Best Content Curation Tools to Boost Your Content Strategy

These best content curation tools are shortlisted to ensure your overall content strategy is empowered through perks like automation, categorization, fast search, and more.
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April 03, 2023
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Content is the need of modern organizations but creating or finding the best content that can empower your business, is a task that requires the right help. As content curation is a time-consuming process, it is also ideal to use the right tool that can help you with your content curation requirements. So, in this blog, we decided to list down some of the best content curation tools so you can optimize your content curation strategy better.

List of the best content curation software

Furthermore, we will list down some of the leading and smart content curation software along with their features and links to use them. These online content curation apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS are useful if you want to fasten up the content selection process for your requirements. So, let’s have a look at the list without further ado!

This one of the best-known content curation tools can help you prepare and fasten up your productivity with the help of smart tools like automated content creation, easy collaborations, unlimited RSS feeds, presentable email newsletters, and more. 

The tool helps you find the best-targeted content for your requirements and optimizes it to make it look presentable and easy to understand. You can use for documents on competitor research, client memos, newsletters, recommendations, blog posts, and more.

Key features of

  • Get curated content within seconds
  • Comes with a smart and fast RSS reader
  • Provides automation of content generation as well
  • Convert links into a webpage and embed them easily
Explore, one of the top multi-purpose content curation tools:


If you are looking for simple major content curation software, ShareIt is the perfect option for you. The tool enables you to simply type a topic and search the internet for some amazing content recommendations that you might find useful for your requirements. Whether you are from the journalism industry or a tech company, ShareIt can help you fulfill your digital content requirements. 

Once you type a keyword, ShareIt provides you with a list of related blogs along with the data such as titles, links, and shareable links. You can open any link of your choice and land on the source content. 

Key features of ShareIt:

  • Find top articles related to your keyword
  • Get accessible or shareable links to your searches
  • Get additional data such as the time when the source blog was published
  • Provides support for native mobile apps as well
Explore ShareIt, one of the top content curation blogs:


This online content curator platform makes it easy to curate social media content and display feeds on your websites. The platform helps users pick content from top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter among others. The purpose of Flockler is to help users optimize their website feeds by displaying curated content and improving the overall time spent on webpages by visitors.

Key features of Flockler:

  • Target top social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.
  • Show feeds on one or multiple webpages
  • Works with websites, apps, and other such platforms
  • Comes with a 14-days free trial
Explore Flockler, one of the top content curation apps:


You can use this one of the top content curation tools for fail proof marketing strategies by improving the average user duration of your website. The platform allows you to integrate its features in a form of small magazine to your website or app so users can access the content directly from the page. In the list of content curation tools, Flipboard is a leading provider of real-time and latest news updates.

Key features of Flipboard:

  • Create magazines to display the latest news on your platform
  • Allows creating magazines with shareable content
  • Users can sign in with Google, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Includes a huge range of news categories
Explore Flipboard, one of the top content curation platforms:
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For statistical analysis and content recommendations on your preferred topics, Feedly is a perfect tool. It includes an AI that shortlists important statistical insights from sources like websites, blogs, newsletters, and the best social media management tools like Twitter. You can target and compare multiple keywords to find content recommendations along with the data such as their sources, priority, time of publication, and more.

Key features of Feedly:

  • The tool comes with a free enterprise trial
  • Over 15 million users trust this tool
  • Provides you with priority-based insights
  • You have the ability to train the curator's AI
Explore Feedly, one of the top online content curator platforms:


Another one of the top apps for content curation, Curata is the tool that curates content to help you avoid manual labor. Curata is capable of searching through the web to find content that will fit your requirements. 

You can train its AI with time and find the content according to your preferences from several sources. The platform also is capable of filtering out outdated content, duplicate content, or content that is not suitable for your target language.

Key features of Curata:

  • Capable of reviewing hundreds of articles, images, and videos in 20-minutes
  • Allows you to use your perspective to curate content
  • Supports seamless integration of CMS, Social Curation, and marketing automation
  • Publish the content with a single click
Explore Curata, one of the best multi-purpose content curation tools:


A platform that connects content creators with content curators, Triberr makes the process easier than ever before. Triberr imports content into streams from thousands of content creators so its users can share the content or display relevant content according to their requirements on their feeds. Triberr has over 60,000 tribes on the platform where you can contribute with the content and use their content to display on your preferred feeds.

Key features of Triberr:

  • Includes 60,000+ manageable tribes
  • Supports content swapping with tribemates to promote each other
  • Comes with separate content influencer data
  • Provides analytics with data like clicks and content shares
Explore Triberr, one of the top social media curation apps:

A platform used by over 8 million content curators, helps you extract and publish the content on your website from targeted sources. The advanced content curation engine targets and makes it easier for you to find the right content, helps you target the right platforms to publish the content, edits your posts easily, and makes it easy to publish your content. 

To find the content using this content curation technology, you can use your suggestions, explore bookmarks, copy-paste URLs of webpages, or optimize the content from fellow curators.

Key features of

  • Find content from any webpage under the bookmark database of
  • Use URLs of webpages to copy-paste them
  • Find pages hosted by to publish curated content or on your webpage
  • Use the tool to publish content on your socials
Explore, a smart content curation tool:


One of the top benefits of content curation tools is their ability to keep an eye on high-quality content. This best content curation software is also capable of doing the same. On this modern content curation technology, you will find millions of curated content every month to use. The content curation platform uses machine learning to recommend content and has something for everyone to use.

Key features of UpContent:

  • Analyzes millions of content monthly using machine learning
  • Allows you to automate your content strategy
  • Supports collaboration with third parties
  • Categorized into four paid plans
Explore UpContent, the leading content curation platform:


This one of the top apps for content curation is user-friendly. The tool creates a permanent library of the content you save and allows you to categorize your content with tags. The Premium Pocket subscription provides you with an ad-free experience with more customization such as premium fonts, full-text search, a permanent library of saves, and more. You can even listen to your shortlisted articles through the audio playback option on the platform.

Key features of Pocket:

  • Categorize saved articles with tags
  • Use audio playback to listen to articles
  • Customize font sizes and types
  • Create a permanent Pocket library with your saved content
Explore Pocket, a smart content curation software:
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Well, these were all the recommendations we wanted to introduce you to in this list of content curation tools. Each one of these options is loved by a huge number of content experts across the world. Whether to empower brands, provide information to readers, or create content for magazines, you can pick any of the above-mentioned options and build a leading content library.

Lastly, if you own one of the best-known content curation tools and believe we should list your product in this list of the best content curation software as well, just write to us and submit your product for our experts to review. It could be a chance for you to see your product among these top options.

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