Signils: Bluetooth Manager and Protection

Best way to manage and find lost Bluetooth devices. Block unwanted connections and find credit card skimmer Bluetooth hackers with Signils

Updated on December 01, 2020
Signils: Bluetooth Manager and Protection

Bluetooth is one of the technologies which has successfully maintained its need and relevance in the rapidly changing time. After the launch of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in 2010, which has been the constant feature of every Bluetooth release after version 4.0, Bluetooth has expanded its features and types of devices it can operate with manifolds. With low energy consumption and the ability to transmit even the most minute data, the scope of Bluetooth has expanded like never before. This has resulted in a rise of new devices and services which revolves around Bluetooth and have become a part of our everyday life.

Signils is a modern Android application created to give the user complete control of their Bluetooth connectivity. Founded by Consumer Affinity Inc, it helps you manage Bluetooth devices, offers protection against all Bluetooth attacks and helps you achieve much more which you couldn't do before with your Bluetooth. In this Signils app review, we will see what makes Signils App one of the best apps to increase the performance of your android device.

Signals the best Android Bluetooth Security App for 2020

Earlier versions of Bluetooth were used for services like audio transmission and connecting to other devices for data transfer. Now the application has reached to connecting printers, cars, electronic appliances, input-devices, even body sensors and scanners. Though there are countless benefits of this advanced technology, it has made our Bluetooth device management a little tricky. Now the Bluetooth connection page setting provided by your phone’s operating system does not suffice. Consumer Affinity Inc., an application development company has created a perfect solution for this task. Their latest offering, Signal App for Android gives you total control of your Bluetooth connectivity and helps you do much more than just sharing data. It allows its users to visually manage all Bluetooth connections of their device, locate lost devices, block unwanted devices from establishing a connection and much more. 

Your  Bluetooth Security Android system against Bluetooth Attacks

With the advancement in technology, the danger of digital attacks has also risen. In the past too, Bluetooth has not been spared from these attacks and has been used for hacking, denial of services, eavesdropping and more. From accessing your data to stealing financial information, cyber criminals have used Bluetooth for many attacks in the past. Even now it is regularly used for digital crimes like Bluebugging, Bluejacking, location tracking, IoT vulnerabilities etc. With new threats emerging, Signils app offers, not only complete protection against these attacks but also assists you in rectifying any damage incurred due to them.

Download Signils and use Bluetooth for more than just transmitting data

Here are a few features of Singils, making it the best way to manage devices with Bluetooth today.

Block devices you don't recognise:

If you find an unknown device trying to be fishy around you, you can use Signils to block it from being able to connect with you.

Signils app

View device information:

Visually observe and manage Bluetooth on multiple devices and get information like connection status, battery levels, services, and protocols.

Signils app

Detect credit card skimmers:

Detect any wireless Bluetooth credit card skimmer with your smartphones and block them before they transmit any data. Green check marks represent known good devices, hacker symbols represent skimmers and yellow caution symbols represent uncategorized devices.

Signils app

Get control of your connection:

Decide how you want your Bluetooth connection to behave. Select from manual or automatic connection and many more settings.

Manage devices visually:

Get a detailed list of devices paired with your devices, hover over their information and manage them with a few easy steps. Connect to Bluetooth Devices, Beacons, iBeacons, Eddystone, or RuuviTags through one app. Make categories by type, change names and create columns to create multiple devices.

Signils app

Locate lost devices:

Use “I lost this device” feature to toggle on the search function and find your lost device through Signils. It uses the cyber-attacksReceived Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) to locate the paired and unpaired lost devices.

Signils app

Hits and Strike


  • Detect, manage, and block devices visually.
  • Block detect credit card skimmers, block them and locate them on maps.
  • Share media from any source and stream music from any player
  • Manage devices, create categories, create categories and use up to two columns to display your devices
  • Monitor device information like connection status, battery level, location, types of devices, protocols, services, etc.
  • Block unwanted devices and locate lost devices


  • Small community.
  • No free version or trial version.

Signils app

The Verdict

Design- 3.9 stars
Usability- 4.1 stars
Features- 4.3 stars
Reliability- 3.3 stars

MAD Rating - 3.9 Stars

Consumer Affinity has addressed a very eminent problem in the world of digital connectivity which is only going to rise with the inclusion of various devices and users. When it's getting easy to connect with anyone, a system to protect yourself from unwanted cyber-attacks and manage your device connections is of utmost importance. Signils Android Bluetooth Management system offers all of these services in the most reliable manner. It makes managing other devices easy, helps you locate your lost devices and protect yourself from skimmers and trolls. It offers much more value than how much it costs and there is no reason why it should not be included in the list of best Bluetooth managers and anti-hacking apps of 2020.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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