Brilliant : App For Your Inquisitive Mind

Solve tricky quizzes and build blocks of your brain with fun exercises

Updated on April 04, 2024
Brilliant : App For Your Inquisitive Mind

The world is thriving to get insightful information about things that can change the lives of people and let them learn something new every day. Knowledge is brimming everywhere now and we are privileged enough to witness it in this era.

Knowing everything is not possible but learning has come a long way now and we can hone our skills in much better ways than ever. Your quest for learning can help you discover your inner potential and who knows that your quest to achieve knowledge inspires others to be better and attentive in life.

Technology has definitely gained a lot of momentum and the rise of digitized solutions have paved the way for many top educational apps that allow people to grasp onto new things in innovative ways. Today we are here to introduce an app that can bring out a skillful learner in you and sate your curious mind and we are talking about Brilliant that allows your brain to expand and also provides its users with the opportunity to learn something new every single day.  

Head to Brilliant review to know what this problem-solving app has to offer.

Brilliant App Review

What Exactly Is Brilliant App All About? 

Founded by Sue Khim in October 2013, Brilliant application mainly revolves around the concept of solving fun as well as challenging problems. If you are someone who is looking forward to learning mathematics, science, and other such studies, Brillant acts as your savior. 

Brilliant is a wonderful app and is happily serving over 9 million people with inquisitive heads. This educational app is 100 percent committed to learning and inspires everyone to head towards a knowledgeable venture.

The app has received appreciations from prestigious organizations like The New Your Time, The Guardian, Business Insider, and so forth. Brilliant.Org reviews are commendable and the app has been able to raise $21M through 2 rounds of funding.

Main Reasons To Try Out The Brilliant App 

The Brilliant app was designed to keep in mind the objective of student enrichment and feeding their undying hunger to learn something new every day. 

There’s another thing that caught our attention, the option of free problems of the Week. This feature allows users to solve as well as discuss the problems they are fascinated with. And in case the user is enjoying solving that particular set of problems, they can always subscribe to it. 

Once you are subscribed, you will also gain access to hundreds of guided exercises on various topics such as artificial neural networks, logical reasoning, and many more. 

The community of Brilliant is going strong as they now have millions of members on their education platform. 

How To Get Started With Brilliant Brain Workout App

Brilliant is one of the best problem-solving apps with abundance of knowledge. Below mentioned are the ways you can get going with this question-solving app:

  • Download Brilliant app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Join using Facebook/ Google/Gmail.
  • Enter your birthdate in order to create a new account.

After you create your account you can choose if you are a student, professional, enthusiast, teach or none and get start learning every single day.

Features Of Brilliant Question Solving App

There are many apps that solve problems but with Brilliant educational app, things are different. Below mentioned are the exceptional features this app has to offer:

  • 60+ Curated Courses

A problem-solving app for adults as well as for kids has something for everyone. Brilliant has designed math, science, and computer science courses that can effectively teach you everything with intricacy.

  • Daily Challenges

The app asks you mathematics questions and answers every day and organizes math activities for kids. Your daily challenges will revolve around science, engineering, math, and logic while you will be able to see how many people are currently working on the same challenge.

  • Search

This feature lets you explore the topics that the app has covered so that you are not wasting your time finding them. Search wikis, quizzes, and problems. This app lets you solve math problems online with ease.

  • Offline Mode

There can be times when your internet is not working but you want to solve questions. This is the best app for math problem solving offline as it lets you download each course once you have bought its premium subscription.

  • Explanations and Puzzles

The app functions like a game to enhance your learning experience and have warm up puzzles in every course to help you get familiar with the concept. Each puzzle that has an explanation if you are not able to solve it stating the correct answer.

  • Practice Concepts

The app is not only limited to courses, but you can also practice your concepts at any point in time and make your memory sharper. You can choose any topic you want to act on and there you have puzzles, games, and paradoxes.

  • Stats

This feature lets you see your growth and what has been able to learn so far. You can see all your solved quizzes, problems, courses, and topics. You can also maintain your streak by using the app daily.

“Mind is a fire to be kindled” Brilliant app correctly postulates and justifies this quote. The courses introduced within the app are created by award-winning researchers, teachers, and professionals from colossal organizations like Duke, Google, etc.

Why Do You Need Brilliant Math and Science App

The best part about this app is that it caters to everyone. Brilliant application is not just limited to students, there are more people who can benefit from this education platform such as:

1. Students

To understand complex concepts through problem-solving in math, science, and many more subjects. Here, the Brilliant app aims to assist them in developing an intuition instead of just memorizing boring formulas.

2. Professionals

For those who wish to keep their knowledge base fresh and updated while preparing for advanced-level interviews. They can explore a variety of topics including probability, ML, Computer Science algorithms and so much more.

3. Lifelong Learners

Users can also pick from fun and highly guided exercises from an array of interesting topics. These quizzes are meant to keep your mind active while improving your critical thinking skills.

This problem-solving app can open a new path of learning for you where you will be able to retain information provided to you for a longer period of time.

How Much Does Brilliant App Cost? 

Now we have reached another crucial part of this app review i.e. the pricing segment of the Brilliant Education app. The app of Brilliant can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free of cost.

Once installed, users can also sign up to the Brilliant app for free. But there are also some more packages offered by this learning app, which are as follows:

  • Monthly: $17.99 per month.
  • Annually: $5.99 per month.
  • Lifetime: $345.99 for a lifetime.

As per our understanding and expertise, we recommend that you opt for the annual subscription of this free online educational game app.

Brilliant App Review

MAD Verdict- Brilliant App Review

Brilliant application is basically designed for the purpose of professional development and providing a platform for recreational learning for adults. Being an inspiration for many of the top healthcare app developers, the app offers tens and hundreds of interesting topics to choose from to enhance your problem-solving skills by playing science, computer science, and math games online. 

In addition to that, the latest feature of Brilliant app i.e. Daily Problems offers a great opportunity to its users to work out their brain muscles as a daily habit. 

The Daily Problems feature is available in a number of subjects, with a set number of questions every day. So Daily Problem delivers an ‘insight’ lesson to its users that also provides some details to guide them towards the right direction before presenting them with the option of multiple choice answers. 

With that being said, we think that Brillant is currently one of the top-ranking educational mobile applications in the market and you should make the most of this learning opportunity. 

And, in case you are interested in knowing more about the latest Android, as well as iOS apps, that are making it big in the app stores head over to our comprehensive app review section. Also, for any queries feel free to connect with us by leaving a ‘Comment’ down below. 

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