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Updated on April 04, 2024 Review- Share Internet to Earn

Smartphones have enabled many ways of earning money. And, mobile apps have become one of the most reliable sources of passive income in the current era. Among such top apps to make money, also exists. So, we decided to draft an in-depth review to know this app better and to understan how this best earning app enables you to make money online.

In this review, we will go through the app's background, features, pros, and cons and then rate the app on the basis of various factors. So, if you are excited to know this one of the top money-making apps better, stay with us until the end of this review.

Background of

Karolis Toleikis founded the, one of the best passive income apps on Feb 15, 2021. The vision behind the launch of this best app to earn money is to empower its users by providing a tool to make passive income online. Since its inception, so far this one of the top money-earning apps has shown some great success in helping its users in making money.

Through surveys and internet sharing, users from several countries are able to leverage this one of the top apps to make money to make some extra income with super easy methods. These methods we will discuss below through the features of this app to make passive income online.

Features of the

Furthermore, we will list each and every feature of this one of the top money-making apps to know the app better. These features will also help us in concluding this IPRoyal Pawns app review with better accuracy. So, let’s dive into its features without further ado!

1. Earn by sharing your internet connection

best-paid survey apps

This legit app to make money allows you to make money in the simplest way possible. You can make money online by just sharing your internet connection with others. To start on this one of the top apps that make you money, you need to create an account first. Now, by sharing your WiFi or data connection with other users, you can create a legit source for your passive income online. Pawns, one of the top apps that make you money pays $0.20 per GB that you share with other users.

2. Attempt surveys across Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

best free survey apps that pay

Not only by sharing your internet, but you can also start passive income online with the help of this one of the top survey apps to make money. These surveys can be attempted on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows as well. There are regular surveys that you can attempt and in return, you get rewarded for each survey. Now, works just like other best-paid survey apps that you know of. After creating the account, you need to pick the survey you see available and are comfortable with, once you finish the survey and submit your answers, you become eligible for a reward depending on the survey’s conditions. 

3. Earn money through referrals as well

best-earning app

Apart from being one of the best free survey apps that pay, also has a referral program that you will find attractive. Once you refer the app and bring other users on board, the referral program allows you to earn 10% of every earning that users through your referrals make. This way, you ensure an extra source of passive income.

4. Earn $5 to $140 per month

IPRoyal Pawns review

The minimum amount that you can withdraw at once from this one of the best-paid survey apps is $5. So, you need to earn and wait until your minimum payout reaches $5 to withdraw the amount. The maximum amount that you can earn on this best-earning app is $140 per month. If you are wondering how to withdraw cash, the payment methods supported by this one of the top survey apps that pay are PayPal, Bitcoin, and virtual gift cards. 

Pros and cons of

Well, after going through the impressive features under this review, it remains to understand if there are any cons as well. So, let’s discuss the pros and cons of

Pros of

  • Easy-to-use
  • Every two weeks new countries are added
  • Allows sharing a large amount of internet connection
  • Attempt surveys for free
  • No ads are included
  • No hidden charges or in-app purchases

Cons of

  • Requires a fast internet connection
  • You have to keep the app remained open in the background to earn
  • Can not withdraw unless you have made $5 on the app
  • No direct withdrawals to banks

Additional features of

Additional features

MAD Rating

Features- 4.3
Navigation- 4.5
Security- 4.1
Pricing- 4.9

Wrapping up

Well, that is all for review that we wanted to share with you. This review helped us in understanding that is a great initiative but it has very few small gaps to fill. However, as a quick money-making solution, this legit app to make money is indeed perfect. With surveys being available more often and a lower limit to withdraw from this one of the best money-earning apps, will have greater compatibility with more users.

Lastly, we want to let you know that if you are a developer as well and reading this review for some motivation, you can also get your app reviewed by reaching out to us. It will help MobileAppDaily experts in analyzing your app better and accordingly, you might have the chance to get to know if your app has scope for improvements.

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