Blackjack Trainer App - Improve Your Casino Skills

Planning a trip to Las Vegas? Grab this Blackjack Trainer app before you go!

Updated on April 05, 2024
Blackjack Trainer App - Improve Your Casino Skills

If you could win every game, would you? Winning a game doesn’t only rely on luck unless it’s about flipping a coin. To win any game you need appropriate strategies and tactics to overcome those things that challenge you.

When it comes to Blackjack, sticking to the basic rules isn’t enough, it demands skills and a clean winning strategy to combat the dealer and win the game. There are some misconceptions about the Blackjack game objective but at the simplest level, all you are trying to do is beat the dealer.

Blackjack is one of those popular casino games that earns its limelight and is played by famous Hollywood actors, supported by award-winning authors and other celebrities.

So, before you make your way to Las Vegas, it is recommended you pack some fancy clothes for a night out at one of our fantastic casinos’ famous Las Vegas shows. But, before doing that, take some time to learn how to win at Blackjack in Vegas.

Considering this, we have brought the perfect learn blackjack app to save the day - The free Blackjack trainer app, that helps you build a perfect Blackjack strategy, to understand when to Hit, Stand, Split or Double.

So, let's get started with a Blackjack trainer review, to know more about this app, its merits, demerits, features, and ratings. So, if you’re curious about what is Blackjack basic strategy, this app got you covered!

Blackjack Trainer app

What is the Blackjack Trainer app?

Blackjack Trainer app is a blackjack training app for Android and iOS developed by Bojoko/ Good Game Limited. The learn blackjack app helps you build up a basic strategy drill, demonstrating the basic rules of blackjack with examples and illustrations. And helps you win the game with Blackjack tips and cheat sheets. The learn blackjack app also features a full overview of the rules, payouts, and most optimal moves.

Blackjack Trainer app

Why is the Blackjack Trainer App the Best Playing Card Game Training App?

The Blackjack Trainer app is one of the most extensive gaming apps that help players in building a Blackjack basic strategy (constant feedback at every step), practice card counting, and have fun in-game.

Blackjack Trainer app

Top 5 things Blackjack Trainer app can help you with - 

  • Practice betting with play money in the Free play mode
  • Learn the basic strategy with an intuitive drill
  • Get feedback on your every decision
  • Test your card counting skills with up to 8 decks
  • View the strategy chart and blackjack rules

“Blackjack is one of the extremely few casino games where how well or badly you play drastically impacts your odds. Play well, and you have some of the best odds you can find. Play badly and you can lose every hand. When you use our free Blackjack Trainer App, you will not just get feedback when you lose, you will get feedback on every move you make. Slowly you will start to learn and memorize the best possible move with every single hand, and become the Blackjack player you want to be”

- Toni Halonen, CEO

Considering other apps, we found that most Blackjack training apps are only focused on any one of these three functionalities. The Blackjack trainer combines them in one simple app. It will allow players to develop themselves from beginners to intermediaries to pros.

“The goal was to offer players a light, visually pleasing and comprehensive Blackjack Trainer App that was intuitive and easy to use.”

- Ilkka Tauriainen, Art Director

Blackjack Trainer App Modes

Blackjack Trainer combines 3 basic modes. Of these, it is the two drills that will help players the most.

  • Blackjack Trainer - Free Play Mode
  • Blackjack Basic Strategy Drill
  • Blackjack Card Counting Drills

1. Blackjack Trainer - Free Play Mode

The Free Play Mode in this learn blackjack app acts just like a standard Blackjack game and allows you to try out everything you have learned.

2. Blackjack Basic Strategy Drill

The Blackjack basic strategy drill will give you active feedback on every move you make. If there was a better move available you will instantly be told. This allows players to quickly get the drift on the game and become better players.

Blackjack Trainer app

3. Blackjack Card Counting Drill

The card counting drill on the other hand is for advanced players. In this mode, the game is in auto-mode and all the player needs to do is pay attention to the count. You can be quizzed at the intervals you prefer, and select how many decks (1-8) that you wish the count to be based on.

Blackjack Trainer app

Other Blackjack Trainer App Features

Here are the additional features of this Blackjack Trainer app.

Blackjack Rules

The Blackjack trainer app trains you with the basic and advanced rules and patterns of the blackjack game with examples and illustrations. The layouts are crisp, with clear descriptions of possible moves, and exceptional situations – everything in a convenient format.

Blackjack Trainer app

The app helps you learn every segment of the Blackjack game -

  • How a round of blackjack proceeds
  • How card values work
  • What moves can you make
  • When you win or lose

Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

Every game has its own in and outs. Likewise in Blackjack strategy card games, it tells you to win every Blackjack game with a "cheat sheet". The Basic Strategy Chart reflects the most common rule variation used at real Blackjack tables. To make it more user-friendly, the basic strategy chart is broken into its tabs:

  • Hard hands
  • Soft hands
  • Pairs

Blackjack Trainer app

Awards and Accolades 

Bojoko has won:

  • Affiliate of the Year - EGR Nordics 2020
  • Casino Affiliate - EGE Operator Virtual Awards 2020

Bojoko has also been shortlisted for:

  • Social Responsibility of the Year - Global Gaming Awards 2021
  • Rising Star - EGR Nordics 2021
  • Commitment to Compliance - Global Regulatory Awards 2020
  • Rising Star - EGR Operator Virtual Awards 2020
  • Best Affiliate Website: Casino, Best Innovation - iGB Affiliate Awards 2020
  • Best Casino Affiliate - EGR Operator Awards 2019
  • Best Casino Affiliate, Best Affiliate Newcomer, Best Innovation - iGB Affiliate Awards 2019



  • The perfect app for free Blackjack practice
  • Best Blackjack training app for card games online
  • Build blackjack basic strategy
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Easy to understand
  • 3 Training Modes
  • Lightweight app
  • Free to use 
  • Available on Android and iOS


  • It is not a Blackjack game, but a basic strategy trainer app

Blackjack Trainer App Ratings and Additional Information

Blackjack Trainer app


The Blackjack Trainer app is a free blackjack strategy training app. 

MAD Ratings

Design- 4.2 stars
Usability- 4.5 stars
Features- 4.5 stars
Reliability- 4.8 stars

MAD Verdict

Blackjack Trainer app is a basic strategy trainer that instructs how to win the real game. It is one of the best Blackjack strategy trainer apps which is a quick, lightweight, on-the-go tool to help learn the basic strategy of blackjack right through your smartphones.

The Blackjack Trainer app is NOT a Blackjack game, it is a card game training app to build a basic strategy in a simple way. What we loved the most about this user experience, design, and simplicity. So, download the Free Blackjack practice app and share it with your friends.

Do you have something amazing like the Blackjack Trainer app? Our team will review your app and help you increase its outreach by presenting it in front of the right audience. You can get your app reviewed by us.

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