This New Copy-Paste Scam Can Empty Chrome Users’ Banks

This New Copy-Paste Scam Can Empty Chrome Users’ Banks

Date: June 26, 2024

Have you encountered an error message while exploring a website on Google Chrome? For your safety, do not follow its instructions.

The advancement of technology is not limited to the greater good of humanity. It also advances the technological capabilities of scammers, fraudsters, and spammers. In a recent revelation, a highly sophisticated scam has emerged that is difficult for the general user to identify and can cause serious harm to their devices or personal data. The Copy-Paste scam, a name that has gone viral globally in the tech community, has raised alarms across individuals and enterprises.

Cybersecurity experts have issued official notices, specifically to Google Chrome users, about the scam and its potential dangers. Proofpoint, a cybersecurity firm that hunts down such scams and fraudulent activities for public safety, found this scam and explained how to tackle it.

“Although the attack chain required significant user interaction to be successful, the social engineering was clever enough to present someone with what looks like a real problem and solution simultaneously. While this should raise red flags, the scam is sophisticated enough to deceive unsuspecting users into thinking they are solving a problem.” said a spokesperson from Proofpoint.

The scam works really smartly. It shows an error pop-up message when browsing websites on Google Chrome. The problem displayed comes with a quick solution fix, making users delusional about its authenticity. The Google Chrome logo adds to its visual authenticity. 

Google Chrome

The main game begins after pasting the pre-provided code into the PowerShell terminal or Windows Run dialogue box. After following the instructions, the scammers install malware into the system that triggers credential theft and fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions to leave a trail on your computer.

The danger lies in the financial damage caused due to the scam, which, if it lacks proof, can lead to the computer’s user paying fines or even facing a class action lawsuit. It can be mentally exhausting and financially draining. Proofpoint noted that TA571 and ClearFake were the creators and propagators of this Copy-Paste scam, which was first identified in March this year. These organizations are known worldwide for their high-volume spam and scam attacks. 

The only prevention available for now is early detection of scams and safer browsing practices like not sharing personal information on new websites. In case you have already become a victim, immediately remove access to the internet from the device. Then, scan your computer with certified Antivirus software to clean up the malware.

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