10 Best Android Performance Apps to Enhance the Performance of Your Phone

Best Android Performance Apps that will help you optimize and boost your smartphones’ performance
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March 15, 2023
Android Performance Apps
Mostly everything from shopping, to travel bookings, to schooling to banking, is done through mobile apps these days. With Android being the biggest platform, there are more than 3.14 million apps currently on the Google Play Store, vying for user attention. These include many applications, which have proven to be very beneficial in people’s personal and professional lives. Owing to their accessibility, approachability, and ease of use, smartphone users today have more than 15 apps installed on their phones on an average that tends to drain the power, space, and efficiency of the devices at hand. This tends to decrease the overall Android App performance.

Our Top Picks

Our picks for this article are top 10 android performance apps that enhances the efficiency of your phone.

Top Android Apps to Increase the Performance of Your Phone

To enhance the productivity and efficiency of your devices, there are some amazing Android optimization apps, which are listed below:

Android Assistant

android 4.4

Android Assistant is one of the most powerful and comprehensive performance-enhancing apps for Android that effectively speeds up the user phone's running speed and helps save battery. With features like app backup and restore, file manager, batch install, and startup manager, to name a few, this phone optimizer app is all that an Android phone needs to keep going well.

Features of Android Assistant

  • The app defines and monitors status (CPU, memory, battery)
  • Process Manager to enable easy opening and closing of unused apps for avoiding confusion and wastage
  • Cache Cleaner 
  • System Cleaner, including prowess to remove Browser History, Clipboard, Market History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Google Map History
  • Save Battery Settings while utilizing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, auto-sync, orientation, haptic feedback, screen brightness, and timeout by the user on their smartphone
  • Dedicated File and startup manager
  • Option to monitor battery use
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ROM Toolbox Lite

android 4.2

ROM Toolbox is a top-of-the-line app to improve phone performance as per various technology magazines and platforms, including LifeHacker, XDA-Developers, Droid-Life, Android Central, RootzWiki, and Android Police, to name a few. It is the best app to optimize Android performance as it efficiently combines several root apps into one monster app. With a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, ROM Toolbox successfully makes all Android devices fast and workable as per users’ liking.

Features of ROM Toolbox

  • The user may install multiple ROMs as per requisite themes
  • The app helps users to create, manage & restore Android backups and wipe data, cache, as and when required
  • As the best optimizer app for Android, the ROM toolbox allows the users to access the whole of android's file system, including the complete data folder and change file permissions and ownership
  • The user can create and run scripts as root and can enable or disable apps that run on start-up
  • The app also helps users to reboot recovery, power down, bootloader, restart status bar, etc
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Phone Cleaner

android 4.6

Phone Cleaner is one of the leading performance-enhancing apps for Androids that helps clear junk and viruses to boost a gadget’s overall efficiency. With features like junk files cleaner, antivirus, app lock, phone booster, app manager, CPU cooler, and notification cleaner, the app is undoubtedly the best RAM cleaner app required by every smartphone out there. The app includes distinct clearers for both cache and memory requirements.

Features of Phone Cleaner

  • Super Fast Cleaner analyzes the user's phone to remove junk, residual, cache, obsolete apks temp files, unused apps, duplicate photos, etc.
  • As one of the best Android performance apps, Phone Cleaner frees up user’s storage space and improves the performance of the device
  • ‘Virus Cleaner’ provides real-time protection from viruses
  • A secured browser protects browser history and privacy by detecting fake Wi-Fi and unauthorized connections. 
  • Dedicated ‘app lock’ to ensure user’s private information stays safe 
  • File Manager classifies and deletes files intelligently to boost Android performance
  • Analyze and optimize CPU usage
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3C Toolbox

android 4.4

3C all-in-One Toolbox combines many features to boost Android performance. With a modern outlook and easy-to-use interface, the app easily helps users to monitor, control and fine-tune their Android devices. Argumentatively, it also has one of the fastest and most friendly support on the Play Store. With a dedicated network manager, task manager, CPU manager, ROM manager, and system manager, amongst others, it is one of the best performance-enhancing apps for Android to have.

Features of 3C Toolbox

  • The ‘device manager’ of the phone optimizer app offers very powerful profiles, task scheduling, and device monitoring services
  • The application manager of the app provides backup for all appsThe battery manager helps analyze and improve battery consumption 
  • Special support for dual battery devices, battery changes, and LG Quick Circle and Samsung Edge notifications
  • Task manager offers a simple yet effective UI 
  • The CPU manager of one of the leading Android performance apps controls single to octa-core CPUs, thermal, multi-core, and most custom kernel settings
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DU Speed Booster

android 4.5

DU Speed Booster is a good RAM optimizer for Android that effectively boosts the speed and efficiency of the device. With improved security features and app locks, it is quite safe to use as well. The best RAM cleaner app helps improve the overall performance of a smartphone by intelligently scanning its junk files (including residual files, cache, temp files, obsolete apks, etc.) and helps free up precious space to improve phone performance.

Features of DU Speed Booster

  • The Android performance app’s powerful cleaner intelligently scans the junk files to free up space
  • The dedicated ‘Apps Manager’ scans and cleans redundant APK files
  • As one of the apps to speed up phone, its ‘Smart Task Manager’ transfers apps, games, and large files to an SD card 
  • The safest AppLock helps to guard user privacy 
  • The battery saver explicitly displays charge status in real-time and also estimates the time remaining for the next charge
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Safe Security

android 4.6

Trusted by over 200 million users as of date, Safe Security is the best android performance app out there. It's an all-in-one app with a powerful cleaner, smart speed booster, and antivirus that can effectively and efficiently optimize any smartphone for performance. As one of the most effective performance-enhancing apps, Safe Security takes care of Android's background apps, memory storage, junk files, and battery power.

Features of Safe Security

  • Scan installed and new apps against viruses, adware, malware, etc.
  • It deletes all types of junk files (system cache, image cache, video cache, and advertisement cache) to free up the storage space
  • As one of the apps to boost phone performance, it optimizes memory and speeds up the device
  • The app helps users to block unwanted calls and text messages. 
  • Detects insecure public Wi-Fi
  • As a unique feature, it Instantly snaps a photo of anyone who tries to break into your apps and also records the date and time for the same
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android 4.2

Greenify is one of the most efficient apps to boost phone performance that helps devices run smoothly for a very long time. As it helps the devices to identify and put the misbehaving and battery-consuming apps into hibernation, the Android app performance helps lagging devices rejuvenate to new life.  Also, Greenify is one of the safest Android optimization apps as it does not collect user data at any time. 

Features of Greenify

  • Greenifying an app implies that the background functionality (service, periodic task, event receiver, alarm, widget update, push message) of an app will become out of service during the hibernation except when the user is using the app
  • The apps cannot explicitly launch by themselves or work in the foreground with Greenify
  • The app in itself is extremely lightweight This app uses accessibility services to automate the hibernation procedure
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android 4.7

CCleaner is the best android performance app that effectively removes junk, reclaims space, cleans RAM, and monitors the user’s system in a jiffy. It is one of the most widely used apps to speed up phones as it cleans application cache, downloaded folders, browser history, clipboard content, etc., and reclaims memory space for processing and further storage, giving the device more life and utility. The app also has one of the most easy-to-use interfaces.

Features of CCleaner

  • Speed up the user’s phone and removes its junk 
  • The RAM optimizer for Android uninstalls unwanted applications and residual files  
  • Helps the user to clean device memory with Task Killer (RAM Booster)
  • App Hibernation feature stops apps from running in the background 
  • The app allows the users to set profiles to auto-adjust battery usage for home, work, or car
  • Analyzes the apps consuming data, draining the battery, and taking up unwanted space
  • The app finds and removes similar, old, and poor quality photos
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SD Maid

android 4.4

SD Maid is amongst the leading Android optimization apps that help users keep their devices clean and tidy. With a plethora of tools to manage apps and files, the app deletes the logs, crash reports, and other files constantly created on Android devices which are not utilized. As an app to boost android performance, SD maid does the actual cleaning of a device by removing unwanted files, which supersedes what others may call 'cache cleaning'.

Features of SD Maid

  • Browses and manipulates files through a full-fledged file explorer
  • Removes superfluous files 
  • The app manages installed user and system apps
  • Detects and deletes files belonging to uninstalled apps
  • Search for files by name, content, or date is made possible
  • The app optimizes databases
  • It also detects duplicate pictures, music, or documents and helps remove them
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Appmgr III

android 4.3

Appmgr III is one of the top performance-enhancing apps for Android as it helps the user reclaim their device’s application storage by detecting the apps that can be shifted to removable memory space or SD cards. As one of the apps to speed up phones, it streamlines the movement of apps to the device's external or internal storage through the device's settings. It provides the user with comprehensive control over their device apps, especially in terms of memory management and allocation.

Features of Appmgr III

  • It helps move apps to either internal or external storage for more app storage for future use
  • The app effectively hides system (built-in) apps from the app drawer
  • It freezes apps to save CPU usage or memory resources
  • ‘App manager’ feature of Appmgr III helps in batch uninstalling, moving apps, or sharing apps with friends
  • 1-tap clear cache option
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We know that you love your Android phones! And, why not. After all, they help you sort through your daily tasks, including work, groceries, entertainment, banking, etc. The above-curated list of the best Android performance apps will help you multiply their longevity by keeping their functionalities and overall efficiency in a spick and span shape. Millions of Android users are already using them, and you too could find the app most suited to your requirements.

We hope you like our report and found the perfect app for your needs. If you have any questions, or if you want to get your app reviewed, contact MobileAppDaily.

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