Dropbox Paper: Keep Work Flow On the Go

With Dropbox Paper app, access work and collaborate with colleagues all from your phone or tablet.

Updated on April 04, 2024
Dropbox Paper: Keep Work Flow On the Go

The technology has zoomed past our expectations and we have got everything on our fingertips. However, there are certain things that need to be streamlined. Like you may have meeting notes, launch plans, and brainstorm ideas, but to put everything into one place seems to be a task.

To get to grips with such errands, we have got an excellent productivity app called Dropbox Paper. Dropbox is a popular file hosting service that was launched two years ago and since then, Dropbox has risen to such a height that it is often compared to Google Drive.

Dropbox paper app was launched with an aim to devise new ways to organize and collaborate teamwork from a remote place. And it’s this functionality brings it close to Google Drive.

Since it’s considered at par with Google drive, the note taking app was regularly updated with new features.

In this Dropbox Paper review, we will evaluate all its elements and check whether the note writing app is capable enough to go a long way in its journey of being one of the best productivity apps.

What is Dropbox Paper?

Dropbox Paper is a collaborative online workspace platform where all the team’s content can be brought together without any clutter. The files like videos, images, codes, and sounds can be managed effortlessly and that makes it a smart workplace for the professionals.

Creating and editing docs right from our smartphone was never that easy, but Dropbox paper can let you do it seamlessly. The note taking app also has an option to share the docs with the teammates. In case there are any comments on the doc, you will receive them in the notification center and reply as per the requirement.

One of the best functionalities about Dropbox, which also gives it an edge over Google Drive is its offline support. Even without an internet connection, you can create new docs, access, edit, and comment on them.

Dropbox Paper Features

Dropbox paper is a remarkable platform where you can quickly store, share, and sync files without any hindrance. The following are the notable features of the Dropbox app:

1. Easy Accessibility

The notes making app offers you to store your file in one place and you have all the freedom to access the files from anywhere. Once synced over other platforms, the docs can be accessed on a computer, phone, or even a tablet. Also, changes made on a file is synced across all the accounts.

For quick access of the folders, you can mark them with stars and the starred folders or the ones which are more frequently used will pop up at the top.

2. Centralized Content

You can bring your cloud content and the Microsoft office files in one place. It will save you time and effort from switching between apps. You can even include Slack, Zoom, and HelloSign directly in Dropbox.

After integrating all the platforms into one, you can set notification and can stay updated with a recent-activity view.

3. Desktop Support

The Dropbox Paper is a mobile note taking application, but you can sync the mobile content with that on your desktop. The app helps you to make your device a convenient place to organize all your work-related documents.

4. Smart Content Suggestion

Based on your Dropbox activity, the notes making app suggests the files that you most likely to work upon. The smart content suggestion system makes it uncomplicated for you to work and simplifies it to a great extent.

Also, the app suggests content and relevant files for the upcoming meetings, but for that, you will be required to integrate the calendar in the online note taking app.

MAD Verdict: Dropbox Paper Review

Dropbox Paper app is an acceptable collaborative online workspace for anyone who wants to create and edit documents away from the office. The app works absolutely fine and is complimented with a clean user interface. However, there are many things that can be integrated into the app.

If we compare it with Google Drive, Dropbox Paper has a long way to go. If we compare Dropbox with its app, you will find a huge empty space between the two. And even after its long existence, there is hardly any significant upgrade in the online note taking app. For instance, the absence of spell-checker doesn’t help it to qualify for word processing tasks.

With time, we expect the Paper app to be upgraded with added features and functionalities. But if anyone is fine with only creating and editing documents on a shared online workspace, Dropbox Paper is a decent option.

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