NeuraBoot: Mood Support

From Mood Management to Emotional Support, NeuraBoot is here to act as your personal Emotional Manager!

Updated on April 05, 2024
NeuraBoot: Mood Support

We live in an era where advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are effectively able to read, interpret, and even predict our emotions. 

We now have innovative mobile apps to take this a notch higher!

NeuraBoot is a fun and exciting application that resets your mood and helps the user develop the best version of themselves by connecting experiences. 

The app focuses on handling your mental wellbeing with anxiety relief and mood management so that you can fearlessly follow your emotional journey.

Keep on reading this NeuraBoot app review to know how having a strong support system and stable connections can contribute to your journey of self-awareness.  

About the NeuraBoot App


The logo of NeuraBoot seems to have adopted a minimalistic design approach, incorporating soothing pastel shades of blue with a human figure showcasing enlightenment. 


The features offered by the NeuraBoot application primarily work on three segments, which are as follows: 

NeuraBoot - daily mood tracker app

Emotional Manager

  • Daily Mood Tracker
  • Option to add your thoughts and feelings to the daily mood tracker app
  • Users can view their emotional progress

Mood Management 

  • Helpful tips on self-care, stress management, and anxiety relief
  • Various action steps to overcome stress
  • Provides emotional support through motivation 

Emotional Support

  • Option to create your own support network
  • Automatic alerts sent to your support system 
  • Build strong connections with family and friends

The thing with NeuraBoot is that the more you use this iOS mood tracker, the more you are likely to develop emotional strength, similar to muscle development. 

What Exactly Does NeuraBoot Focus On?

NeuraBoot is to assist you in rebooting your emotional health and well being by focusing on the five categories that are stated below: 

NeuraBoot - daily mood tracker app

1. Connections

Radically speaking, people need connections. Personal connections serve a higher purpose in comparison to other connections. The action steps provided by NeuraBoot will guide you towards working on all three types while making you feel strong and content at an emotional level.

2. Fuel

We are well aware that our physical body requires fuel for its proper daily operation, this includes the appropriate supplements, diet, motivation, sleep and last but not least relaxation time. 

3. Energy Release

It is crucial that we release all our pent up energy especially if we want to proceed with our stress management. The NeuraBoot app offers its users with a wide range of energy release action steps, to help the user in managing their emotions. 

4. Awareness

People who are happy in general are known to be more productive as they try to constantly work on feeding their inner spark to grow emotionally. The awareness-based action steps are designed keeping in mind the same.

5. Challenge

Another reason that makes NeuraBoot one of the best apps to track your mood is that it provides various outlets where users can challenge themselves. And challenges are something that human nature craves, so why not utilize it in a constructive manner?

According to this stress relief platform, a reboot plays a vital role in managing emotions. The above-mentioned categories act as essential pillars in the user’s emotional journey and contribute to creating a personal space where they can feel emotionally strong, creative, and happy.

Statement by Founder of NeuraBoot

“As society has advanced, our emotional needs have not always caught up with our fast pace and electronic dependence. Decades ago, these needs were more easily met, simply by our lifestyle. Today, we must purposefully build them back in. The NeuraBoot app helps you do just that, by increasing your self-awareness, building connections, and giving you on-demand fun ways to strengthen your mind and fill your heart.”

The Verdict

Design- 4 stars
Support- 3.5 stars
Usability-  3.5 stars
Features-  4 stars

MAD Rates:  4 stars

NeuraBoot application is for providing emotional support and self-care guidance that is designed to help users in spreading awareness and building emotional strength. 

Here, the user also needs to keep in mind that NeuraBoot does not diagnose or treat health conditions. In addition to this, the platform does not provide any sort of medical advice. 
So, in case you are suffering from really intense emotions, our advice would be to seek professional medical help ASAP! 

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