Tag: Make Friends and Meet People Nearby

An excellent app to meet friends in your area or to make new friends as you move to a new place.

Updated on April 05, 2024
Tag: Make Friends and Meet People Nearby

The digital age may have hampered social meets and hookups to a great extent, but as you know, for every recurring problem, there’s always a solution. Tag is that solution. The full name expands to Tag: Make Friends and Meet People Nearby. Suppose you moved into a new city or to another end of your city where you would like to meet new people or make new friends or socialize with fresh choc of people or perhaps, would look up for a soulmate- the Tag app will help you find connections nearby. 

The Tag app, as its name suggests, is focussed more on creating friendships via a digital platform. Unlike other Lifestyle apps that are mostly encouraging the dating culture, Tag primarily shifts its focus to build strong, platonic friendships among users and promote means to meet people online. 

Developed by Zco Corporation, Sharine Flynn expresses,

“Using Tag, you can meet new friends or find compatible roommates efficiently and with zero stress. It’s the best way to discover people with shared interests and hobbies – safely and securely.”

About Tag App

The Quirky logo follows the minimalist pattern of art where a single object acting as a McGuffin defines the entire spectrum. Over a green background, the Latin alphabet T is written in a manner that makes it resemble a paper boat (well, almost), even sharing the same colors that you would use to make one.

make friends online

How Does Tag App Work?

It opens with a standard login template where you can either Sign Up using Facebook or using your E-mail. Once done, it opens your Personality Survey where there are several interesting options with multiple choice and drop-downs to select your preferred category. 

In many of the questions, the app never compels you to enter your exact details. For Eg: in the maiden question where you’re asked to enter your age, you can choose from the following options- 

  • Date of Birth
  • Do not answer
  • I’d like to provide a range 

This is surely a great way to arouse the interest of a user who may not feel comfortable sharing his/her personal details right away. 

After the itinerary is complete, the Tag app opens the Housing Information page where you can share your rental information. You can skip it if you do not wish to fill it. 

Once this is complete, you’re taken to the Home page where you will see users with similar interests as yours under the Friends column. You can go through their handles and strike up a conversation by clicking on the Chat button provided and also click and share photos with one another.Interestingly, it shows the app ranks you with a percentage score based on your personality score. Cool ways to make new friends online, isn't’ it? 

To complete your profile, need to click on Settings and press the Profile Settings options. Once you fill-up the options provided, you can update it. Under Settings, you also get the option to make changes in your Personality Survey.  

If you think you have had enough chat with people, you can close the Chat option. 

Paid Privileges

It does have a Subscription option. As per paid promotions, you will be billed on a periodic basis be it monthly or annually. The Subscription options make the Tag app ad-free and broaden the options to chat with unlimited users. 

Monthly Plan- $0.99 p.m.
Yearly Plan- $9.99 p.m.

Do read the Terms and Conditions carefully before adopting any subscription plan. 

Hits and Strikes


  • Pretty easy to use
  • Comparatively easy to make friends online
  • Not throwing a barrage of options
  • Good use of the light green color


  • Bland UI
  • Ads can be irritating at times
  • Lags at times

Our Take

Tag is undoubtedly easy to use and gives you the opportunity to make a lot of friends who share the same hobbies as you. Whether you’re a college student or a corporate professional, the app leaves you with a lot of options to find friends online, meet up with them at spasmodic intervals, share moments, share photographs and celebrate your relationship. 

The app needs to work on its UI design to make it look more catchy and arouse the interactive notion within the user. Until then, use the app to meet friends in your area and savor gala moments.

In a nutshell, Tag enables awesome ways to meet new people and it’s always a delight to retrospect apps with such motives.

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