ScannerLens App - Take Quality Scans in Seconds

Go paperless at home or at the office with this lightweight document scanner app for iOS!

Updated on April 05, 2024
ScannerLens App - Take Quality Scans in Seconds

From scanning devices to scanning apps, everything has been digitally transformed. Now, you don't really need to move out to scan your documents, nor need bulky scanners installed at home to get the piece of paper scanned. Thanks to our smartphone cameras that are so good nowadays.

Scanning documents from a smartphone's camera is not only cost-effective but also time-saving and highly useful. The mobile scanner app lets you capture information by snapping the image using your smartphone camera. This frees you to fetch and analyze important stuff whenever you want.

Now, the question is how do you select the best app among all the document scanning apps that can scan documents using your phone’s camera? We will make it quick and easy. If you are getting lost in a bunch of papers and want to organize them but still can’t find time to do that, we have a high-quality document scanner app that can make your work far easier.

ScannerLens app is the finest document scanning app that scan, save, and share any docs in JPG, PDF, or TXT formats with just a few taps. In this app review, we are going to have a look at this unique app through a detailed ScannerLens review.

“We want to empower users with productivity tools to better their lives.”

~ The Philosophy of AtlasV 
    The App Development Company Behind ScannerLens.

What is ScannerLens App?

The ScannerLens app is a camera scanner app available on iOS and iPadOS that converts a picture taken by your smartphone camera to PDF/JPG/TXT formats. It supports exporting scanned files to other applications or clouds.

ScannerLens App

Top Features of ScannerLens App

Here are the key features of the ScannerLens app

1. Finest Text Extraction With OCR Online

The camera scanner app furnishes a remarkably high identification accuracy of 95% using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. The high-end scanner gives you precise control over image correction, image resolution, and optical character recognition (OCR) for storing documents and repurposing documents.

ScannerLens App

2.  Scan Anything

Whether it's a paper document, whiteboard image, the ScannerLens app turns your iPhone/iPad into a portable scanner with which you can scan paper documents or photos into PDF/JPG/TXT formats as well. This is an important feature update for existing ScannerLens users who could export as PDF/JPG OR TXT, instead of both.

ScannerLens App

3.  Edit Documents

The ScannerLens app feels like a ready-to-use physical scanner that provides bitonal image processing automatically: blob removal and distortion correction, to get sharp and clear images anytime and anywhere.

4. Password Protection

You can assign a password/pin to your scanned document so that it will be saved from unauthorized access and only those who know the password can open the document.

ScannerLens App

5. Insert Signature

The intelligent document scanning app offers you two ways to scan your signatures - sign directly or sign on the paper then extract it.

ScannerLens App

6. User Experience

ScannerLens app offers an unparalleled user experience due to its high regard for users. For example, in developing  ScannerLens, the team has 1000+ users in about 25 scenarios pertaining to the app usage. They made sure that they've created a product that everyone can use easily for their study, work, and life.

7. Friendly UI Design For Color Vision Deficiency

The app has a friendly UI design for users with color vision deficiency – with filters and app design optimized for a better user experience.

8. Sort and Manage Archives

The document scanner app manages clear, archiving folders to different broad categories of folders. The PDF files can be sorted before exporting.

ScannerLens App

9. Quick Share

The mobile scanner app scans documents into clear & sharp image/PDF to email, fax, or print and save to the cloud.

ScannerLens App

What Makes ScannerLens the Best Document Scanner app?

ScannerLens app understands the importance of user experience and fills in the gap of features and utility in this aspect. The product team does research on users to find out the needs and improve the product -

1. While developing this Camera Scanner app, the team has interviewed 1000+ users in about 25 scenarios pertaining to the app usage.

2. They have also tested over 50 types of materials so that we can optimize the automatic scanning, suited for different materials of different textures and glare.

3. They repeated a scanning process 100+ times for various documents as part of machine learning, so that the automatic edge detection can be more accurate.

Hits and Strikes


  • Best paper scanner app to scan to pdf.
  • Supported formats - PDF/JPG or TXT
  • Light-weight document scanner app
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Friendly UI Design
  • Economical
  • High-quality scans
  • Great text recognition
  • OCR Online


  • Available on iOS devices only.

ScannerLens Ratings and Additional Information

ScannerLens App


The ScannerLens free download app is free to use. However, this paper scanner app contains in-app purchases to access the premium features of the app.

In-App Purchases -

Scanner Lens Pro
Weekly Scanner App Premium
Monthly Scanner App Premium
Scanner Lens Pro discount
Scanner Pro Monthly
Lifetime Scanner App Premium

ScannerLens App Easter Sale - Up to 80% OFF

The ScannerLens app is running an Easter day sale sitewide. You can save up to 80% off this Easter with the ScannerLens app. Unlock all features of ScannerLens at just USD1.99/mo billed yearly (USD23.99/year) (U.P. USD119.99/year),

The Easter day sale will start this week.

MAD Rating

Features- 4.5
Navigation- 4.5
Pricing- 4.5
Security- 4.5
UI/UX- 4.8

Our Verdict

ScannerLens app is a lightweight option for document scanner apps for iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. It converts your scanned documents and images to PDF/JPG or TXT format. In ScannerLens review, we found that this intelligent PDF scanner app for iOS is fast, stable, and speedy as compared to other scanning apps.

This ”little scanner in your pocket” is a highly recommended app for everyone who needs a portable document scanner. Although the free version seems to limit the features, the premium version removes this restriction. So, Download Free ScannerLens app to trim, enhance, and take pictures of whiteboards and documents and experience the next-gen scanning for free.

Do you have something amazing like the ScannerLens app? Our team will review your app and help you increase its outreach by presenting it in front of the right audience. You can get your app reviewed by us.

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