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Mega Trends Shaping The App Marketing in 2018

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mobile marketing published date 8th May, 2018 Twinkle Kalkandha

App Marketing Trends

Advancements in the digital arena are coming so fast that it seems a hard nut to crack to keep pace with these offerings. In case, the scenario seems identical, let me console you, you are not alone. You are among hundreds and thousands of marketers feeling the same. If you are one of the residents of the similar world, I personally welcome you to narrate a story that would help you be a pro at app marketing business.

It was in 2017 when there was a massive push in the digital marketing industry. The trends were changed and we were left with a detailed list of added jargons only to feed up those fancy words to our memory. The advent of the platforms like Google, Apple, and Facebook, the three prominent platforms that do affect the trends that shape the digital arena added more to this race. Some new players including Snapchat, Pinterest, and other major platforms used the methods (that I am going to explain further) to remain alive in the battle.

The parallel technology world was growing too giving a fair chance to the technologies like machine learning, data analytics, AR & VR and others to grow unexpectedly. Well, I am not going to cover that all in this single-write up. Maybe a post on social trends someday will do that needful. Today, let me focus on the trends that are shaping the digital marketing for 2018.

Artificial Intelligence A Whole New Machinery World

Artificial Intelligence has already started making the rounds in the technology landscape a few years ago. The ability of machines assisting you to your command is a fair example of how AR has penetrated in our daily life to assist us more prominently. Facebook bots are another example of the budding technology.

Artificial Intelligence

AR is believed to change the world in just a few years owing to the capabilities it holds. Machines assist users as they are fed with data to analyze customer behavior and serve the things they are looking for. Be it Facebook or the Google, everyone is utilizing the benefits of this technology.

Ad Formats To Become More Engaging

It is again because of advancement in AI that we have come to a step further from clickable ads. Yes, it is the arena where swipeable, flippable, foldable and spinnable ads are making their way into the digital arena. Artificial Intelligence is helping the marketers offer a whole new dimension to the users to explore the advertisements like never before.

Ad Format

With the advent of AI, marketers are getting smarter and so are the users. These interactive marketing services from the professionals are making it easier for even a passive watcher to be an active participant. The manners are changing and we are all getting addictive to the same.

Optimization To Lead The Way

Let me break the headlines into the pointers

  • Optimizing ad campaigns through apps to generate revenue

  • Running high quality ad creatives for different app campaigns

Let’s now get into the details

Optimizing campaigns has become the celebrated way for the marketers today. Achieving the revenue goals are very much important besides hitting right on the cost-per-install goal. None of the elements could be left behind to garner the result on its own. Facebook's app event optimization and Google's UAC (universal app campaigns) are thus important to add action and value to an ad campaign. With the same processing the app visibility gets enriched after a considerable time period.

Post-install conversion are going to be the trend in the marketing now. Coupled with exceptional tools including Moz and Google analytics for keyword targeting is going to be much more prominent in the times to come.

The Upcoming Growth in the Ad Monetization

“Freemium” app is not a new thing but its impact is sure to grow prominent now. Well, an ad inside an app surely impacts the app browsing experience of the users but not in the case when users are served with what they ask for. An add that brings a requirement that users are currently looking forward to is sure to get the pay per click for the advertiser. That sums up use of methods like in-app purchases and freemium app model in a way that it could fetch something of great value to the users.

Ad-based monetization is going be the big thing for the developers in 2018. In case, you are wishing to get the fair share of benefit, do invest some time to know the appropriate model that could enrich your particular ad campaign.

In 2018, developers’ efforts to focus on ad-based monetization will become a thing to ponder upon. Services like Facebook's Audience Manager and Google's AdSense will play the effective role in not only fetching the profit but also to monetizing the app. Targeted methods will also play the prominent role and amidst all this, the customer will always remain the asset for the marketers.

Twinkle Kalkandha

Twinkle Kalkandha

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