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Facts About Intelligence AI customer service sector expected to save 8 billion USD annually by 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over many segments of the market. Currently, sectors like healthcare, defense, finance, banking, are all using AI for their services. As the adoption of AI grows with time, data scientists and AI developers are increasing in numbers.

One of the fun facts about AI is that AI is capable of providing a cumulative GDP growth of 1.2 percent per year. Moreover, overall expected GDP growth can reach up to 16 percent by 2030. 

Moving forward, we will discuss a few artificial intelligence facts in this article. These AI facts will throw some insight into current AI trends and their prospects. These facts will throw some light on the contribution top artificial intelligence companies are making in AI development regularly.

Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Further, we will discuss interesting AI facts. Some of these facts might be known to you; while some might still be unfamiliar to you. However, these facts which we will discuss are important for the AI industry. 

1. AI can deliver 16 percent Global GDP growth by 2030

Yes, this one of the top artificial intelligence interesting facts might sound shocking, but with the help of AI, many industries are blooming. It is expected that AI can deliver a cumulative growth of 1.2 percent Global GDP growth per year. There will be a number of elements to make it happen like the increased machinery workforce, smarter machines and delivery of better quality and quantity through AI implementation.

2. AI powered automotive market is expected to grow up to 35 percent by 2026

According to an estimation done by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Authority, autonomous vehicles could save 300 billion USD by 2025. These autonomous vehicles will reduce accidents and promote safe driving to do the same. One of the best artificial intelligence facts is that by 2030, 95- 98 percent of new vehicles will have AI technology.

3. AI is making Gaming Characters smarter

One of the most interesting facts about AI is that the Gaming industry is evolving with the help of AI. Many new game developers are using AI to enhance the gaming experience and to make gameplay more challenging. There are a few examples of such smart games like Alien: Isolation and Red dead Redemption 2. 

While playing Alien: Isolation, gamers have noticed that the Alien creature can learn the gameplay pattern of the player and use it to scare them. Moreover, RDR2 is capable of giving every Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) their lifestyle and story.

4. AI will improve Customer Service Experience

Some of the interesting AI facts shared by Juniper states that success rates of ai chatbot customer service will increase from 12 percent to 75 percent by 2022. However, in the banking sector, the same growth might touch up to 90 percent by 2022. AI implementation in customer service can also result in a saving of up to 8 billion USD per Annum by 2022.

5. Robot Journalism is going to replace the traditional journalism

One of the most interesting facts about artificial intelligence is that AI has given the capability to robots to perform journalism activities. The media sector is evolving and trying to use Robots to generate news. 

There have been a few events where Robot journalism has already taken place. For example, a robot created a report on the earthquake in California. The AI-supported Robo did it for the Los Angeles Times.

6. Stronger User Personalization with AI algorithms

Whenever we have to discuss artificial intelligence facts, we can not ignore AI’s contribution to the app industry. AI is supporting mobile apps and websites in creating a personalized experience for users. 

In other words, AI can track the preferences of the users including their browsing history or product choice. Accordingly, it can bring related recommendations on the top and display them to the user. It makes finding products and services easier for the user also, and enhances the customer experience.

7. Your Pet AI can be an emotional companion as well

Pet bots are being a part of the new AI-based trend for people who want to have a virtual pet companion. These pets are available in the emulator or software form. Moreover, some tech companies have started selling a few types of pet robots with AI intelligence. 

These pets can react in many ways similar to real animals. One of the best fun facts about AI in pet robots is that experts are working on integrating emotions in them. Soon, these pet robots will be able to sense the emotions of the user and react accordingly.

8. AI can detect the emotion of a person

Even though this part is still in the developing stage, still, the current version of Artificial intelligence is smart enough to read body language and characters to detect emotions. Data scientists are tirelessly working to make AI capable enough of offering emotional support to those who need it. Ultimately, when developed enough, it might help people in expressing themselves more and reducing suicide rates. 

For example, Expper Tech’s AI robot named “Robin” provides emotional support to children going through medical treatments. There were a few trials of Robin conducted at Wigmore Medical Pediatric Clinic in Armenia. Robin successfully reduced the stress level up to 34 percent in 120 kids. Moreover, Robin also improved the happiness level of those kids up to 26 percent by playing games, talking to them, etc. 

9. AI is capable of monitoring system healths and predicting possible malfunctions

One of the best facts of artificial intelligence is that modern AI has the capability of monitoring the health of hardware and software to avoid any possible malfunctions. It can either work on these possible anomalies itself, or it can generate a report to alert the administration before it is too late.

 10. Nautilus can predict future

Currently, Nautilus has a home at the University of Illinois. The supercomputer has a total processing power of 8.2 teraflops and it reads events and news to calculate the possible outcome. In the past, It has predicted the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden after going through 100 million news bulletins. Eventually, that resulted in Bin Laden’s assassination.

Bonus Statistics

Apart from the facts mentioned above, there are a few fun things AI is capable of doing apart from just calculations and technical works. Modern AI can use creative data and create multiple forms of Arts, Stories, and Games.

11. AI is now writing fiction stories

Spooky, right? Wait until you know that not a human but an AI author named Shelley wrote this. One of the fun facts of artificial intelligence is that it is now capable of writing stories if it is fed with enough tales of any genre. Shelley, who can write chilling horror stories, is a perfect example for the same. Shelley started writing a series of spooky stories after she was fed with hundreds of horror stories by its creator.

12. You can teach AI to paint

In a few cases, AI systems have created paintings with the data they learned from their creators. In one incident, a Paris based art collective called Obvious created a painting named “The Portrait of Edmond Belamy”. The AI which produced this artwork studied an algorithm of 15,000 portraits painted from the 14th Century to 20th Century.

Key TakeAways

Before we end the discussion, let’s summarize these artificial intelligence interesting facts to revise them.

  • AI can lead towards a global GDP growth of 16 percent by 2030;
  • Automotive sector with AI might see a growth up to 35 percent by 2026;
  • Games like Red Dead Redemption Part-2 have used AI to make secondary characters smarter;
  • AI will save 8 billion USD per annum by 2022 for the Customer Service Sector;
  • Nautilus, an AI supercomputer calculated and predicted Bin Laden’s whereabouts. It used 100 million news bulletins to make such prediction;
  • AI pets as emotional companions are gaining popularity;
  • An AI author named Shelley is already writing stories.

AI has a great future. With time, AI is ready to get integrated into various market segments. Soon, AI will be an emotional companion, driver, or maybe even a chef. In short, we will have an advanced AI not only dedicated to heavier tasks, but for our day-to-day needs as well. 

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