Slazzer App: Remove Image background in seconds

Remove image background and add custom backgrounds in high-definition

Updated on June 23, 2023
Slazzer App: Remove Image background in seconds

Editing images is a need of many individuals and business these days. While creating high-quality images for different purposes, cutting out the primary object of the image is one of the most crucial steps while directly affects the result. Many individuals, photographers, eCommerce websites, advertisement agencies, development agencies, vehicle dealers and media channels are constantly editing pictures and removing backgrounds for different purposes. Its a manual and tedious process which needs to be done slow and requires a lot of time. Ask any photo editor and you will know how removing backgrounds from images is time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you have to edit thousands of pictures, one after another.

Introducing Slazzer app, the easiest and fastest way of removing backgrounds from any image while keeping the primary object perfectly sharp and detailed. Slazzer app works like a magic and removes backgrounds even from complicated images, leaving no trace of the cut-out. It makes cutting images manually redundant and offers an artificial-intelligence powered system which removes backgrounds in mere seconds. 

Slazzer App Review

Netflairs Technology Pvt Ltd saw the need for such a tool which can help professional editors, photographers, ad agencies and other organisation which invest a lot of time in editing pictures and started working on a project for creating a tool for removing backgrounds from images in January 2020. On September 25th 2020, after months of hard-work and crucial integration with and Artificial Intelligence Mr Deep Sircar, launched Slazzer App. According to the founders, the Slazzer app is aimed at the consumer market. What makes it different is its ease of use and accuracy of results." Today, Slazzer App is available for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Our experience with Slazzer app was nothing short of extraordinary. For this Slazzer app review, we got around the Slazzer app, looked in and out and found what makes this new app a gamechanger in the world of editing.

Remove Background from Images with the power of AI

Slazzer app is integrated with an AI system which meticulously tracks the layers of the primary object, leaving no details behind while removing the background. Pros can testify that while working with detailed images with finer objects like hair, etc, the level of cut-out gets compromised, but not with Slazzer App. It works to the finest of details, leaving no part of the object merged with the background. The credit goes to the meticulous AI which works with thousand times more precision of a professional editor. 

Remove Background from Images

Features making the Slazzer App best for creating customised backgrounds

There are several features which makes it a go-to app for every photo editor.

1. Easy to and meticulous object cropping

Editors can upload an image in the Slazzer App and it will crop the primary object and remove background in a couple of seconds. To remove background from images all you need to do is upload the image in this automatic background remover.

Easy to and meticulous object cropping

2. AI-powered perfection

What makes the Slazzer app so efficient and fast is its integration with Artificial Intelligence. The extensive AI systems give better than professional results in a few seconds, allowing users to edit thousands of images in a day. Talk about efficiency. 

3. Edit images and change backgrounds

With the Slazzer App, you can add various backgrounds of colours to your primary cut-out. Once you have the cut-out, you can add background images by exploring your device and add your cut out on the top of it, giving perfect results in seconds. You can add customise backgrounds from the devices as well as from the many templates available in the Slazzer app.

4. Choose from variable depth-of-field

Depth-of-field is an advanced concept which makes photos realistic. With the Slazzer app, you can customise your image’s depth-of-field and decide how sharp you want your background to be. The principal is that the primary object tends to be sharper than the background, which varies sharply for various purposes. With Slazzer you can experience all those variable results when you add background images. 

5. HD Quality

You can create vast images, exceeding the high-definition limit for hoardings, wall-size banners and whatnot. No matter what your applications are, this automatic background remover will create HD images for you every time.

6. Free

The Slazzer app is free of cost and can be downloaded and used for free. 

7. Future Integration 

The developers of the Slazzer app are going to launch integrated automated extensions and plugins for WooCommerce, Figma, Sketch, Photoshop and Shopify, which will allow the users to remove background in a few seconds on all these platforms.

How does the Slazzer photo background remover work?

Follow the steps to remove background from your images:

Step 1: Download Slazzer app from the store.
Step 2: Run it and allow the permissions
Step 3: Click on “Open image” and select the image you want to erase background from.
Step 4: Wait for 5 seconds. You have the image with no background.
Step 5: Click on download and select the download quality.
Step 6: Click on ‘Edit” if you want to add a customised background to your image. 

Slazzer App Review


Awarded the #1 product of the month on Product Hunt in July 2020.

Hits and Strikes


  • Easy to use
  • Fast results
  • High level of details
  • HD results
  • Various background options
  • Upload customised backgrounds
  • Select from variable background blurs.
  • Free to use


  • No manual mapping for finishing touches
  • No iPhone version

The Slazzer App Rating- 4.4 stars

Design- 4.3
Usability- 4.5
Features - 4.6
Reliability - 4.2


While writing this Slazzer review, we explored everything this amazing app has to offer. Slazzer offers a brilliant and fast solution to a basic which thousands of editors face every day. The app is crisp in what it does and offers more than removing backgrounds. The AI set up makes this app precise and fast whereas the customisable background options make the experience much more wholesome. It is a great way to remove image background and use to edit product photos, portrait shots or whatever they need. We strongly recommend the Slazzer App to every photo editor out there. It is free to use, so one should give it a try.

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