ScanGuru App - Making Documents Easier to Manage

Scan, edit and save any kind of documents on your iPhone with ScanGuru App.

Updated on March 01, 2023
ScanGuru App - Making Documents Easier to Manage

Scanner apps have been around for a few years now and we have seen them grow from being just usable to offering great value to the users. But iPhone users have been waiting a long time for an app which solves all of their document scanning and digitisation problems, until now.

We came across ScanGuru app which is one of the most efficient and carefully designed scanner apps for iPhone users. The pdf scanner iPhone integrates well with the device and offers seamless document scanning experience with many other additional features which makes this scanning app one of the best on the App store.

In this ScanGuru app review, we will share our experience with ScanGuru pdf document scanner and rate it on various parameters. We also share some of its top features which makes it the best scanner app for iPhone.

A versatile scanner app for iPhone

ScanGuru App will turn your iPhone into a powerful scanner which you can put in your pocket. pdf scanner iPhone is designed to be a complete scanning solution and then saves the scanned documents for various uses. It is created by Universe Apps Limited, a Cyprus based App development agency who have also created many other successful apps in the past. Another top fact worth mentioning in this document scanner review is that the app is aimed to be a free and comprehensive scanning solution for iPhone users and does it splendidly.

ScanGuru App is from the latest generation of scanner apps which are meant to be multipurpose office support apps. Hence, it has given more value than any other scanning app in the past. It created high contrast, high-definition scans making the most use of the device’s camera. It can save scanned documents in various formats including PDF and JPEG. It is designed to work fully in the absence of the internet, where it saves the scanned documents locally.

Another top fact we need to mention in this document scanner review is that, on using the app, you will realise that the UI has been created after much thinking and comes out to be highly intuitive and easy. The app shows no sign of glitches and crashes, whatsoever. The command response is appropriate and response time is minimal. Developers have taken extra steps to make the user experience flawless and that is reflected in the Scan Guru app design. Part of this, there are a bunch of amazing features which will be the next section of this scan guru app review.

ScanGuru App Review

Features making ScanGuru App the best scanner app by a long shot

Scanguru is loaded with a bunch of features which gives it much more appeal than any other pdf scanner app out there. Take a look at some of its top features that you get in this iPhone scanner app free.

  • Convert document in PDF and JPEG: ScanGuru is a fast pdf scanner app which allows scanned copies to be saved as JPEG as well. It’s scanning capabilities are the best in the industry, creating sharp and clear scan results.

Convert document in PDF and JPEG

  • OCR technology converts scanned pdf to word: OCR or Optical Character Recognition technology is the latest iteration of scanner apps which can convert scanned pdf to word by recognizing various elements. You can edit scanned pdfs in a few steps and share them anywhere.

OCR technology converts scanned pdf to word

  • E-sign any document: You can add signatures on any digital document in a few steps with ScanGuru.

E-sign any document

  • Scan anything and use OCR for smart save: ScanGuru can be used to save business documents, IDs, business cards, notes, book pages, bills and anything else you would want to change in text form and save in your device. 

Scan anything and use OCR for smart save

  • Margin and corner recognition: Scanguru app recognises margins and focus points on the scanned document and uses them to create an enhanced and clear scan.

Margin and corner recognition

  • Supports multipage scanning: You can scan as many pages as you want with ScanGuru and save them in your device.
  • Connect with Wifi printer: You can connect ScanGuru with any wifi-enabled printer and get printouts instantly. Scan document to word then edit scanned documents and print them directly. 

How to use ScanGuru App?

Follow the steps to use the top iPhone scanner app free ScanGuru:

Step1: Download ScanGuru from App Store.
Step 2: Open the app and Scan the document
Step 3: Touch PDF or JPEG to select the desired format and save
Step 4: To scan text to word, scan the document
Step 5: ScanGuru will change it into editable content
Step 6: Edit scanned documents and save.

Scanguru App Pricing

Scanguru offers a 7-day trial period in which users can explore all of the features of this pdf scanner free, without any restrictions. After the trial period is over, users can opt for one of the three subscription models:

  • Weekly subscription - USD 6.99/week
  • Annual subscription - USD 69.99/year
  • One-time subscription - USD 59.99 for a lifetime

Hits and Strikes


  • Smooth interface
  • Scan all kinds of documents
  • Add signature on any document easily
  • Convert scanned pdf to word
  • Multipage scanning
  • Easily edit scanned pdf
  • 7-day free trial


  • Set destination folder manually
  • Paid version for full features

ScanGuru App Review

MAD Rating - 4.4 stars

Design- 4.2
Usability- 4.6
Features- 4.5
Reliability- 4.3


Scan Guru app is a great product from Universe Apps. It offers great features which we use in our daily lives. This ScanGuru review showcased many of its top features. It can be used as a pdf document scanner, and also to convert scanned pdf to word. The overall user experience is flawless and it is reflected in the app store ScanGuru reviews. It is a comprehensive scanning solution for iPhone users and its free version is a must to try. After doing extensive research and using the app for this ScanGuru app review, I would highly recommend it to the iPhone users.

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