HomePage: Contact List Networking & Messaging App

Keep your contacts up-to-date and sync them across all your devices with an all-in-one communication app - Go HomePage!

Updated on November 22, 2022
HomePage: Contact List Networking & Messaging  App

If someone switches his job or take a transfer to some other city, lost his phone, take a pause from social media, etc., we often miss touch with our near and dear ones including business people. With a change in life, jobs, school, careers, etc, staying connected is hard.

In this era, when we are so busy with our phones, tablets, social media, it is difficult to manage your contacts and keep them current across every device. So, if you are struggling to stay connected with your family, friends, and business contacts, and are looking to streamline your communication, the best contacts apps are a great way to help you out. 

So, today we have a groundbreaking app with us - HomePage. The best address book app that helps you stay connected, organized, and current with your contacts and connections across all gadgets and apps.

We've searched through both Google Play and the iOS App Store — here is the best contacts app we've found. Let’s get started with HomePage App Review exclusively with MobileAppDaily.

What is the HomePage App?

The HomePage App is a cloud-based smart contact list & all-in-one communication app that keeps your contacts in sync across all your email accounts, social media channels, and phone book ensuring that you never lose touch with your friends and family, regardless of how times change or how far apart you are. 

HomePage App: The Idea Behind

The HomePage app was created to connect everyone simply!

The Team - HomePage

The aim of creating this super cool app is to bring people on one platform so that they never lose a connection with one another, no matter what changes their life brings. 

To achieve this, the HomePage app was created by introducing the world’s first smart contact list; added automated messaging; included closed-group social media, and personalized QR code embedded with a profile picture is something that’s tough to find in a single app.

What does HomePage simply do?

The HomePage App helps you keep track of friends, family, and professional contacts while keeping your address book uncluttered.

Whether you’ve changed your number, your email, switch job, or social media accounts, this Smart Contact List app notifies everyone connected with you seamlessly more effectively, and efficiently.

Top USPs of HomePage App

After researching hundreds of apps of the same offerings, here are the key findings, that make HomePage App distinct from others.

  • Smart Contact List - Replacing the idea of the default contact list with the Smart Contact List
  • Smart messaging - Introduced Smart messaging to mark important messages or check others for follow up.
  • Wall - Closed Group Social Media for sharing pictures and videos with your connections.
  • MyCard - Sharing info via personalized QR codes including profile pictures.

Distinguished Features of HomePage App

HomePage app contains a bucket full of features that let you keep your contacts up to date and manage all your communications in one useful app. Here are the top features of the HomePage Review.

1. Contacts Manager

  • Merge contacts across all your networks. 
  • Contact information is updated instantly.
  • Connect with your contacts using your unique QR Code on your MyCard (Digital Business Card) directly.
  • All the contacts get real-time information updates (email addresses and phone numbers).

2. Connections

  • Share connections across all of your social channels.
  • Update your connections on information changes - email, phone number, social media links, photos, and videos you post on your Wall.

3. Text Messenger

  • All-in-one contact app to organize contacts and communications.
  • Add, modify, or remove conversations with Flag, Star feature from both your phone and recipient’s phone.

4. Network

  • Add/remove contacts as per your convenience. 
  • Enables business networking for co-workers, alumni, realtors, experts, classmates, and more.
  • Closed social network.
  • Stay connected to friends and family by sharing images and posts on your Wall.

Hits and Strikes 


  • Smart Contact List networking & message app.
  • Free contact app, keeps you connected.
  • The smart contact list helps you stay attached to your closed ones.
  • Faster and real-time access to information.
  • Data sync with cloud connectivity feature.
  • Share information instantly from anywhere.
  • Available on Android and iOS devices.


  • Design Flexibility
  • Rapid Notification and Integration


The HomePage app is free to download and free to use. The unique concept and useful features without pay, make this contact app outstand among all others. 

Additional Data and Ratings

HomePage App Review

MAD Verdict 

The HomePage app is a smart contact list app revolutionizing the way to communicate and stay connected with office co-workers, sales leads, personal connections, friends, and family. The app is completely free to use. And comes with lots of exciting features that allow you to effectively manage your contacts list smartly. If you are looking for a contact, social & message app all in one and don’t want to lose your connections, this app is good to go. Get the HomePage App Download now!

This is all about HomePage Review with MobileAppDaily, you can also get your app reviewed with us and help your app reach millions.

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