CamScanner App: Scan and Send Pdfs Easily

The CamScanner app allows its user to easily capture images or use already stored images and documents in the phone to create shareable pdf documents.

Updated on April 08, 2024
CamScanner App: Scan and Send Pdfs Easily

Pdf’s in itself are a very important form of documents. They present a universal way to store and communicate documents across a wide variety of machine configurations, operating systems and communication networks, without any font or other technical glitches. These documents are viewable on any display and printable on any modern printers. Pdf’ documents can include non-text entries as well and can also be made password-protected for security. Moreover, the pdf document format is accepted globally and helps transfer a large amount of information within a smaller file size. CamScanner has been developed as a one-stop solution to create pdfs easily, anywhere; and sharing them anytime, even on the go, using a smartphone. 

What is CamScanner app? 

We all are a part of a digital era, wherein all information, images, etc. can be shared digitally through a single click. But, with the plethora of device and platform options available; the document types may or may not adhere to every device requirement. As a result, the user may encounter syntax issues. Camscanner app enables a user to create, edit and save universal pdf’s by simply capturing an image of the document required.

Apart from creating pdf’s, the CamScanner also enables scan, save and archive of images anywhere anytime. Earlier, this process required heavy and intricate copier machines and accepted computer platforms. The CamScanner OCR (“optical character recognition”) allows users to scan a document and the mobile app can extract the words from the document and convert it into a Word or .txt file for editing. Thus, camscanner free app also allows creation of word doc copies of physical documents in a jiffy.  This digital transformation of the documents help in easy management and searching of the requisite documents.

best free pdf scanner app

In a  world wherein, businesses are no more limited to physical spaces, physical offices and physical documents; the best pdf scanner app has a prominent role to play. CamScanner is a must-have application for business entrepreneurs and employees as it helps to easily send scans to customers even when the designated person is out of the office. The free camscanner app ensures that a person is never out of options in terms of workshare.

Once the documents are created using the camera or the already stored images or apps, they cannot be just shared with the background noise, color imperfections, etc. Like a true-blue business tool, the CamScanner’s auto enhancing features ensure to  make the created PDF look clear and sharp, as if like a real copier-done job. Moreover, in camscanner app android and iOS versions, PDF generation is done completely offline and requires no internet connection. This helps to keep the documents safe as they are not required to be stored in some third-party servers. 

This camscanner app for iphone and androids saves your PDF file in history apart from the phone memory  and also in the list of recently used documents. Thus, all pdf’s that you create are easily managed within the requisite folders and can be easily  accessed thereafter within the CamScanner itself. Coming from developers with more than 9 years of experience in world-leading capabilities in OCR technology, hand-writing recognition, image- processing and artificial intelligence, this sure is the new way of scanning and creating pdfs and their editable versions.

How to Use CamScanner App?

CamScanner App  is a mobile application that allows easy scanning, saving and conversion of documents into pdf and .word formats as and when required. A desktop version for the same is also in the pipeline for later this year. The inculcates an easy to use clean interface to let the user to drp files to convert and to view the history and converted documents within the Camscanner itself. The simple process features the following steps:

  •  Open the CamScanner. Use options in the top bar to scan, click or choose photos from the ‘gallery’.
  • The interface includes 3 options : The first, ‘Create PDF’ tab shows the documents as well as the scans that can be included in the PDF to be created. The second tab of ‘Recent Files’  shows the documents and scans recently used by the CamScanner . The  third or ’History’ tab shows recently generated PDF files.
  • In the “Create PDF” tab, the user may choose the options button for additional options to create the document.
  • The “Generate PDF” button generates the final PDF file using the files in the first tab. The file generated in the Camscanner can then be easily shared to various other platforms and devices.

Features that Make the CamScanner App  Truly Unique..

Launched in 2011, the CamScanner is a futuristic PDF Scanner App that allows creation, saving and sharing of documents easily through a smartphone. It can thus help anyone and everyone including businesses, teachers, students, etc. who require to share documents. 

The Free Version 

  1. Free camscanner app for iphone and Androids

    It is a free camscanner app for iphone and Androids as the app does not include any subscription charges. The users are allowed to make unlimited scans, create as many documents as they want at no extra cost.

  2. Scanned Pdf’s

    The CameraScanner is a PDF Scanner App that allows the user to choose documents from their gallery as well as to scan or click a new photo to create the doc.

  3. Offline Availability

    CameraScanner does not require internet services to upload any documents to their servers. The files are stored in the app on the smartphone itself.

  4. Multiple Images

    CameraScanner allows pdf creation from scratch. These pdf’s could thus include multiple images or docs stored into a single PDF.

  5. File History is right there.

    CameraScanner maintains file history in the app itself for easy access by the user later.

  6. Image Editors

     At times the image clicked or scanned is not exactly what the user requires. CameraScanner includes in-built image editing and enhancement features to ensure that each included image looks great.There is an auto edge cropping feature that ensures all documents do not feature the unwanted backgrounds.

  7. Easy Shareability

     Once the docs get created, CameraScanner provides easy shareability options instantly using Email, etc.

  8. In-Between Docs

     CameraScanner allows the user to save documents in the process as well. Thus, if a user leaves a pdf creation mid-way; he or she may return some time later to complete the task. There is no need to start the task again from scratch.

Additional Features in the Paid Premium Version 

In the Premium Versions, the best pdf scanner app for android and iOS features include:

  • Higher quality scans with edit OCR option results and Book Scan(Android only) options. This is mostly useful for businesses and teachers and kids that require heavy text handling.
  • Enables the creation of  Doc Collages for multiple pages. 
  • The user can take a photo of a paper form and convert the photo to the Excel version as well.
  • The app’s premium version allows for +10GB cloud space and up to 40 extra collaborators
  • The premium version allows the app creator to Set a PDF password for confidential files and also share documents through password-protected links, with an expiration date for complete security and confidentiality.
  • CamScanner allows OCR translation into 60+ languages with additional 1000 free credits each month.
  • Allows documents to be exported as .txt files as well.
  • The app allows to edit each page of imported PDFs and make annotations and export multiple JPG/PDF files from the website with one click
  • The pdf scanner app iPhone features a special lock option.

free pdf scanner app

MAD Verdict: CamScanner App Review

Design- 4.8 stars
Usability- 4.8 stars
Features- 4.1 stars
Reliability- 4.4 stars

MAD rates- 4.6 stars

CameraScanner is a free pdf scanner app that allows the user to click an image or scan an image and then convert it into a Pdf document or an editable version in the form of a .docx Word document. With a simple, intuitive interface, easy creation and storing options as well as a robust conversion process algorithms; the best free pdf scanner app is a must-have for businesses and home users alike that work on the development and sharing of documents. Due to its high level of usability and productivity, this pdf scanner app android and iOS has been featured amongst the best email apps by MobileAppDaily. Apart from the CameraScanner App Review, there are many other insightful app reviews also featured on the App review section of MobileAppDaily.

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