How AI is Affecting Mobile Application Development?
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How AI is Affecting Mobile Application Development and Marketing?

Google’s $400 million acquisition in Deep Mind clearly highlights the significance of AI apps in our life.

How AI is Affecting Mobile Application Development and Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a well known and globally appreciated innovation. It opened the door to a new era of technology and introduced us to the whole new dimension of human-machine interaction.

Many tech giants are betting a lot of money in AI, including Google, who believes that  AI is the future of the tech world. With the introduction of the self-driving car, Google shown a glimpse of AI-driven future.

Having intelligent assistance with yourself, all the time in your smartphone is nothing less than a dream come true. Getting daily task done with the help of smart apps backed by intelligent assistance is impressive and awe-inspiring.

However, this AI feature of the app is not limited to digital assistance only. Most of the tech companies are using AI to ensure a more efficient and promising customer experience.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence refers to a machine or computer that is able to solve problems or complete tasks done by human using natural intelligence. The algorithms and technology are synchronized in a way that assists humans with intelligence to perform a simple task without being given an order.

In terms of mobile applications, AI provides a high-level of assistance to the user. AI is used by the companies in their app to engage the user in a meaningful way.

Impact of AI on Mobile Application Development and Marketing

AI technology, when combined with top mobile application trends in the industry, it results in fantastic assistance to the user in many aspects.

  • With the basic functionality of the app, AI provides additional features to the user, by collecting and storing the data from the user by analyzing the behavior of the user.
  • AI collects information about the user's location, recent contacts, and app interaction time. It further utilizes it to serve the user with better and specific assistance.
  • Many IT companies are strategically integrating AI with their top products to generate maximum revenue with satisfactory and user-friendly UI. It profits the business in terms of high user engagement and better involvement.
  • The AI-driven app collects all the information about the user daily and utilizes critical details to show or push the user-oriented contents regularly, which ultimately benefits the business. This also enhances the advertising.

Final Thought: AI Technology & Mobile App

The powerful combination of mobile app and AI will change the face of app development in the coming time. The increasing use of AI in mobile app development has proven how essential it is for the business growth and user engagement.

Siri from Apple, Google assistance, and Cortana from Microsoft are the leading example of trending mobile app technology with AI, allowing the world to get a sneak peek at the future.

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