iPrize App Review - Play, Earn, and Host

A quiz and trivia app where you make money!

Updated on October 06, 2022
iPrize App Review - Play, Earn, and Host

Smartphone apps have made it possible for users to save and even make money in various ways. Games, social media platforms, referrals, app bonuses, and more are some trending ways to make money through apps. Among such top ways, the iPrize app exists as well. This fantastic quiz app rewards people for playing games based on various trivia and quizzes.

The best thing about this best quiz app is that it also allows you to create games. Whether for group activities or for a competitive match with someone you know, just create your own quiz and trivia challenges to invite and compete against other iPrize app users.

However, apart from the ability to create or play games, the iPrize app has some additional features as well. Furthermore, in this iPrize app review, we will discuss other features of this quiz app, pros and cons, ratings, and additional details. So, stay with us until the end of this iPrize review for some insightful information about the app.

Background of the iPrize app

Before we discuss some crucial features of the iPrize app, let us tell you a little bit about its background first. The iPrize quiz app was founded on June 1, 2020 by Kanat Bulegenov. The vision of the app is to provide users and corporations with a platform where they can create or participate in rewarding games. The puzzle app is suitable for everyone and attracts a massive amount of user-generated content. Let’s dive right into its features to understand why the iPrize app is so popular.

Features of the iPrize app

Now, we will list down each crucial feature of the iPrize quiz app. These features will help us in understanding and rate the app better. In parallel, you will also be able to understand the importance of the app.

1. Create customized contests

iPrize mobile app

iPrize app provides you to create contests from 10 categories to invite and play with your friends. Each person that wins your contest will receive 100 reward points. To create contests, you need to choose a contest category, type, name, and add details such as the number of participants (minimum 30), description of the contest, images, starting point, and finishing point. You will have to enter your email address as well and log in after you fill out the contest requirements.

2. Pick options from 10 categories

iPrize for iPhone

The iPrize for iPhone and Android offers 1o categories of contests to pick from. You can use these categories to either explore trivia to play or to categorize the game that you are creating. Some categories that you get in the iPrize mobile app are Beauty, Humour, Creative, Fauna, Food, Talents, and more.

3. Create and host quizzes and competitions

increase your brand awareness

Whether for a presentation or just to have fun with amigos, you can create and host quizzes quite easily. These quizzes can help you in improving your brand awareness as well by letting you create quizzes for advertisements.

Additionally, creating contests with rewards also helps you in gaining more attention toward games and topics that you want to promote. In short, you can simply invite people to play while giving them topics that increase your brand awareness and reward them for winning the game.

4. Points can become real money

iPrize for Android

Earning money on this iPrize for Android app even with free quiz games is super simple. For all quiz games & trivia that you win on the iPrize for iPhone and Android, you get reward points. Once you have enough reward points the iPrize mobile app lets you convert them into real money and withdraw them to your account. 

For instance, you can withdraw your rewards from the quiz and earnings in the US through PayPal, Skrill, and E-wallet. You need to enter the points you withdraw when you are asked by this app with fun quiz games and that is how you earn real money just by answering questions.

5. Available in six languages

iPrize app review

Even if you are a non-English speaker, it should still not stop you from participating in quiz and earnings by the iPrize app. You can use the app in languages like Russian, English, French, Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese to earn real money.

Shortly, developers of this iPrize for Android and iOS app are also planning to offer partial localization for Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia countries with full localization for China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand. So, more people will be able to leverage the opportunity to play quiz games & trivia for rewards.

Pros and cons of iPrize, the best quiz app

Moving further and knowing this multiplayer trivia game better, it feels mandatory to try to know if some drawbacks accompany the iPrize app, a database of general knowledge quiz games. So, let’s go through the pros of the iPrize fun quiz games app, and then we will focus on its cons.

Pros of iPrize, the fun quiz games & trivia app

  • Free to install and play
  • 100% user-generated content
  • Huge community support
  • Create as many quiz games online as you want
  • Simple user interface
  • 10 various categories
  • A simple knowledge tester and booster
  • Millions of players globally
  • Available in six languages

Cons of iPrize, one of the top quiz games for students and adults

  • Includes ads
  • There are some in-app purchases

Additional features of the iPrize for iPhone and Android app

Additional features

Extra facts for this iPrize review

Before we rate the app and wind up this blog, there are some crucial facts about this app with quiz games for students and adults that should be covered under this iPrize app review. You can plan your strategy to increase your brand awareness by considering these important facts. Let’s have a look!

  • On the app, there are more than 10 thousand contests existing that app users have created themselves
  • The app has 100% of user-generated data
  • It has been downloaded over 600k times
  • Users of the iPrize mobile app are spread across 100 countries
  • In six languages Russian, English, French, Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese, the app offers full localization of the data including interface, titles, descriptions, metadata, and the content info

MAD Rating

Features - 4.8
Navigation - 4.6
Security - 4.5
Pricing - 4.5


Well, that was all for the iPrize app review that needed your attention. After going through its features, pros, and facts, it is quite clear to us that the iPrize app is an interesting but well-thought initiative. This part of the market is not quite well explored by other developers and that is how the iPrize mobile app stands out. Its ability to entertain but the opportunity to advertise a brand in a single app is indeed a great idea that its founder thought of.

Even from the quality perspective, this iPrize for iPhone and Android app has a decent user interface and enough features to make it an interesting option for the user. Additionally, the best feature of this app is that it allows you to monetize every minute you spend on the app. So, it is also a reason enough to give the app a shot. Now, if you are curious about this iPrize app and ready to play some quiz games online, it’s time to install it on your smartphone without thinking twice.

Lastly, if you are a developer as well and reading this iPrize review for some inspiration, let us help your next project further. Write to us to get your app reviewed once you are done with the development and deployment part and our experts will help you in figuring out if your app has a potential that can be unlocked to grow it further. If featured on MobileAppDaily, it can also help potential users in finding your app. Also, you can read plenty of other well-researched reads that we have on the website for some further guidance throughout your app development projects. You can read about top tech trends, top blockchain trends, and more.

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