Texidi - I.T. Concepts Simplified with Game Play

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Updated on February 02, 2023
Texidi - I.T. Concepts Simplified with Game Play

The field of Information Communication Technology is more abundant than ever in its disciplines that have come to evolve over the last decade or so. New tech-oriented roles, some invented others well-suited, within a professional ecosystem call for the entirety of the workforce to be habituated with the universal concepts of this space. Texidi is one such Edu-tech App that proposes to fill the void by training tech recruiters, middle managers and interested students. It wouldn’t be wrong to put it this way: 

Texidi, is where a Learning Management System meets Gamification

Feature Set

It combines objective/subjective-questionnaire style FAQs with an interstellar theme that makes learning for first-timers an immersive experience. Texidi Sidestepps from conventional forms of quizzical games, in which you’re taught first and then required to follow it up with tests. Instead, users have to follow a sequenced learning path where accomplishing one task leads to another.

Whether you are seriously interested in learning or simply clicking away questions to kill time (we tried both) the act eventually gets to you and you begin to pay serious attention to it. It’s safe to infer, Texidi does make learning an interactive experience be it in office or on the go. 

Being a new kid on the block, the app has a relatively mild UI. 

it education app

The development is indicative of tackling complex or lesser-known ICT basics in an easy to grasp manner. The Texidi app developers leave no stone unturned in covering the range of topics from 

  • Programming Languages
  • Web
  • Mobile Development
  • DevOps
  • & Artificial Intelligence   

it education appUsers have to complete learning paths in the order mentioned above. Choosing planets (e.g. Programming Languages) and countries (e.g. Web Development), people will be greeted with a set of true/false style questions. The app obliges end users to right/left swipe for approving an answer or otherwise. If the incumbent choice is true, then the same is validated, else, is rectified by giving an explanation.

easy way to learn tech
Barring a few discrepancies, the app is expected to be a full-fledged one-stop-shop for basic I.T. terminologies for white-collar professionals having any minuscule dealing with tech happenings. That pretty much includes anyone and everyone employed everywhere. A well thought out plan, especially, for professionals expected to learn on-the-job in the I.T. landscape!

it landscape

Expected Future Updates 

It’s still early days for Texidi having launched in October 2019, yet the app is gathering momentum with the active users tally on the rise. Safe to say, its UI/UX is pleasing to the eye. The overall experience for first-time users would no doubt be superior to typical learning management systems. Nevertheless, our well-placed sources suggest the development team of Texidi is working shifts to turn the product into something extraordinary.   


We feel a PC version of Texidi would proliferate its use amongst professionals considering the vast majority of them might have to opt-in for such an orientation. We were excited to get our hands on the app early on, so we continued to fidget. However, prolonged use of the app on the phone could, in our view, pose a challenge for sustaining reader attention. 

learning app

Beta Testing Underway

Texidi is inviting users to Beta test its platform for the set of features awaiting roll-out. If you have never participated in one, we assure you it’s one of a kind experience. MobileAppDaily’s experts work closely with companies of all sizes in setting user expectations. We kid you not when we say, each experience is an enlightening one, trying to make business ends meet for the founders.  

The Texidi app backs a solid first impression with promising knowledge offerings. Having reviewed multiple educational apps, we see major version updates in the foreseeable future especially upgrades mending navigational interfaces and user records.  At a collective level, our Texidi app review concludes by rating the app no less than 3 out of 5. 

MAD Verdict 

Design - 3.5 stars 
Usability - 3 stars
Feature - 2.5 stars 
Support - 3 stars

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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