WorkDo - All-in-One Smart Work App

A workflow organizer that makes team collaboration a child’s play

Updated on April 05, 2024
WorkDo - All-in-One Smart Work App

Whether it’s a newly founded startup or a corporate whale, everyone aspires improvement in their team’s productivity. Our today’s App Review of WorkDo features one such productivity booster app of 2019 that strengthens a company’s workflow with better communication. It could be a small-group collaboration or a company-level environment, from one on one discussions and task assignment in small groups to HR management and enterprise IM in big firms, WorkDo productivity App makes all communications, seamlessly productive. 

How WorkDo works? 

How WorkDo works?

For Big Businesses

WorkDo  offers wide-scale businesses, secure and safe space with:

1. Individual workplaces for different subsidiaries
2. Option for teammates working with other subsidiaries can switch to different workplaces

For Small Teams

WorkDo productivity App offers small teams that don't have a company-wide email address some of the most lucrative features found in best apps for startups.

1. The option to create their own workplace with any email address 
2. Invite team members to join
3. Ability to create groups and add buddies
4. Have small-group collaborations and one-on-one meetings 

For End Users 

Besides being one of the top productivity apps, WorkDo is also a great organizer App that offers:

1. Dashboard function to view all your tasks, events and polls related to you along with viewing all posts from your groups and buddies
2. Instant status update on any item with information such as read, task completion, and event attendance list
3. My Upcoming feature to view upcoming items lined for the next seven days 


WorkDo productivity App offers a robust range of workplace productivity tools that work just as good for small workspaces as they do for bigger scale projects. The features are pretty self-explanatory but since there are so many, it might take a little getting used to. 

  1. Task: You can assign tasks, track, and comment on them, so your work is always on schedule. 
  2. Event: Now plan company-wide events with attendance list to manage event budget and activities on WorkDo. 
  3. Note: WorkDo productivity app lets you share important announcements with anyone- the entire company, your group or just between you and your buddies. 
  4. Album: WorkDo helps you capture work moments and offers the option to share them with anyone including your company, groups or your buddies. 
  5. Files: You can upload any files and share relevant information.
  6. Leave: A team on WorkDo can apply for leave so managers can coordinate in advance. 
  7. Human Resource (HR): WorkDo lets you manage all employee information so HR can reach employees easily during emergencies. This tool is also the engine which drives WorkDo. Once the organizational structure is set, tools like Approvals, Leave, Expenses, Overtime, Shift will follow this workflow for appropriate approvals and sign-offs.
  8. Conf. Rm.: You can book and manage conference room schedules on WorkDo.
  9. Expense: With this WorkDo tool, you can apply for expense write-offs and keep track of expenses easily.
  10. Customer Relations (CRM): Manage your accounts with WorkDo’s CRM tool. 
  11. Attendance: Clock in/out to track work hours with post clock in/out and appeal available along with the respective reports are all available on WorkDo. 
  12. Approvals: WorkDo’s basic tool for any and everything that requires multiple personnel approvals.
  13. Overtime: Applying for overtime pay or compensatory leave is simple with WorkDo’s Overtime tool. Managers can also view how much additional time his/her team put in.
  14. Shift: You can easily schedule and manage employee work shifts and review scheduled shifts.

productivity booster app of 2019

Our take 

Besides internal management of a business, WorkDo productivity App is also a great productivity app for anyone looking to conduct workshops and seminars, manage classes, or simply stay connected with their colleagues. The multi-device log-in feature ensures that you are always in sync with your team. So if you’re someone who’s still relying on popular messaging apps for business-level communication, WorkDo App is the best business productivity App for you.

Also, WorkDo App recently released two new features to upgrade your digital workspace- custom dashboards and the feature for Admins to set members’ display names. So far, WorkDo App doesn’t offer the option to recover a deleted workplace, so be double sure before you delete that workspace. 

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