Font Keyboard App: Amazing fonts for all Apps

Font Keyboard App is one of the best free keyboard apps with many cool fonts and features.

Updated on April 04, 2024
Font Keyboard App: Amazing fonts for all Apps

Every day an average person spends up to four hours with their smartphones and a big part of this period is spent sending emails, messages, comments, putting stories and status on various platforms via mobile apps. But if we observe closely, there are not many customisation options available in smartphones and various apps which will allow you to change fonts. It’s like getting sentenced to a font for a lifetime.

Today, much stress is given to customisation and using different ways to make your text unique, and engaging. Ironically not much has been done to offer these options to users on all the popular platforms. What if you want to send a personalised and unique text on the go? Can you do it without rushing for a PC? To find the answer, we tried out several popular keyboard apps, to see if they offer some nice cool fonts, wide compatibility and efficient workflow. We got our answer, Font Keyboard App is an amazing way to switch between amazing font styles on the fly and offers many great fonts for all types of uses.

In this Font Keyboard review, we will share what makes this new app one of the most practical and amazing keyboard apps in 2020. We will share its best features and also see if we find any limitations. 

Font Keyboard App Review

Font Keyboard App offers amazing font choices on the go

Font Keyboard App is one of the most versatile keyboard apps available for Android and iOS platforms. It offers amazing font choices which can not be found anywhere else. The app is full of cool fonts which fit perfectly for various themes and make your text unique. The app is constantly updated with new and revised fonts which will keep giving you new ideas. How about using a special font while chatting in a group to make your text easily recognisable or putting a Halloween message on your social media? These amazing fonts will help you stand out of the crowd and make your text unique. 

Make Your Profile Unique

Font Keyboard app was developed by the founder of Font Keyboard LLC, Mr Hai Nguyen Hoang in June 2020. During this short time, Font Keyboard app has been downloaded, used and loved by more than 200k users and enjoys very high ratings on both app stores. Unlike many other keyboard font style apps, Font Keyboard App offers smooth integration with various apps in your smartphones and tabs. You can use its custom font keyboard while chatting on all popular apps, writing bios/descriptions on dating apps, putting status, sharing posts and sending messages on social media and networking apps. Its ease of use and availability of amazing fonts makes it one of the best keyboard apps in 2020. 

Features that make Font Keyboard the best font keyboard for Android and iOS devices

Font Keyboard offers a swathe of practical features which will male your texting experience much better than before.

1. Custom fonts keyboard

Font keyboard app offers many amazing fonts styles to choose from which can cover a lot of ground. From easy to understand, spacious and bold font options for professional use to gothic, funky and expressive fonts for creative and social use, these fonts will fit perfectly in any situation.

Custom fonts keyboard

2. Constant fonts updates

Mr Hai Nguyen Hoang has made sure that the app is constantly going through refinement and offer more and more fonts each day to keep your creative juices flowing.

3. Wide app integration

Font Keyboard is well-integrated with all the apps in your smart device. When you touch any dialogue box to write, Font Keyboard will pop up just like any other keyboard and allow you to write your text in amazing fonts.

Wide app integration

4. Different keyboard themes

The customisation doesn't end at the fonts only. What makes this one of the best font keyboard apps is the customisation options for keyboard as well. You can choose from many of its keyboard themes and make your keyboard personalised.

Different keyboard themes

5. Smooth and intuitive

The Font Keyboard is super intuitive and easy. It's like using the stock keyboard of your device. Switching between keyboards is super easy as well. A diverse keyboard with amazing fonts is always a one tap away and can be used anywhere in your smart device. 

6. It is free

Last but not the least, Font keyboard is free. You can download and start using the app without paying any money. It is easily one of the best free keyboard apps out there.

How to use Font Keyboard App?

Follow the steps to use Font Keyboard App in your smartphones and tabs.

Step 1: Visit the app stores for Font Keyboard download and install it.
Step 2: After opening the Font Keyboard App, you will see the following screen 

After opening the Font Keyboard App, you will see the following screen
Step 3: From the screen tap on Enable Font Keyboard and select Font Keyboard.
Step 4: Tap on Select Font Keyboard and again select Font Keyboard.
Step 5: Go to the app where you want to type and you will see your keyboard looking like this.

Go to the app where you want to type and you will see your keyboard looking like this
Step 6: Start typing and tap FK on the top left to see all the font options.

Font Keyboard App Review

Hits and Strike


  • Amazing and cool fonts
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Switching between other keyboards is easy
  • Various themes your keyboards
  • Constant updates and new fonts
  • Keeps auto-correction active
  • Free of any cost


  • Takes away word-suggestion

MAD Rating - 4.5 Stars

Font Keyboard rating:

Design: 4.6
Usability: 4.7
Features: 4.4
Reliability: 4.3

MAD Verdict

In the words of Hai Nguyen Hoang, Font is “The #1 Font Keyboard app for iPhone”. But after reviewing it, I would like to add that it is one of the best keyboard apps. The app is easy and intuitive and once you are addicted, it will be hard to go back on your monotonous keyboard. It offers amazing fonts, great keyboard themes and easy manoeuvrability to make your typing experience perfect. And did I tell you it is free? We strongly recommend this amazing keyboard typing app, our money's on you not switching back to your old keyboard.

In this Font Keyboard review, we tried to cover all its features and tell you how it is one of the top keyboard apps in 2020. If you want to get your apps reviewed, get in touch in MobileAppDaily.

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