Otsimo App - Smartest Speech Therapy App For Kids

Looking for an app to improve your child's articulation skills at home? If so, you're in for a feast!

Updated on April 04, 2024
Otsimo App - Smartest Speech Therapy App For Kids

No one is perfect, no one has it all. I figure that it’s at the forefront of your mind. To live a life, that works better, gives you more joy, and helps you find more peace seeks a change. 

To express ourselves, we physically move our tongue, lips, teeth, and jaw to produce sequences that later become words and sentences. While this happens naturally to many of us, there is still a lot of kids who strive. 

If you have a child who needs speech therapy, especially during this time where many schools are off during this pandemic, here we have an engaging speech and language therapy app for your kiddos. 

To help your little ones, struggling with language development. speech delays, no verbal autism, articulation difficulties, and aphasia, we have a great speech app that understands your kids better. 

Heads-up with an astounding app Otsimo - An award-winning speech therapy app that works on a machine-learning powered voice recognition algorithm to catch the correct sounds of your kids. 

Let’s get started with an Otsimo app review entailing features, ratings, and prices. We’ve got all of the latest information about this speech therapy app so read on to learn all about what’s new and exciting in this series.

What is an Otsimo App?

An exclusive app that truly knows what your kid tries to say.

What is an Otsimo App?

The Otsimo app (Speech Therapy Pronunciation Articulation) is a wonderful inspiring Speech Therapy app that uses voice recognition technology and machine learning, transforming the way to provide better speech therapy, strengthened with personalization and fun at the comfort of your smartphone devices. 

This app is built by enduring parents’ perspectives in mind and is designed under the supervision of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), and therapeutic activity experts, which makes an app really intelligent in its domain. 

Otsimo app is for...?

Otsimo app is one of the best Speech Therapy Pronunciation Articulation app that works great for those who experience speech-related issues such as - 

  • Delayed speech (late talkers)
  • Non-verbal autism and down syndrome affecting speech
  • Difficulty to articulate themselves and enunciate
  • Apraxia
  • Aphasia
  • Stuttering
  • Articulation issues

How Otsimo app is born?

The first app designed by Otsimo was specifically for children with Autism or Down syndrome because one of our co-founders has a brother on the spectrum. Otsimo believes education is an essential part of a special needs person’s daily life, since the survival skills we can easily learn as toddlers usually do not come as easily to them. 

Then, they have started developing practices in form of games for these children. After growing as a community. Otsimo Speech Therapy was born. With the cumulative experience and lots of feedback from the parents that were already familiar with Otsimo; They have created around 10 categories to start with, where children had the opportunity to learn new words and sounds of everyday items they can easily notice around them. 

To give a couple of examples of the categories, they have numbers, family members, animals, feelings, and many more. Almost all children can benefit from the Speech Therapy app since they have categories of specific sounds, which can be exercised when the child has problems with pronouncing a single letter. Therefore, the intended user group for Speech Therapy is not limited to special needs children. 

Accolades and awards received by Otsimo App

  • Both of our applications are awarded the Kid-Safe badge, Educational App Store certificate, Parents’ Picks Award, and Mom’s Choice Awards.
  • Certified Pedagogical quality by the Education Alliance Finland. 
  • Our co-founder Zafer Elcik is an Ashoka fellow and was selected in Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list two years in a row.
  • Our apps are featured in the Guardian, DailyMail, and on BBC.
  • Awarded - Gold Badge Autism App by The University of Edinburgh ASDTech.
  • Selected for HundrED’s 2020 Global Collection as one of the world’s most inspiring education innovations.
  • GSVC Finalist Award by Berkeley University. 

Top Features of Otsimo App 

The Otsimo app is an easy-to-use Speech Therapy App built on cutting-edge technology for individuals dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Let’s jump to its features -

Top Features of Otsimo App 

1. Designed by professionals 

Otsimo app is designed and maintained by great minds which includes various expert Speech-Language Pathologists SLPs in multiple countries, individual therapists, special education teachers, child psychologists, foundations and even ministries of education to give the most useful and best solution for your little ones.

2. Motivational Rewarding System

This speech therapy app has a lovely rewarding system that makes learning more fun. When your child utters the correct sound, vowel, or spelling, the app rewards that. 

3. Power-Packed with Voice Recognition Feature

Otsimo is one of the best Speech Therapy Apps that have visual & auditory inputs vocalized by Speech-Language Therapists to arouse the speech efforts of your kiddos.

Power-Packed with Voice Recognition Feature

4. Strong and Affordable 

Otsimo app provides you with better learning opportunities via top-notch voice recognition technology, personalization, 24/7 support, and quality education in a more affordable way.

Why Otsimo app?

Otsimo is here because the world is a little bit harder to understand for special needs children

Why Otsimo app?

The vision of the Otsimo app is to help create a world where all children get a fair opportunity to access fundamental education based on their individual needs. As of 2020, the Otsimo app widely covers the special education field’s needs. 

Therefore, they need more individualized and intensified material to make sense of it and to gain crucial everyday skills. With 300,000+ happy users worldwide to learn a new word or improve motor skills, or even create a space to be creative, this app has spread smiles on the faces of thousands of needy children.

Quotes from the Founders of the App 

“It only starts with one. And ours started with my brother’s diagnosis. It’s unbelievable how our efforts led up to us reaching so many children. Otsimo Speech Therapy is our next step to expanding our reach and helping more children with their learning challenges. Special needs people, like all, need to communicate and to be understood. At Otsimo, we provide them with the space to practice these skills without judgment and lots of positive reinforcement.”

~ Zafer, CEO

“For me, if the technology doesn’t touch lives or makes an impact, then we are not using it right. I love how we can stretch the possibilities of it to any extent. In our case, we use machine learning for a social cause, children’s education. It excites and amazes me when I think about how well we progressed as a company. We really focused on using the possibilities technology offers to help people with atypical training and development; when it’s created for typically developed people by majorly typically developed people. What has been driving us since our conception is that we want to democratize special education and how accessible education can be is exactly why we use technology as our tool.” 

~ Sercan, CTO

Hits and Strikes 


  • Uses Machine-learning powered Voice and Speech recognition app.
  • Improves articulation and pronunciation 
  • Makes learning more entertaining with funny filters, with hats and masks as rewards.
  • Encourages to be more engaged with 200+ stickers.
  • Award-winning Speech Therapy App present over iOS and Android.
  • Speech articulation exercises.
  • Improve speech and communication skills.
  • Free to use.


  • Relatively pricey as compared to other apps.


Otsimo app is free to use for both iOS and Android platforms. However, it also offers in-app purchases. 

Otsimo Review, Rating and Additional Information 

Otsimo App Review

Future Updates

Otsimo is always working to reach more children worldwide. According to Otsimo, Last September, they started offering Otsimo Special Education in 3 more languages, namely French, Spanish and German, and luckily they were just in time for back-to-school. Their aim is to localize the app in other languages too.

They are also planning to launch their newest application, Otsimo AAC in 2021. They already had a module within the Special Education app, but with the new app, they are planning to expand coverage in the field. AAC apps are very useful for non-verbal people with learning or developmental disorders. It gives them a way to express themselves and communicate. The absence of communication creates lots of frustration. They always talk about how technology breaks barriers for special needs people, so this is a very crucial step for them and they are beyond excited. 

MAD rates- 4.2 stars

Design- 4.0 stars
Usability- 4.5 stars
Features- 4.5 stars
Reliability- 4.0 stars

MAD Verdict

Otsimo app provides a more flexible learning environment with speech and voice articulation exercises for children as the app can be used anytime and anywhere. The Voice recognition feature is a unique feature that lets you correctly evaluate the language abilities of your little one. Otsimo app differentiates itself as one of the best Speech Therapy app that uses novel technologies with the scientific approach (Actual Therapy techniques devised by professionals). This app is also free to use and is one of the best education apps with a purpose.

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