Meta AI App Launched For All Users In India

Meta AI App Launched For All Users In India

Date: June 24, 2024

Meta has finally launched a full-scale AI chatbot in India. This launch came much later after the Meta-exclusive features were launched in other countries.

Meta AI has been experiencing rapid growth worldwide owing to its deep integration with the world’s most used social media platforms. However, the Generative AI tool was not fully introduced in India due to the ongoing elections at that time. 

The company began testing the Meta AI’s response in India in April by gradually releasing a few features on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. The company is now launching a full version of Meta AI powered by the Llama 3 large language model. However, the AI tool is only available across India in English and does not support any native Indian language. Apart from making it available on the three social media platforms, Meta is also releasing its full version on the official Meta.ai website.

Meta AI’s capabilities are similar to that of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Perplexity, Anthropic’s Claude, and Google’s Gemini. Users can ask for recipe suggestions, workout plans, and much more through text prompts. On Instagram, the AI feature can provide reels to explore based on the search query, transforming the behavior-based timeline into a search-based timeline.

On Facebook, meta AI can provide more information about a post or explain it based on the user’s query. It can also show posts similar to the ones users come across based on their query. Users can also use Meta AI’s features by visiting its official website to plan trips, create work routines, and much more. The free version of Meta AI comes with an additional feature that generates images from text prompts. This makes the AI app advantageous over other AI chatbots as they require payment models.

“This is a new technology, and it may not always return the response we intend, which is the same for all generative AI systems. Since we launched, we’ve constantly released updates and improvements to our models, and we’re continuing to work on making them better,” a spokesperson told a tech media house about the recently launched AI app.

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