PDF Reader: All In One Solution For Documents

As electronic documents are being prioritized, PDF readers are becoming an essential for editing and converting your documents

Updated on October 30, 2020
PDF Reader: All In One Solution For Documents

PDF readers are growing at an exponential rate at this point in time. As the world is digitally growing every day, the need for electronic documents is increasing too. Free PDF editors are very accessible nowadays and you have the option to go completely paperless with them.

It is very obvious that PDF files can make your life facile and give you the liberty of storing ample amounts of important documents safely in one place. The whole point of keeping PDFs is accessing your personal information anytime and anywhere when required.

In this era of digitization your electronic documents are widely accepted and today, we are here with the world's leading PDF editor, called PDF Reader where you can annotate, combine, compress and do so much more with your documents. 

Without taking any time ahead, let's dive into the PDF Reader app review and know what more this online PDF editor has to offer.

online free pdf editor

What Is PDF Reader App All About?

Owned by Kdan Mobile Software Ltd.which was founded in the year 2009 by Kenny Su,  PDF Reader is a best free PDF editor at your disposal which allows you to view, edit, convert, and sign your PDF documents while stacking all your documents in one space to avoid mess and control your essential documents.

With over 100 million users using this online free PDF editor has been able to receive colossal recognition like 2020 High Performer Winner by G2 and so forth. 

How To Use PDF Reader App

PDF Reader app is a leading PDF editor which can be used anywhere. Below mentioned are the ways of how to get started with this PDF text reader:

  • Download PDF Reader  from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Allow the app to access your contact information

This PDF file reader has a very interactive user interface with no stringent sign-in process. It is one of those apps that let you scan all your documents seamlessly.

What Makes PDF Reader Different

PDF Reader is loaded with exceptional features that can help you declutter your space and organize your documents in a neat manner, and they are all listed down below:

  • Receive Tips

This feature is the most helpful one. With this you can know how to use this free PDF editor efficiently. Know how to share file links, text reflow, free-hand write and draw, move files, and remove annotations from PDF.

  • Scanner

You can scan all your documents or import your own documents through the gallery. After you scan them, your documents can be customized as per your requirement and can be reshaped with a meticulous cropping tool.

  • Converter

You have the autonomy to convert your PDF files into editable documents into formats like HTML MOBI, RTF. Microsoft Office, etc. this converter can help you edit any document right away.

  • Security

This free PDF editor online lets you add security to every PDF so that your important documents are highly secured and away from prying eyes. You can also choose to encrypt any PDF from folders created on the app.

  • Kdan Cloud

This feature provides you with space that can only be used after your upgrade Document 365. You can store all your information and have a special ID assigned to you so that you never miss any of your information.

Your all in one place to scan, convert, merge, split your files. These features can let you organize your stuff and have assorted folders. Not only this PDF Reader app also offers various other mobile applications that can be downloaded from respective app stores.

What Is Document 365 Feature?

Document 365 feature has got you completely covered once you upgrade this feature. Although PDF Reader app is completely free, Document 365 comes with a cost and will enable you to do the following: 

  • Remove all sponsored ads
  • Free access to all PDF Reader apps
  • Encrypt and decrypt your PDFs
  • PDF editor
  • Upto 1TB cloud storage space

With Document 365 all your needs are well addressed and you can manage your documents in an effective way.

Why Do You Need PDF Reader Online?

Going paperless is a sustainable option because you never need to worry about your personal and important documents as all of it is stored on your phone. A best PDF reader is required to manage all your stuff in a unique way.

That’s not it, in order to understand this app better you can head over to PDF Reader’s website and know how your PDFs can be converted. 

There are other major apps that are provided by this PDF editor online free and they are markup, animation desk, noteledge, write-on video and much more. This mobile application can be a big help no matter what your profession is and the availability of different products within the app can help you in building and learning various new projects without any worry.

Is Online PDF Reader Free?

This app is the best PDF Reader that you will come across to arrange and scan your documents easily.  PDF Reader is completely free of cost but to use features like Kdan cloud and Document 365 you have to pay $51.60/ year.

Your one subscription can unlock access to use this best PDF Reader over multiple devices. You can cable your subscription anytime you like and the app will inform you 2 days before your trial ends.

PDF Reader app

MAD Verdict: PDF Reader App Review

PDF Reader app is an online PDF editor free that can be used any time and is quick enough to scan multiple documents within a fraction of seconds. There are other features that are bound to take your attention and they are editing of PDF files, converting files into any desired format, and adding security to PDF files that hold confidential information.

With this best free PDF Reader you can encrypt and decrypt your file anytime you like and save it forever in the cloud storage provided by the app itself. The simple user interface of the PDF Reader allows you to understand the app very quickly and get going.

Let us know if you like the PDF Reader app in the comments section below and read our comprehensive app reviews to know about mobile applications that are taking the world by the storm.  

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