, and case management
  • Sync and manage calendars and collaborate with clients
  • The platform can be accessed via computer and other devices
Download MyCase- One of the most productive apps for lawyers


Apple 2.5
android 2.7

The Westlaw legal app is a research service for legal and law-related resources within the United States and abroad. The site is packed with the latest content and resources covering all the necessary information about legal practices. It is a preferred choice for both legal professionals and people who are just beginning their careers in law. 

For users, Westlaw essentially allows them to carry all their research tools and access them anywhere with a stable internet connection. All the research will automatically sync to your device, enabling you to review your previous research easily. The app also offers an additional feature of KeyCite to determine whether the cases are still relevant and in good law. The extraordinary research tools offered by Westlaw make it a preferred choice for many users.

Top features of Westlaw- The best app for lawyers

  • Completely free to download and use
  • Offers a customizable tabbed interface 
  • Organizes your research into different folders
  • Supports Western language and Boolean searches 
  • Over 40,000 databases of case law, law journals, reviews, treaties, and more
Download Westlaw- Best lawyer app for android


Apple 2.4
android 3.5

Fastcase is an excellent legal research option for both professional lawyers and new beginners. It can be used by any lawyer, even without access through their bar association. The app offers a comprehensive database of all the important legal information that can help lawyers with their research work. 

It equips legal experts with smarter and more effective legal solutions. Fastcase is trusted by millions of users across the world as the app partners with law firms, law schools, correctional facilities, law libraries, and governments. It is the best legal tool for advanced research and documentation.

Top features of Fastcase- Best mobile app for lawyers

  • Extensive library of books, treaties, and journals
  • Partners with law firms, schools, libraries, etc. 
  • Offers professional research tools on the go
  • Supports quick, reliable research at less cost
  • Cloud-based tools for practitioners- Legal Research, Docket Alarm, etc.
Fastcase- A popular app for lawyers and professionals

ABA Journal

Apple 1.0
android 4.9

The ABA Journal, or the American Bar Association Journal app, is a flagship magazine of the American Bar Association. This magazine is packed with all the necessary information and facts about the legal trade. Law professionals can easily access this magazine through a physical copy, e-newsletters, apps, or a fully-featured website. 

This app works equally well for both law students and experienced professionals. You can also share the latest updates and news with your friends and colleagues. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to view the latest legal news, articles, and updates, ABA Journal is the best bet for you.

Features of ABA Journal- App for attorneys

  • Enables you to share and download articles
  • Offers podcasts on current topics and happenings
  • Free e-mail newsletters to keep up with the latest developments
  • Provides information about trends, people, and economic forces
  • Covers diverse topics like legal issues, careers, business development tips, etc.
Download ABA Journal- App for professional lawyers
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What are the Different Types of Apps for Legal Practices?

Depending on individual/business goals, purposes, and preferences, apps for lawyers can be of different types. Some of the common types of legal apps for lawyers available for Android and iOS users are listed below:

1. Law Practice Management Apps

Mobile apps for lawyers can help in automating legal management processes and practices. These apps can be used to store and organize all the important details and information related to legal cases. The apps are packed with effective features that can streamline legal processes and enhance the overall efficiency of business operations. 

Legal apps can help lawyers and legal professionals to record and manage day-to-day tasks, client case, and contact information, and organize invoices. Some tools also offer additional services that can track deadlines and reduce the chances of errors. 

2. Financial Management and Accounting Apps

The best apps for financial management are essential for all professionals. Attorney apps can help in financial management and streamlining accounting processes for small and large business firms. The apps can simplify billing and invoicing processes with the best lawyer apps for firms, users can create bills, manage invoices, calculate income and expenses, and do a lot more. 

3. Image Converter Apps for Lawyers

Image converter apps for lawyers can be used for converting paper documents into digital PDFs, images, and other files. The best lawyer apps can easily convert any kind of physical document into a digital copy that can be accessed on any mobile device. This makes it easier for legal professionals to adapt a graphic file for different tasks and cases quickly. Image converter tools for lawyers can be used for various purposes like- 

  • Auto cropping documents
  • Scanning text and images
  • Sharing scanned documents
  • Printing files and important documents
  • Scanning multi-page documents

Lawyers can also use the popular AI image-to-text converter apps to further simplify their tasks.

4. Case Registry Search Apps

The best apps for lawyers that are used for case registry give access to court records and other relevant information. Professionals can easily search for specific cases and documents without wasting much time and effort on manually scanning documents. 

Lawyers can use case registry apps to monitor databases and search for any organization by name or code. Professionals can also browse through law review articles, legal blogs, pleading, briefs, and much more. 

Why do Professionals need Legal apps?

With the entire world shifting online, most lawyers and legal practitioners feel the need to prepare for a case from the comfort of their homes. Mobile apps not only streamline legal work but also make it easier for users to complete all their tasks easily. We have listed 5 primary benefits that will convince you to invest in a legal app. 

1. Enhanced Time Management

Legal agencies demand tools and applications that can simplify their rigorous tasks. Mobile apps for law firms make it easier for users to track all their tasks and calculate the time spent on it. An efficient time-tracking feature can also help attorneys to calculate their billable hours and schedule their appointments easily.

Some mobile apps for law firms with time management features also support integration with other third-party apps, including Basecamp, JIRA, Google Calendar, Team Work, etc.

2. Increased Productivity

Legal apps offer extended digital resources that can be extremely effective in improving the productivity of legal professionals. Users can access a huge library of legal resources, research tools, and a lot more through a single platform. Apart from legal apps, many other productivity apps like PDF Reader, Todoist, Evernote, etc. can also be used for improving productivity.

These apps are great for raising productivity by reducing the time spent on monotonous research and development. With additional features such as appointment scheduling tools, sharing capabilities, and much more, legal apps are the most suitable options for increasing your professional capabilities and productivity.

3. Collaboration with Clients

The best apps for lawyers are known for offering a simple and intuitive platform for lawyers to connect with their existing and potential clients. It speeds up the process for both lawyers and clients through multiple features like instant messaging tools, video conferencing, and more. The app makes it simple for clients to avail of legal services from the convenience of their homes.

4. Increased accessibility

Best apps for lawyers make legal business extremely simple and accessible for all users. Users can easily avail all the legal services with just a few simple clicks. The apps enable professionals and ordinary people to explore and understand complex legal terms and cases from anywhere in the world.

Clients can get detailed information and facts about services and legal issues directly on their mobile phones. Along with all this, users can also explore various legal cases, select attorneys, and do a lot more as per their preferences.

Final Verdict!

With the entire world shifting to online channels, accessing legal services online is easy now than ever. There are plenty of lawyer apps available for different law firms, students, and other professionals. The best lawyer apps can streamline and simplify your legal practices and other tasks with just a few clicks.

The top mobile app development companies offer a wide variety of legal apps for both Android and iOS users. You can choose the best app for lawyers based on your personal preferences, requirements, and other important considerations. These apps can help law professionals to work more efficiently and centralize their information. With exceptional advantages and best-in-class services, the best apps for lawyers exhibit the potential to completely reform law and related legal practices by making them accessible to all.

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to list your product, get in touch with us at MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews will help your app reach the targeted audience and will ensure its substantial growth. Until then, keep on exploring MobileAppDaily for more such reviews, updates, and information on the latest mobile apps. 

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