Trading Game - fun Stock, Forex market simulator

A stock market simulator app that teaches you with real market insights.

Updated on April 05, 2024
Trading Game - fun Stock, Forex market simulator

Trading in the stock market can be very profitable when done right, but how to start? It won't be very wise to risk your money and invest blindly without the necessary knowledge for investing in forex or stock markets. 

A stock market simulator app is a great option for beginners to learn the absolute essentials of trading and in understanding the intricacies & interrelation of world news and its impact on stock prices. 

In order to make this learning fun, interactive & engaging, released a trading game app in collaboration with Go Forex that is a lot of fun to use and mimics the actual trading market, so everything you see and do on "Stocks & Forex Trading Game" will give you real information and insight. 

This trading game app review will help you with the features of the application, usability and relevance in educating the user about the stock and forex markets of the world. If you are looking to increase your wealth and delve into the world of trading, then this trading game app review can give you a good idea of what to expect from a stock simulator app.

What can you do with Stocks & Forex Trading Game App? 

A completely free to use app, "Stocks & Forex Trading Game" accomplishes a lot with its interactive interface and easy to grasp features. 

“Wall Street is not a Boy's club reserved only for the rich and famous anymore. Gamification is the best way to learn” says the founder of Stocks & Forex trading game.     

Trade Stocks in real time

This is one of the best stock simulator app, that also gives real-time data and stock value of popular brands. You also have an option to either buy or sell the stock at the current price. This virtual stock market app has a really easy to understand interface. 

Trade Stocks in real time

You can simply click on the large green button to buy and the red one to sell as displayed in the image above. A simple and to the point approach which mimics many real stock broker applications. 

There are detailed options to buying and selling which adds to the realism of the investment simulator app. As displayed in the image below, you can “Leverage” and choose the “Investment Size” to determine the quantities and the nature of your purchase. 

Trade Stocks in real time

This level of attention to detail makes the stock trading simulator app very factual and relevant. This is also a great way to just monitor the ups and downs of stock prices of popular companies and how management or policy change might have impacted these price changes. This is the kind of market game app that can get you hooked to the dynamic world of the stock market. 

Trade Forex in real time

This is a forex & stock trading game app that lets you pick which stock to track, buy, and sell. You also get the chance to customize the options on your screen so you can view your favorite stocks with ease. As displayed in the following image, you are shown the real-time value of currencies that you can compare & trade in.  

Trade Forex in real time

Read Blogs & News 

Read interactive blogs that address relevant world issues and are affecting the forex and stock exchange. The “Learn” section of the trading simulator game application offers a whole host of topics that you can read about. 

Learn Trading Game

From basics to advanced tips for professionals. This stock market game app has something for every level of understanding and expertise. This trading game app has a lot of features to offer and people who really want to make big bucks and understand the subtle nuances of share prices can read through tons of engaging articles. 

Learn Trading Game

Fun Quiz to test & teach

Interactive Quiz designed to test your knowledge and teach you new things. This is a very interactive feature of this share market game app that tests you based on your knowledge about factors affecting stock prices and also on the things that you have learned while trading on the app.

Fun Quiz to test & teach

Learning doesn’t need to ever be boring or monotonous and this trading game app will keep you engaged through fun quizzes and other interactive elements. 

Fun Quiz to test & teach

This stock investing game app keeps you engaged and up to date with big events and teaches about the correlation of such global events in affecting the price of stocks.

A customized experience tailored for you

The trading game app offers a fully customizable experience where you can pick and choose the type of currencies, stocks and other elements to display on your home screen.

A customized experience tailored for you

This stock market practice app starts with a default set of popular stocks like Google, Apple, Tesla, Nike, Disney and has also given an option to trade in commodities like Gold & Oil through the live dashboard but these elements are completely customizable based on your preference. 

It is a trading simulator game but with each flicker of price change & the displayed analysis bar, it gives you a vivid feeling of live trading. 

Trade in cryptocurrency with this virtual stock exchange app

Cryptocurrency made a big entry into the mainstream with Bitcoin, a blockchain-powered digital currency that is changing the way we view our banking system and how we transact. The success of Bitcoin encouraged & inspired other currencies that have now grown to be significantly valuable and with amazing potential. 

Trade in cryptocurrency with this virtual stock exchange app

This is one of the best stock game app that also allows cryptocurrency trading & analysis of the change in prices. This stock market practice app gives you complete freedom to buy & sell cryptocurrency at a real-time rate. It is great practice for someone who actually intends to invest in these risky yet extremely lucrative currencies. 

Trade in cryptocurrency with this virtual stock exchange app

Through the best stock market simulator app, you have an option to practice with leading currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Monero, Ripple, Litecoin & Neo.  

Key Features of the trading game app

Some highlight features of the most interactive stock trading simulator app and how they can help you build a strong trading base. 

  • Live real-time rates for currency, stock, and commodities.
  • This stock market game app offers fun and interactive quizzes to make learning enjoyable. 
  • Compete with friends and other worldwide users. 
  • Study basics and advance level trading tips with articles and complete guides. 
  • Through this stock simulator app, you can access chart patterns and real-time analytics to learn about patterns & trading strategies. 
  • A stock market simulator app that gives you insight on how oil and gold prices relate to currency exchange. 

Trading Game App Review

MAD Verdict: Trading game app review

Design: 4.7
Features: 4.7
Reliability: 4.8

MAD rates: 4.8

The trading game app rating is based on our experience in using the app and its relevance in actually learning to trade in a practical environment. 

Amazing illustrations and easy to understand interface makes the app experience very smooth and assistive. A virtual stock market app that lets you interact with real-time market analytics to buy and sell stocks to compete with friends and in the global leaderboard. 

Trading game app download will grant you access to a vast amount of information ranging from novice to an advanced level. You will enjoy the fun feel of the application that lets you learn complex and critical investment strategies in an interactive and light setting. You too can get your app reviewed by us for expert suggestions & feedback. 


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