Silentus App Review - Fight Procrastination

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Updated on December 01, 2022
Silentus App Review - Fight Procrastination

With the increasing reliance on smartphones, it has also become quite normal to be annoyed by unwanted notifications. Whether during studies or watching a movie, we all have faced situations where our smartphones have caused disturbances in our lives by sending us notifications that we do not find relevant or have any need for. Thus, the need to use the best productivity apps to improve efficiency and eliminate distractions has rapidly increased.

To help users in avoiding unwanted notifications, Silentus, one of the apps to increase productivity, came into existence with required features that can help you personalize the alerts that you want. However, there are some additional features of this one of the top productivity apps for iPhones and Android as well which are integrated to  improve the efficiency of your tasks.

In this Silentus app review, we are focusing on understanding the features of this one of the top productivity apps better. We will also rate this one of the best productivity apps for Android to improve efficiency and productivity on the basis of several factors to help you in understanding its worth better.

Background of the Silentus productivity tracker app

“Under the new normal of remote work and hybrid workplace, the amount of distractions and stimuli workers get is massive. This makes Silentus more relevant to help professionals keep their productivity high while improving their work-life balance.”

- Hugo Valdivia, Co-founder of the Silentus app

The Silentus app, one of the best apps to increase productivity, was co-founded on January 31, 2022, by Hugo Valdivia and Maimoona Shafeeq. The app was designed with a vision to help users in getting rid of annoying notifications and keep their productivity levels in control while ensuring that their stress levels are reduced.

Features of the Silentus app

The Silentus work productivity app is designed to help users in boosting their productivity by reducing the number of notifications they received on their smartphones. However, to understand how this time-tracking app achieves its goals, it is crucial to understand its individual features and benefits to download Silentus. Let’s have a look at them-

1. Easy to enter and track goals

Silentus work productivity app

You can download Silentus, one of the best time management apps, to use it as a journal app too. As one of the best journal apps, Silentus can help you to improve efficiency and productivity by keeping a record of your goals and every phase of the journey toward achieving your goals. The journal feature that you get with the Silentus app download uses graphs to display the percentage of goals you have achieved and the progress you have made already. However, the accuracy of your progress can be displayed if you are regularly recording your progress yourself.

2. Create and manage allowed lists to maintain notifications

Silentus App Review

This one of the top productivity apps allows you to create a list of apps by selecting them so you do not receive their notifications. The process of selecting these apps is quite simple as you just need to select them in this one of the best productivity tracker apps by touching the button with their names from the list and when these apps are marked with a tick, you will not be disturbed by any of them.

3. Minimalistic user interface

Silentus App Review

The user interface of Silentus, the top app to track work hours, is quite simple and easy to use. It uses a minimalistic design in its user interface so every part of the interface is easy to eyes and simple to understand. The simple interface of this one of the best productivity apps for iPhones and Android smartphones makes it easier for users of all age groups to be able to use the app.

4. Personalized dashboard to track your progress

work productivity app

The Silentus app comes with a personalized dashboard that can help you in tracking your multiple goals at the same time. After going for the Silentus app download, you can select goals and check how much progress you have made toward that goals. 

5. Switch the Silentus app off with one tap

work productivity app

The Silentus app, one of the best productivity apps for Android and iOS devices, switches off or on the silence mode with a single tap. The Single tap will enable or deactivate the notifications of all apps that you selected on this work productivity app. 

Pros and cons of the Silentus app

Silentus has amazing time-tracking app features but along with them, there are pros and cons as well that we need to focus on. To understand the app better, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this one of the best time management apps separately.

Pros of the Silentus app

  • One-tap silent mode
  • Includes a journal mode to track goals
  • Editable lists of contacts
  • Integrate social media accounts
  • Valuable insights to improve productivity

Cons of the Silentus app

  • Premium features are locked under a monthly subscription

Additional features of the Silentus app

Additional features

MAD Rating

Features- 4.8 
Navigation- 4.9
Security- 4.3
Pricing- 4.7

Future plans to update the app

Silentus developers are dedicated to making this app to track work hours a perfect productivity booster companion for its users. As a result, they are releasing updates bi-weekly to keep the time-tracking app fresh and compatible with evolving technological trends. In these efforts and plans to update the Silentus work productivity app, the latest addition is the use of AI/ML tools to optimize and boost the effectiveness of the app on users’ productivity. App developers of this one of the best productivity apps for Android are planning to use smart features in the app in the near future so it can smartly eliminate distractions for users and help them in improve their overall productivity and work quality.

Funding rounds for the Silentus app

Silentus productivity tracker app is a bootstrapped project. However, looking forward, Silentus developers are raising $300k of investments through Angel investors. The hunt for this investment is currently in progress at the time of writing this Silentus app review.

Verdict- An amazing app to improve efficiency and productivity

Features of the Silentus app to track work hours prove its capability of eliminating distractions and helping you in doing your work better. To improve the quality of work, eliminate unnecessary notifications, and track everything that you do, you can rely on this one of the best time management apps. 

The Silentus app download can assist you by providing you with a tool at your hand that does not make it difficult to make entries or to select apps that you want to be silent. A simple but fast user interface makes it super easy to and super quick to leverage the app’s features. Thus, in our opinion, among all the apps to increase productivity existing out there, you can definitely rely on the quality of the Silentus app.

Lastly, we hope this Silentus app review helped you in understanding this digital product well and answered your questions like “how to improve efficiency at work?”. Now, if you are a developer and were reading this Silentus app review for some inspiration, you can also have an opportunity to showcase your product on our platform once you have built it or if you already own one. You can submit your app for a review and if it qualifies, our MobileAppDaily experts will showcase it on the website. These app reviews can help you in understanding your app’s real potential and you can also get an insight into possible ways of bringing the best out of your app.

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