Brave Browser - Secured & Ad-free Internet Surfing

Brave browser app offers security to your important data like internet banking credentials, internet history, and more!

Updated on April 23, 2021
Brave Browser - Secured & Ad-free Internet Surfing

Ever wondered if you are being tracked? Or, someone has been stalking you on the internet? The modern world uses the internet for almost everything. And that has made us users more vulnerable to cyberattacks. According to a report by PURPLESEC, Covid-19 caused an increase of 600% in global cyberattacks. Plenty of these attacks were made to steal private information and misuse it.

An example of this is the Trojan virus attacks, it had a 51.45% share in all of the attacks that were done. Trojan viruses are known to infiltrate systems through viruses to lock or steal the data. Attackers ask for ransom in return after they have control over your data.

In this app review, we are discussing the Brave web browser along with its features. Further, you will find ratings based on the analysis of Brave internet browser done by expert developers. These Brave app ratings will help you in identifying if the app is capable of offering an extra layer of security to your internet-based needs or not.

Brave Private Browser - Introduction And History

Brave private browsing app has a history that goes back to 2015. Its current CEO Brendan Eich along with CTO Brian Bondy co-founded the Brave browser. It launched its first version in 2016 along with a feature called ad-block.

In 2018, Brave browser also adapted Tor, but its usage was limited to the private browsing mode in the desktop version of Brave browser only. In 2019, during the stable release of the Brave private browser, it had a network of 8.7 million monthly users. This threshold touched a whopping count of 25 million monthly users in February 2021.

Brave Private Browser - Features of this fast web browser

Brave is not only secure but free and fast as well. This simple private web browser works like any other browser but offers an extra layer of security that common browsers can not give.

If you are involved in activities such as regular online transactions, business management, or content generation, among others, Brave browser can make sure nobody is stalking your internet activities to steal your crucial data. Let’s see what other features Brave browser APK can offer.

1. Browse ad-free internet

Brave Browser App Review

You might have come across a few websites that offer spam ads and irritating pop-ups. Well, Brave browser understands the pain, and therefore, it makes sure that these ads do not infiltrate your device screen. The secure web browser stops these ads with an in-built pop blocker that is entirely free of cost as well. So, you can browse your favorite websites without having to worry about those shady ads.

2. Browse faster than you used to

Brave Browser App Review

Brave web browser unlocks the full potential of websites that you choose to browse. The app has been known to boost the loading speed of websites by 2x to 4x. If loading time matters to you and influences your experience of web browsing, you should give the Brave private browser a shot.

3. Data and battery saver

Brave Browser App

Not everyone knows but ads running in the background use internet data and battery as well. Therefore, browsing websites with too many ads might slow your phone down, drain the battery faster, and consume your internet data as well. The Brave browser saves the user from all of it by blocking every pop-up and ad automatically.

4. Your privacy is protected

Brave Browser App Review

There are a few organizations that keep a track of everything you are surfing on the internet to show you target ads. However, Brave browser does not let them do it. This browser is designed to protect your privacy. So, invasive ads trying to track your surfing behavior can say bye-bye!

5. Cross-platform browsing

Using multiple devices is not a problem for the Brave browser. You can just sync your account with the iOS, Android, or Windows app anytime. Your data such as account details, bookmarks, etc, will be synced and made available on each device you plan to use.

6. Brave browser private news reader

Brave Browser App

If you love news, all you need to do is to open the browser. The app includes links to top articles and blogs that you may want to read. These articles are shortlisted according to their relevant categories and popularity.

Pros and Cons of the Brave internet browser app

Like anything else, the app has both sides. Let’s have a look at them!

Pros of Brave private browsing app

  • Brave browser protects the privacy
  • No more irritating ads while surfing the internet
  • It does not let websites track your internet surfing behavior
  • Includes a private VPN and Firewall for iOS devices with a subscription
  • The news-reading feature keeps you up to date

Cons of Brave private browsing app

  • Less number of extensions are available compared to browsers like Chrome
  • A few features like Tor browsing are still in their Beta stage
  • Subscription for VPN service is quite expensive

Additional Information for Brave private browser

Brave Browser App

MAD Ratings

Feature- 4.8
Navigation- 4.9
Pricing- 4.8
Security- 4.9
UI/UX- 4.7

Final Verdict

As mentioned above, Covid saw a huge boost in the number of cyberattacks. So, web browsers such as Brave are the need of the hour. Currently, it is important to take proper security measures to make sure that information such as Credit or Debit card details, social media log-in data, and personal media content, among others is safe.

So, if you have an app idea that can be useful as an alternative to the Brave browser, you should first get your app reviewed. It can help you in getting an analytical review to predict how your app will perform in the real world.

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