FYSH App Review | A game-changer for freelancers?

Explore new opportunities and game up your side hustle with the FYSH app

Updated on October 11, 2023
FYSH App Review | A game-changer for freelancers?

The remote and flexible nature of freelance work has completely reshaped our typical ways of working. Being a freelancer is extremely liberating but nerve-wracking at the same time. You can set your own deadlines, prices, and flexibly choose the projects you wish to work for. With all this freedom, you can still lack job security. 

Most freelancers are splitting their time between finding a new opportunity and finishing their previous work. To streamline the efforts of freelancers, a number of freelancing websites have been developed. These websites connect talent with employers and benefit both. 

FYSH is one such initiative that has been developed with the aim to empower side hustle businesses. With its developed network, FYSH can help freelancers find suitable projects as per their skills and preferences. We have critically analyzed this freelance marketplace app and have prepared a detailed review for our readers. Read on further to learn more about the functionality and uniqueness of this freelancing website.

Fysh reviews

What is the FYSH app and how is it useful?

FYSH is a freelancing website that offers a collaborative platform for employers and qualified freelancers to connect with each other. It is a great app to fuel your side hustles and for employers who are looking for part-time employees for a project.

From caregivers to housekeepers, FYSH can be used to find all kinds of freelancers for any job. You can also find a suitable freelancer for handyman and small repair jobs around the home. 

It is the best job posting app which is equally useful for freelancers as well. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to manage clients, appointments, and invoicing, FYSH is best suited for you. Additionally, you can also look for jobs that completely match your preferences and align with your personality. Whether you are a therapist or a personal chef, there is a job for you. 

With the right kind of infrastructure and tools, FYSH offers the ultimate marketplace for freelancers and employers alike! Advertise your services, schedule appointments, and find suitable service providers with this flexible mobile-to-mobile platform.

What do we like about the FYSH app?

This side hustle marketplace is the one-stop location for all kinds of jobs, from dog walking to photography you can find it all. Its flexible platform has helped people from all around the world to streamline their work and manage their side hustles easily. 

With its unique features and exceptional capabilities, FYSH is considered the best business app to fuel your side hustles and businesses.  Let’s have a closer look at what this app has to offer for freelancers and employers. 

1. Plan your day with the Calendar 

FYSH offers a unique Calendar feature that can help both employers and freelancers to manage their day. With this, freelancers can have a clear view of their upcoming work and meetings. Along with this you can also save all your previous tasks and review them later, if needed. 

Users can track their time and enjoy two-way scheduling as a client or a worker. Calendar also makes it easy for users to keep a list of all their appointments and invoices in one place. 

side hustle marketplace

2. Stay connected on Chats

FYSH offers a convenient way to stay connected with your clients, workers, or fellow FYSH users using the ‘Chats’ feature. This feature allows you to send a direct message and communicate with anyone through the app. All the chats are highly encrypted ensuring that all the important information is kept private. 

If you are looking for a way to manage your business contacts, FYSH has a feature for that too. It maintains a phone book to keep all your contacts organized in one place. You can also visit your previous chats as and when required. 

fuel your side hustle

3. Built-in Invoice Generator 

One feature that sets FYSH apart from other side hustle marketplace apps is the availability of an automatic invoice builder. This generator automatically converts your working hours into line items on your invoice, ensuring that you are paid fairly for your services. 

All that you need to do is add the type of your services, additional notes, and working hours and get an invoice instantly. You can easily track and manage your time with this built-in invoice generator feature. 

Fysh play store

4. Secured and safe Mobile Payments

Along with time management solutions, FYSH also offers a standardized method for freelancers to get payments from their clients. You can now offer multiple payment options to your clients for your freelance side hustles

FYSH’s partnership with Stripe allows users to accept payments through Google, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and more. All these methods are completely safe and will ensure the safety of payments for both clients and workers. 

fuel your side hustle

5. Schedule appointments and Manage checklists

FYSH allows users to keep track of all their appointments and work easily. The comprehensive suite of tools offered by this app ensures that you are on time for your appointments and never miss out on any work. 

With task checklists, workers and clients can stay organized. Workers can prepare custom checklists, manage their work with real-time updates, and organize the entire day as per their preferences. 

Fysh app store

Weighing the Pros and Cons of the FYSH app


Pros Cons
Get access and communicate with a vast pool of talent. Potential confidentiality risks
Supports quick turnaround for freelance side hustles Charges a subscription fee for posting your freelancing services
Offers a user-friendly app with excellent customer support.
Supports direct and easy communication with fellow FYSH users.

What do the users have to say about the FYSH app in 2023?

FYSH is regarded as one of the best side hustle marketplace apps available for Android and iOS users. It offers exceptional services for both workers and clients. The FYSH app enjoys 3.7-star ratings on Google PlayStore and 4.8-star ratings on the App Store. 

Let’s have a look at what the users have to say about the app in 2023!

“Super helpful
This app is incredibly helpful for me and my side jobs.
It allows me to list my side jobs, and people to hire me, and make transactions all through the app.
I’ve tried other apps for side jobs/Facebook groups. But this is the best overall place to make some extra side money. Highly recommend!”  

                                                                                   - Eccody (FYSH App Store review)

“Excellent Tool!
A very helpful tool for keeping up with all that can normally be overwhelming!”

                                                                                   - clubstuenzi (FYSH App Store review)

“Very helpful and easy to use, customer service was very knowledgeable, nice, and helpful. I recommend to anyone who has a side hustle and needs help keeping track of things and organizing them.”

                                                                                          - Brittany Boualivan ( FYSH PlayStore review)

“Great app! So helpful and user-friendly.”

                                                                                         - Mama Squirrel (FYSH PlayStore review)

What do our experts have to say about the FYSH app?

Our experts have personally used the FYSH app to offer an unbiased review for our readers. As per the expert reviews, FYSH is the best part time job posting app that helps clients to find and coordinate with a suitable freelance worker. This app works equally well for both workers and clients and is thus better than its competitors. 

The app hosts all the relevant information and tools to help freelancers and employers make informed decisions about the project. It is the ultimate marketplace that makes it easy to hire freelance professionals and employers can coordinate with them directly. 
Apart from supporting the gig economy, a fact that we really liked about FYSH is the availability of management tools. The FYSH freelance app allows both clients and workers to manage appointments, invoices, working hours, and more. 

It is the first-of-its-kind freelancing platform that supports complete collaboration. We definitely recommend you try out this app to find a suitable freelancer for your project or to find work.

MAD Ratings-

Features- 4.4
Navigation- 4.1
UI- 4.2
Security- 4.0

FYSH tool review | App Specifications

Let’s have an overview of some primary specifications of the FYSH freelance app.

Tech Specifications of FYSH
OS iOS - Requires iOS 14.0 or later
Android - Requires 10 and up
Rating iOS - 4.8
Android - 3.7
Last Updated iOS - September 29, 2023
Android - September 28, 2023
Version iOS - 1.19
Android - 0.0.55
Category Business

Final Verdict!

From our FYSH review, it is clear that it is the best freelance marketplace app that has the potential to support and uplift the gig economy. This app is perfect for a self-employed freelancer from any field. You will surely get suitable work that will match your job profile and preferences. 

As for employers, FYSH offers a platform to connect with talent from all over the world. You can easily hire the best match for any given role, from caregivers to professional graphic designers. With a user-centric approach and the best features, FYSH is definitely a game-changer for the freelance market. Join the school of FYSH and step up your performance!

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to get your app reviewed, contact us at MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews and ratings will help your app grow and reach the potential audience. Until then, continue to explore MobileAppDaily for more app reviews, current news, and the latest updates in the world of mobile apps and technology. 

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