Popcornflix - Stream Movies and Shows for Free

With the Popcornflix app you can watch movies and TV shows of many genres such as comedy, action, and horror for free.

Updated on April 07, 2024
Popcornflix - Stream Movies and Shows for Free

Popcornflix is an app offering you a 100% free stream and that too legally! That means watch free movies and shows, and you do not have to get involved in the world of piracy anymore. The Popcornflix streaming app uses ads to make money. In return, you get to explore a huge range of movies and shows to stream and download for free.

The range includes a Hollywood collection of over 700 movies to stream anytime, anywhere! You don't even have to sign up or take any subscriptions to access the content. The Popcornflix free movies collection includes content genres such as Sci-FI, Comedy, Romance, Action, and more.

In this Popcornflix review, we are going to discuss important Popcornflix app features in detail. Moreover, we will also rate the app for your reference after analyzing its features, UI, navigation, and more.

An introduction to the Popcornflix streaming app

As mentioned above, Popcornflix is working as a free-of-charge alternative to top streaming apps such as Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus, and more. With its grip in over 60 countries, Popcornflix’s popularity is growing at a great speed. Before we rate the app, let’s discuss the features of the Popcornflix app.

In-depth features of Popcornflix

Moving further, let’s have a look at the amazing features of Popcornflix to understand its functions better.

1. Huge collection of free movies and shows

Popcornflix App Review

The app includes a huge range of movies and TV shows for the audience of different tastes. You can explore the Popcornflix streaming app to find movies of genres such as comedy, action, horror, and more. This ad-supported stream-free movies app is a perfect week-off companion for cinema lovers.

2. No login or subscriptions required

You do not need to waste time on sign-up processes to use this one of the best apps to watch free movies. The app also does not ask for any subscriptions to give you access to the content. Simply installing the app on your mobile phone is enough for you to unlock a world of free movies and shows from the collection of Popcornflix.

3. Use the app on multiple devices

Popcornflix App Review

Own an Apple device? Well, worry not, even you can use Popcornflix without having to jailbreak your precious device. The app is available for Android and iOS devices both. You just need to look for it in the respective app store or you can click on the links given at the end of this app review to find them. You can also use this app on your Smart TVs, Amazon, or XBOX.

4. Includes newest shows and movies

Popcornflix App Review

The Popcornflix APK keeps adding films and shows every day. So, you can always have access to the new shows and movies on your Smartphone. With new movies and shows every day, you never get out of the content to watch.

5. Available in more than 60 countries

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling or living outside of the US, the app is available in 60+ countries, including the US, India, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, and Germany, among others. The app is 100% free and legal everywhere.

Pros and Cons of the Popcornflix app

Just like its alternatives, it has a few bright sides and dark sides as well. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Includes free movies and shows of many genres
  • Available in 60+ countries
  • Usable on multiple devices including tablets, Smartphones, and Smart TVs
  • Releases new content daily


  • Includes ads
  • Not accessible to blind people

Other information for the Popcornflix app

Popcornflix App Review

MAD Ratings

Features- 4.6
Navigation- 4.7
UI/UX- 4.0
Security- 4.1

To conclude, we can once again talk about the most crucial feature this streaming app has to offer, which is, 100% free access to the streaming content. Apps such as Popcornflix not only help in reducing piracy but also make good content accessible to the audience that can not afford streaming services or theatres. 

However, due to only being dependent on ads for its earning, there are always a few things that these apps lack, like stunning UI, exclusive content, and more. If you are a developer and planning to develop an app of such kind, you should get your app reviewed once it's developed. It will help you in understanding the real potential of your mobile app in the real market.

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