Find My Kids - An Extra Step for Your Kids’ Safety

AI-supported smart GPS tracker app!

Updated on March 14, 2022
Find My Kids - An Extra Step for Your Kids’ Safety

Today, it has become possible to ensure that your children are safe all the time without having to accompany them everywhere. Apps such as Find My Kids are making it possible. To ensure that your kid is safe, the best free phone tracker app uses GPS and AI to equip your child with an extra layer of security. So, you can be worry less and review where your child is and which transport they are using.

Now, if you are already wondering how to track your child’s phone with Find My Kids, we will answer that further in this blog. So, stay with us until we conclude this Find My Kids review.

Background of the Find My Kids phone tracker

The idea of creating a service appeared in 2016. The goal of the developers was to create an international application that will help parents around the world keep their children safe, in whatever place or country they may be. The application was localized into 30+ languages and launched in 50 local markets, including the European Union, US and Latin America.

The first release of the application, later called Find My Kids, took place in the same year. Since 2017 FindMyKids is #1 in Parenting category in Google Play in 88 countries and in Top-5 in Education category in AppStore.

"You should talk to your child and say: this is not total control or dictatorship, but my concern and your freedom. I will have more information, and I will worry less, call you less often, and let you walk longer. The fewer worries, the fewer restrictions."

- Vadikh Giniatulin, CEO-  Find My Kids

Features of the Find My Kids app

Furthermore, to rate the app better, we are discussing a few crucial features of this children tracker app.

1. AI-supported GPS tracker

Find My Kids App

The AI is capable of collecting GPS data through the smartphone or GPS tracker for watches to identify the exact location of your kid. Moreover, it can also track other information such as usual places kids visit or routes they take. You can also find out the mode of transportation they are using. In certain suspicious cases, it can also notify parents.

2. Trigger loud signal remotely

Find My Kids App

In case, if the child is unresponsive, and can not hear the phone, or it is misplaced, you can trigger Loud Signal by using your smartphone. The app supported by GPS tracking smartwatches as well can help you in easily tracking your child’s device if they are near enough to hear the sound of a Loud Signal. This best phone tracker app also helps kids in knowing that you have been trying to reach them.

3. Real-time location tracking updates

Find My Kids App

With this one of the best location-tracking apps, you get to keep an eye on your kids’ location in real-time. This app to track my child's location can help in getting rid of their anxieties or fear if kids are late or hanging out somewhere.

4. Better parent control

Find My Kids App

Not only tracking the GPS location of the child but this best app to track my child's phone can also inform you about other information such as their screen-usage time, name of apps they install, and more. With the parental control feature, you also have the freedom to block sites and apps you do not want them to visit.

5. Supports GPS watch

The app for finding my child's phone also supports GPS watch models. With the help of these devices, it is much easier to keep track of children’s location and phone usage behavior.

6. Hear surrounding sounds if the kid is unresponsive

Find My Kids App

In case your kid is unresponsive, this Kids phone tracker app will let you hear surrounding sounds to ensure that they are not in any kind of danger. In some cases, it can really be helpful in saving lives.

Pros and cons of the Find My Kids watch app

To conclude this Find My Kids app review accurately, it is important to know about its pros and cons. So, let’s have a look at them.

Pros of the Find My Kids app 

  • All features are available with the free trial
  • Certified by COPPA kidSAFE program
  • Requires child’s consent to work
  • Supports smartwatches
  • Basic features like tracking the location of kids’ phones are always free
  • Includes SOS button for emergency alerts
  • Track phone usage behavior of kids from the same app

Cons of the Find My Kids app

  • Limited-time free trial
  • Some features require payment

Additional information for the Find My Kids app review

Additional information

MAD rating

Features- 4.8
Security- 4.8
Navigation- 4.5
Pricing- 4.3

To conclude, the Find My Kids app is a perfect addition to the security of your kids. Not only the app is revolutionary, but also offers reliability in terms of privacy and security. For instance, to initially begin the tracking system of kids’ phones, you need to make them understand that it is for their security and ask for their consent.

Now, in the end, if you own a smartphone as well and want to see a review like this published for the same, you can contact MobileAppDaily experts to get your app reviewed. It will help your smartphone app from a marketing point of view.

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