Covve App: The Personal AI-Powered CRM

Nurture your business relationships with the most intelligent address book.

Updated on April 05, 2024
Covve App: The Personal AI-Powered CRM

Networking is a crucial part of any business. Digital technologies have brought the world on one platform but also have eradicated a few boundaries where previously existed. Today maintaining contacts, building networks and keeping in touch with your peers has become a rather challenging job. With so much data in hand, there is a limit to what one can do.

Hence arises the need for systems that make staying connected with everyone rather easy. Today many people look for systems which can not only list their contacts but also organise them efficiently and provide features which can facilitate establishing and enriching relationships with different people. We discovered the Covve app (Covve) which is the perfect tool for managing your contacts and do much more to make the best use of your network. 

Covve app review

In this Covve app review, we will see some features which makes it one of the best address book apps you can have on your smart devices. 

Covve app gives the power of personal CRM in your hand

Covve is created to be an advanced contacts app which satisfies all the needs of today's businessman. It offers all the benefits of using an advanced personal CRM in your palm and allows you to explore your options way more thoroughly. Covve app integrates with your phone’s contacts seamlessly, all you need to do is download and start using it. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it scans your network constantly and keeps updating any relevant information. It scans public sources and offers a complete picture in front of you before you even make a call. In today's time when relationships are limited to the inboxes, Covve app helps you in creating fulfilling professional relationships which are fueled by mutual concern and will to succeed. 

Covve app was founded by two founders Yiannis Gavrielides and Alex Protogerellis in September 2016. In the words of founders

"We worked in large international companies and realised that there are no tools to help professionals better manage their business relationships. CRM tools are meant for salespeople. We wanted to give the power of CRM tools to every professional. We created Covve to do that. We aim to stand out in a world shifting towards casual, shallow business relationships. Covve app effortlessly helps foster real, warm relationships, giving a significant edge and exposing new opportunities”.

Thanks to the top-shelf AI implementation, Covve app works like a standard address book with incredible ease of using. What happens behind the front-end is nothing less than magic. It keeps all your contacts organised and makes them readily available whenever you need them. This great contacts app also keeps records of your past engagements and makes them available as well. It also comes with smart reminders and notifies you about the right time to reach out to your customers, and helps you keep your business connections active and warm.

Covve app review

There is a lot you can do with the Covve App

Several features are making this contact app one of the best. Some of these features are discussed below.

1. Complete info on your contacts

Covve scans all your contacts and keeps updating the information with more than 100 sources, making everything available to you even before you establish contact with the person. 

Complete info on your contacts

2. Smart reminder 

Covve learns how often you want to be in touch with people and then automatically reminds you to stay in touch, so you never let a relationship go cold. It also informs you of news affecting your contacts so you have an excuse to reach out at just the right time. 

3. An AI-powered business card scanner

Covve digitizes paper business cards with a tap of a button using a powerful proprietary, A.I. powered engine, allowing leading accuracy in more than 30 languages.  

4. Digital business card

You can go paperless with digital business cards. You can create your own unique cards with your brand and contact details in Covve and share your virtual business card at a tap of a button.  

5. Your personal CRM management

Covve works as a personalised CRM in your palm and offers you all benefits of an agile system. Its networking and communication features enable you to track your calls, add notes and reminders and never miss a detail. 

Your personal CRM management

6. Organize contacts easily

Covve enables you to organize contacts without any fuss. It allows you to add tags and group your contacts, while its powerful search makes it easy to quickly find who you are after.

7. Keep your data safe

Covve is developed while keeping data security and data privacy in mind. It is fully encrypted and assures full security of your contacts and other information It keeps your data safe at all times and offers daily backups and export to Excel on a press of a button.

How does Covve App work?

What makes it the best contacts app is the ease of using. Here is what you have to do.

Covve is accessible from all smart devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. 

Step 1: Install Covve from the store.
Step 2: Install and run
Step 3: Upon opening Covve, register and give access to your contacts or start with an empty list. 
Step 4: Start using Covve for all your networking needs.

Covve Free vs Pro

Covve app is free for new users starting. However, its paid version offers a lot more.

Covve Pro Cost - $7.50/mo.

Extra features in Covve Pro:

  • Unlimited business card scans    
  • Multiple digital business cards    
  • Premium business card styles
  • Advanced smart reminders    
  • Daily contact backups    
  • Contacts export

Covve app review


Best contacts app – Tom’s Guide 2020
Best address book app for iPhone – NewsExaminer
Best address book app for Android – BestTechie
Winner of T-Mobile & Nokia Program “disrupting the future of communications”

Hits and Strikes


  • Easy to use
  • Smart reminders
  • AI-powered updates
  • Full contact info
  • Virtual business cards
  • Add notes to contacts
  • Integrated social media
  • Organise contacts and stores engagement
  • Free version available


  • The free version is limited in features

MAD Covve app rating - 4.4

Design - 4.4
Features - 4.6
Usability - 4.2
Reliability - 4.4


At the end of this Covve app review, it will be safe to say that it is one of the best contacts apps you can use to make your networking more swift and responsive. Covve offers many features like business card scanner, CRM management and other features to manage relationships better. It offers features which are useful for any business and can help in creating an active network. We highly recommend Covve app as the best address book app in 2020. And with its free version, there is no way you can go wrong. Install the app and try for yourself what this app has to offer. 

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