AI App Cracks UPSC Prelims Exam, Scores 170 Out Of 200

AI App Cracks UPSC Prelims Exam, Scores 170 Out Of 200

Date: June 18, 2024

In a shocking and impressive revelation, an AI-powered App, PadhAI, solved the UPSC prelims exam in just seven minutes, scoring 170 out of 200.

UPSC is considered one of the most prestigious entrance exams that brings out the most qualified, reputed officers in the public services sector. As per the UPSC IAS statistics of 2024, over 13 lakh applicants took the exam, of which only 0.2% qualify to become IAS officers. In 2024, the total number of vacancies stood at 1000, with all 24 services combined. This makes it one of the most exclusive positions to fill, attracting more candidates every year. 

Amid the rising competition of UPSC among humans, an AI app, PadhAI, has solved the UPSC prelims exam paper of 2024 in just seven minutes. The app made by former IITians has scored an impressive 170 out of 200 and ranked nationally in the top 10, if not in the 1st position. The general average score of over 13 lakh candidates remains under 100 out of 200.

The app took the exam in a public setting on Sunday, right after the UPSC preliminary exam was conducted. The AI app gave the exam under the invigilation of guests from the education sector, the UPSC community, and media professionals at Delhi The Lalit Hotel. The official media release claims the app took only seven minutes to solve the exam. The event was also live-streamed on livestream.padhai.ai and YouTube, and the questions-answers were made publicly available to all viewers. 

"This is the highest score achieved in the last 10 years of UPSC exams. We believe that while our event is first of its kind, in a few years, such events will become commonplace as several educational institutions race to solve papers quickly and precisely with AIs," PadhAI's CEO Karttikeya Mangalam said. PadhAI’s UPSC exam performance was compared with the other big tech AI products from Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI, which could not match it by huge margins.

PadhAI is not here to degrade the value of UPSC exams or of the existing coaching centers that help millions of candidates prepare every year. It comes as an AI X Education app for UPSC preparation, and is available for free on Google Play Store. The application aims to help candidates prepare better for the UPSC entrance exam, and the later interview stages by providing news summaries, smart PYQ search, doubt clarification, interactive answer explanations, book summary.

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