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Mobile App Marketing Campaigns to Boost User Retention in 2023

These mobile app marketing campaigns can help you boost user retention and gain competitive advantage.

mobile app marketing campaigns

The mobile app market can easily be considered one of the fastest booming markets ever. And with all the tech changes that occur in this industry, the habits of app users evolve in parallel. In such scenarios, it becomes a necessity to use app marketing strategies that are going to keep the potential app user excited about your apps. How do we frame such mobile app marketing plans? We will discuss that further in this blog. But first, let’s have a look at a few app development industry statistics that are super relevant for any app user retention campaigns.

Crucial statistics for mobile app marketing campaigns

These statistics are crucial to understanding to make effective mobile app marketing plans. However, it is also important to understand that apart from market statistics, there are other influencing factors as well that should be taken into account while coming up with mobile app retention strategies. We will discuss these factors later, let’s focus on the statistics that can be useful for retaining your active users. 

app marketing strategies

Factors affecting the app user retention campaigns

Before we proceed further and attempt to understand how to market an app successfully so the retention rate remains good, we need to talk about a few important factors that affect these retention rates at the first place. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

mobile app marketing strategy

Best app marketing campaigns to have competitive advantages

Well, it’s time to shortlist a few effective campaigns to market an app. The mobile app marketing campaigns for retention strategies that we are shortlisting further are based on what app industry leaders suggest. 

But it is undoubtedly a fact that each app development company has its own market scenarios and types of customers. Thus, it is important to customize app marketing ideas accordingly while using others’ successful campaigns as references. The fastest-growing tech companies recommend measuring average retention rates of your apps on the basis of day 1, day 7, and day 30 data. 

Additionally, the entire mobile app marketing strategy includes several factors that are essential for its success in boosting app retention statistics. These factors are -

mobile app marketing plan

Now, let’s begin this list of some of the leading mobile app marketing campaigns in the industry.

1. Rewarding users with in-app rewards

mobile app marketing campaigns for retention

One of the best mobile app marketing campaigns for retention that you will see in the app industry is rewarding users for using the app. These types of campaigns reward app users in several ways. For instance-

  • Rewarding users for using the app everyday
  • Users get rewarded for making purchases on the app
  • App users win games and get rewarded
  • In-app discounts are provided specifically to app users
  • Offering and extending free trials occasionally

Offering in-app rewards is an effective way to create the user  loyalty as it makes them return to your app for their needs. However, it also depends on how good these rewards that you offer are. 

Take an example of the Cred app. The app is used to pay credit card bills. However, every time you pay your credit card bill, you get rewarded with in-app coins. These coins can be used to unlock some in-app offers that will let you have discounts on several partner merchants of the app. Thus, as one of the best finance apps, Cred indeed has impressed a massive number of users that use credit cards regularly in the Indian market.

2. Providing users an onboarding tour

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An UserPilot report shows that 64% of the leading app developers use in-app onboarding tours to educate their new users. An onboarding campaign under any mobile app marketing strategy is done to take users through the entire app. This stage talks about the functionalities and features of the app and how users can leverage these features for their needs. This one of the leading mobile app marketing campaigns helps new users in understanding the app easily. This ultimately leads to facing less confusion and avoids users from getting irritated while exploring the new app.

3. Using referral campaigns to build trust

mobile app promotion strategies

Among popular retention campaigns, referral marketing is also used quite frequently by modern apps. The reason behind the popularity of this campaign is its ability to build trust in the mind of potential app users. Referral marketing is usually done by asking app users to recommend your app to their friends, connections, or family members. In return, app developers offer rewards to users who successfully bring new users to the app. Now, as the recommendation to use the app is coming from someone potential users already knew, it can positively impact the trust factor and give your app a kickstart in welcoming them. 

4. Getting in touch with users who left

how to market an app successfully

Apart from inviting new users and investing in the process of making them aware of the app, it is also a cost-effective method to focus on users who already know about your app. That way, your main focus will not be to optimize and invest in app marketing campaigns with the goal of targeting new users.

Drafting of app promotion ideas focused on bringing old users who already have uninstalled the app back saves money and time for developers. There are a couple of elements that are shortlisted to create such retention campaigns. For example, understanding the reason why these users might have left and offering them some rewards for rejoining the app. 

However, apart from rewarding such users, you can also try emails to reach out to them. Through these emails, app developers usually try to get feedback from the user to understand why they left in the first place. Apart from this, it also helps in reminding the user about your app and new updates that you have applied to your apps since they left.

5. Promoting personalized benefits through push notifications

how to market an app

Offering personalized benefits to users depending on their app usage behavior can be a key to increasing their satisfaction level. With the help of push notifications, you can remind your current app users about offers and benefits that you shortlist for them. However, you need to keep the frequency of your app push notifications to the limit as it can annoy users if you go overboard with them. To prove this statement, we can refer to a report by BusinessofApps. The report says that 3-6 push notifications in a week can annoy up to 40% of app users who will prefer disabling them or uninstalling the app. 

6. Promote your USPs in campaigns

app marketing

Your business USPs can help you in boosting your app retention rates if you use them wisely in-app marketing ideas. USPs help users in understanding how your app has features that other alternatives do not. However, to ensure you highlight your apps’ USPs clearly in front of the user, you need to ensure you remind them of USPs too often. For example, if you own one of the best grocery apps that can deliver groceries in ten minutes, you can remind of this feature of your app to your less active users once in a while. 

7. Using a feedback campaign to understand your app users

mobile app retention strategies

Feedback tools are used as one of the leading app marketing strategies to understand the pain points of average app users. These pain points, if taken care of, can leave positive impressions on the users’ minds. Asking for feedback makes users feel listened to, especially once you take feedback seriously and optimize your app accordingly. Also, in-app feedback tools can help you in attracting more new users with the help of positive feedback that you receive in the form of app ratings and positive reviews.

Key Takeaways

So, these were some of the leading retention campaigns that we shortlisted on the basis of what’s trending in the app market. Now, before we wind up this blog, let’s take a short look at a few points we discussed above.

  • Using in-app rewards to retain app users
  • Leveraging onboarding tours to guide users through the app
  • Leveraging referral campaigns for the trust-building process
  • Reaching out to users who have already uninstalled the app
  • Using push notifications to remind users of your apps’ USPs often
  • Promoting personalized benefits through push notifications
  • Collecting user feedback and optimizing the app accordingly

So, in the end, we hope these app marketing ideas will turn out to be useful for the growth of your apps. Now, to keep up with evolving tech market, we recommend you explore more in-depth blogs published on MobileAppDaily to keep up with trends like blockchain, IoT, AI, and more.

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