Co star App Review- an Astrology App Powered by AI

An astrology app with unbelievable accuracy of horoscopes.

Updated on March 29, 2024
Co star App Review- an Astrology App Powered by AI

Astrology has been existing for centuries and there are many conceptions about its real origin. However, the one thing that remains constant about Astrology is that it helps you in giving an insight into different points of your life. Thus, the popularity of astrology keeps growing with time.

Now, when we are a smartphone network of more than 3 billion users, Astrology has changed its ways and gone digital to help people. For instance- it has started providing its services over the mobile app and the website.

In this blog, we are discussing the Co star app and its features to rate it. We will review the app to understand its various features and functionalities. It will help you in making your mind if you are confused about the reliability of this Co star astrology chart app.

History of Co star personalized astrology app

Banu Guler, Anna Kopp, and Ben Weitzman launched the Co Star app in 2017. The idea initially began with a baby shower that Banu Guler attended. She gifted an astrology chart to a friend’s child that got quite good attention at the party. The first Co star personalized astrology app was launched in January 2020. However, the iOS app has been existing since 2018 itself. According to a report by SensorTower, users have downloaded the Co star app more than 300k times globally by April 2021.

Features of the Co star astrology app

Furthermore, we will discuss detailed features to have a basis for the insightful Co star astrology reviews. Later, we will proceed with the pros and cons of this astrology app.

1. Read Co star app reviews for your planet-to-planet compatibility

Co star app

Ready detailed Co star astrology charts to figure out the compatibility between different planets ruling your zodiac sign. You can also find the compatibility analysis between your planets and others’ planets. As you know the position of planets is the most crucial factor affecting the details of your Costar login astrology, Co star astrology app decodes the meaning of the same for your zodiac sign.

2. Build communities and add friends to know where they stand astrologically

You can add your favorite people after the Co star app download to keep a track of their Zodiac situations. You can check planetary positions, daily horoscopes, and much more for your friends with this Co star astrology app.

3. Get customized personality analysis

Co star app

The app offers more than horoscopes or planetary analysis. With the Co star app, you can get your accurate personality analysis. The AI integrated with the app gives you an insight into the personality traits and forecasts for the possible future.

4. Get real-time notifications of planets as they move

Co star app

The app uses AI and NASA JPL technology to keep a track of planets in real-time. Thus, as soon as they enter into a new constellation or make any movement that affects your horoscopes, you get an alert customized just for you.

Pros and Cons of the Co star personalized astrology app

Before we proceed further and begin the Co star reviews, let’s have a look at the Pros and cons of the Co star app.

Pros of Co star download 

  • The app has a beautiful User Interface
  • Accurate horoscope with the AI
  • Customized birth charts
  • Astro compatibility reports

Cons of Co star download

  • Not for those who do not believe in Astrology
  • Brutally honest, so prepare for straightforward forecasts

Additional information for the Co star astrology app

Additional information

MAD Rating

Features- 4.8
UI- 4.3

In the end, the Co star app, developed by one of the top app development companies, has adapted a nice strategy to thrive in the market. On one hand, many zodiac apps are using only human expertise to predict horoscopes, accuracy is not the advantage they have. But Co star knows its game and has a foolproof plan to thrive in the market. Its AI is its biggest advantage. The app decides the most possible choices that the user can make and provides horoscopes accordingly.

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