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Calcium App Review- A Reliable Healthcare Monitor

Pair Calcium app with healthcare trackers or manage records manually!

Updated on April 04, 2024
Calcium App Review- A Reliable Healthcare Monitor

The Healthcare sector across the globe has seen many innovations and improvements within the last few decades. These major changes include the increasing accessibility of healthcare services which has helped people in taking better care of themselves and their families. Today, we are living in a world where with the help of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), healthcare assistance has become easy to access from anywhere and anytime.

Calcium is also one of the top healthcare apps existing today. You can use Calcium APK and .ipa to store healthcare information securely, track symptoms, connect smart devices, and more.

In this blog, furthermore, we are discussing the in-depth Calcium review to help you in understanding if the app is worth your time or not. We will discuss features, pros, and cons, and rate the app from different perspectives in this Calcium review. So, if you find the topic interesting, stay with us until the end of this Calcium app review.

Background of the Calcium application

The Calcium app started its journey in 2018 and since its inception, the app is innovating the idea of staying fit and healthy. Terrence M. Ryan, CEO, and founder of the Calcium app teamed up with some of the best people from different professions and created the app. The calcium app has been honored by Crain’s Fast 50 and Inc. 500/5000 in the past.

Features of the Calcium app for Android and iOS 

Calcium health symptom tracker app focuses on assisting users with on-demand healthcare services. There are a few features that make this health & medical app the perfect pick existing in the industry. Let’s discuss its features to understand the Calcium app better.

1. Supports smart healthcare tools

Calcium app

Smart devices such as fitness trackers, glucose monitors, and more are supported by this fitness app to record blood pressure. You can connect these devices and monitor the patient data to store or share. Some devices that are supported by this medicine tracker are Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, Boltt, iHealth, and Lifetrak among others.

2. Add prescriptions to manage anytime

Calcium app

At any point in time, you can manage prescriptions and medication schedules with this app to track blood pressure. The app provides you options such as adding Medication schedules to receive alerts, saving prescriptions in the medical journal, and more. 

3. Sync eHealth records across multiple devices

Calcium app

With the Calcium blood pressure tracking app, you do not need to worry about losing your healthcare data. The device allows you to log in and retrieve data on other devices with the same account information that you used to save the data. That way, you do not lose access to your healthcare records even if your device is broken or lost. 

4. Do activities to meet your fitness goals

Calcium app

You can use Calcium as your personal health guide to participate in challenges that will make you fitter. From daily workouts to changing the diet, there are challenges included in the app to lead users towards a healthier lifestyle. Some challenges also focus on tracking your well-being with the help of smart devices to ensure that you are fit enough to carry on with your regular routines.

5. Track your symptoms smartly

Calcium app

Sometimes, it is crucial to keep a record of symptoms to find an accurate diagnosis. Thus, you can use the health symptom tracker to either manually enter symptoms or sync them with smart devices to record your symptoms like rising in temperature. The app will record these symptoms along with the date and time to ensure that you have an in-depth medical record.

6. Create and manage multiple health profiles

Calcium app

The Calcium app download allows you to add and manage multiple profiles within a single app. This way, you can add your family members to the app as well to keep a record of their healthcare documentation. It is also very easy to access, erase, or share documents from the app anytime you want.

Awards and nominations received by the Calcium app

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  • Three Best Practices For Leaders To Roll Out Covid-19 Employee Protocols In 2022 –
  • HealthChampion Reinforces Company’s Commitment to ‘Thinking Healthier’ with New Name, Calcium – Medical Device News Magazine
  • Health and Safety Training Doesn’t Have to Be Boring: Try These 3 Steps – Training Industry
  • HealthChampion Launches COVID-19 Vaccination Card Secure Upload – AI Thority
  • Built In Chicago: 50 Startups to Watch 2020 – Built-In Chicago
  • Health IT Trends In 2020: Some Thoughts From Leaders – Electronic Health Reporter

Pros and cons of the Calcium app for Android and iOS

Furthermore, we are shortlisting a few crucial pros and cons of the Calcium app to make this Calcium app review more accurate. 

Pros of the Calcium app

  • The app is free
  • Supports many brands of smart devices
  • Useful for patients and fitness enthusiasts 
  • Personalized user experience
  • Allows adding family members’ profiles
  • Partners with hospitals and surgery centers to offer better care if required

Cons of the Calcium app

  • Requires some UI modifications

Additional information for the Calcium review 

Additional information

MAD rating

Security- 4.7
Features- 4.6
User Interface- 4.3
Navigation- 4.4

Wrapping up

Calcium app download is indeed a choice you can make without thinking much as the app is offering all required features to help you in managing your health better. The app is designed to keep modern busier lifestyles in mind. Thus, features such as temperature tracker with smart devices, letting you share healthcare records easily, etc help you in saving time and accessing quick healthcare assistance. 

Well, that was all that we had wanted to share with you through this Calcium app review. Hopefully, you found the blog helpful. Now, if you are a developer and reading this blog to get inspired for your new app idea, you should also get your app reviewed once it’s done. It will help you in having expert insights that will eventually lead to making your app perfect for targeted market scenarios. We will see you with a new informative blog soon. Meanwhile, keep visiting and exploring MobileAppDaily!

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