MagicPin App - Sell, Buy, and Trade Disney Pins

Disney lovers, a shout out to you! For all those Disney fans who love collecting Disney pins, we've got something really amazing for you.

Updated on August 23, 2021
MagicPin App - Sell, Buy, and Trade Disney Pins

If you’ve no idea what Disney pins are? They're small metal Disney-themed lapel pins featuring Disney characters, attractions, icons, events, and other elements. 

Disney pins are fun, which can be found in Disney parks, resorts, and movies. Collecting Disney pins is a favorite activity of Disney fans. But, how about if I tell you that you can create your own Disney pin? 

Yes, that’s possible. If you ever fantasized about creating your Disney World pins, we have an app for you, enabling you to do so. This app not only allows you to collect pins, but also gives you access to a digital marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade those pins.
MagicPin app is a pin trading app for Disney fanatics that lets you create your own Disney pin just by taking a snap. All you need to do is snap a picture, upload it to the dashboard, remove the background, and place it in the marketplace. 

This app is the best for pin collectors because of easy access and exceptional features that make it truly fun for all generations. I hope you'll continue reading to discover what makes the MagicPin App such an amazing pin collecting app. Let’s get started with the MagicPin app review, before hitting MagicPin Download.

What is the MagicPin app?

The world’s first Disney collectible pins trading app, MagicPin, lets you digitally digitize, organize, purchase, sell, trade, and exchange Disney pins online, as well as connect with peers who collect the same pins.  Developed by S&P Holbrook, the pin trading app is available on Android and iOS.


The app contains a dedicated Disney marketplace, which lets you as a pin collector to buy, sell and trade within the app. With digital pinboards, you can also display your Disney pin collection to potential buyers. Also, the pin collecting app allows you to connect with other users and do trades.

MagicPin's most prominent feature is its AI-driven database, which allows you to scan your pin and instantly access background information. After the pin is scanned, the user can add it to their virtual collection board and organize it according to their preferences.

Top Features of MagicPin App

MagicPin app is one of the best apps for Disney darlings, who love to collect the featured pins of their favorite superheroes, characters, monsters, villains, etc. If you are wondering what the Magic app does, then there are lots of amazing features that make the app stand out in the crowd.

1. Find New Pins & Collectibles with AI

On MagicPin, you can collect pins of your favorite characters, superheroes, monsters, and childhood movies. You can find more information about your pins by scanning them. Using artificial intelligence, the app draws data from scanned pins and stores it in a database. The magic of collecting pins can be enhanced by adding a name to the band pins.


2. Built-in Scanner to Scan and Trade

The process of pin trading is quite simple. Whenever you snap a photo, the pin is automatically cropped and any background image is removed. So, you get a neat, professional-looking collection pic as a result. The MagicPin marketplace allows users to list their scanned pins to connect with other local or out-of-state pin collectors. With this app, traders can perform credit card transactions quickly and easily.


3. Display your favorites with digital pinboards

There is a digital pinboard in the app, which allows you to create a separate space to showcase your collection to other pin collectors. Using this digital pinboard, Disney pins can be categorized to make your virtual collection more organized. You can arrange your pins based on the brand, movie, or character they represent.


4. Buy,  Sell, and Trade

This app allows pin collectors to create the ultimate pin collection by buying, selling, and trading pins via a dedicated marketplace. The Disney Pin Trading App allows you to purchase and sell Disney pins directly from the app. You can complete collections and sets by purchasing your pin collectibles. On MagicPin Marketplace, you can also view pins that users wish to sell or trade, so you can grow your collection.


5. Park Map

In Disney parks, you can use the map feature to connect with other users and trade pins



You can download the MagicPin app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free. It is a free app that lets you trade pins. However, In-app purchases are required to unlock premium features. 

Here's what's new!

Version - 1.2.0 - App Store
Aug 7, 2021
The new version has a new trade feature, which allows users to trade pins with each other.

Future Updates

MagicPin will continue evolving to provide the best user experience and will be adding new features like friendly collector competitions and much more.

Hits and Strikes


  • Find rarest Disney pins and grow your collection
  • Buy, sell or trade collectible pins
  • Auto-crop scanned images
  • Get information by scanning pins
  • Pins can be categorized by brand, movie, character type, etc.
  • Connect with users and discuss trades
  • Dedicated marketplace for pin trading
  • Easily display your collection on a digital pinboard
  • Swap and trade with collectors
  • Free pin collecting app
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Beautiful UI
  • Lightweight app


  • Additional features can be added

MagicPin Review, Ratings, and Additional Information

Additional Information

MAD Ratings 

Features- 4.5
Navigation- 4.8
Security- 4.8
UI- 4.5

Our Verdict 

With MagicPin, everyone who loves Disney can swap, trade, and acquire collectible pins. With this Disney pin checklist app, you'll get access to a dedicated marketplace for trading pins and finding the rarest pins you've been looking for. With the app's built-in scanner, you can quickly scan your pins and retrieve information about each pin automatically. 

One of the other cool features of MagicPin is its digital pinboard, which allows you to customize how you organize your pins. Moreover, you can also share knowledge with other collectors and exchange trade plans. Ultimately, MagicPin acts as a visa to enter the pin world of Disney. 

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