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Cloud Driven Mobile Application Works The unlimited space provided by the cloud apps makes them a favorable pick by the business houses.

A cloud-driven application is a service that runs on the server instead of the device. A cloud app serves the same features and characteristics as the real desktop or device app but saves all the data in the cloud storage. With its wide array of applications in the app development process, cloud services have many advantages and pave the way for unlimited storage.

Due to devices with different screen resolutions and platforms, there is a need to develop an app which is based on cross-platform. However, it requires a lot of work and detailed knowledge of codes. And here comes the role of cloud storage. Cloud apps solve the problem catering to different devices or platforms. As the app is operated from the server, there is no space required on the device.

How to Develop a Cloud App

To create well-designed infrastructure for a cloud app, a tool named Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAPs) can be used. MEPA consists of all the services and products that are required in mobile application development.

This tool ensures that the data sent from the server to the device fits the device screen resolution and is compatible with the platform. All devices are able to use the app over the server without any hindrance.

It also has an authentication tool that goes into the device and helps in wiping out the data in case of device loss. HTML5 and Hybrid mobile app development are also used to create the cloud storage app which allows diverse attributes to an extreme extent.

Advantages of using Cloud Application

The following are the benefits that come packed with cloud applications:

  • The secured system mobile devices can be allowed to access powerful end-business apps.
  • Mobile phones can also be added to the reliable devices in business work.
  • The cloud apps make many other apps available for the users in an organization.
  • Cloud app makes the working infrastructure simpler and reduces the app space on a device that results in optimum performance of the device.
  • Besides, cloud apps also provide services to some extent, even in the no internet situation.

Cloud apps are much smarter and reliable nowadays. It is one of the top mobile application trends in the industry, which is a way more secure and efficient as it runs on the server.

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