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Know Growth Hacking For Your Mobile App To Increase Downloads

Boost up your app installs

mobile marketing published date 4th June, 2018 Joshua Anderson

Growth Hacking for Mobile App

A smartphone app is very advantageous for your business irrespective of its size as it gives an easy way to showcase your products and services to your customers. Apps for your mobile device have the benefit of using features of mobile device such as camera, accelerometer, compass and GPS to name a few. There are many people who think that once the app is developed, the work is over, but in reality there is a need to invest time and money into the marketing of your app so as to make sure that more and more people know about your mobile app.

If you want to make sure that the marketing you are following is giving some amazing results then don't forget to follow the listed below growth hacking for your app:

Opt For The Well-Designed Website

Building a website is a very important part of the marketing. This is because a strong web presence is the best way for generating initial user traffic. Hence, your app website should be very impressive and this factor can be accomplished only when your web presence has some important elements, which includes:

  • The name and logo of your app should be there, which helps you to increase the recognition.
  • Explain the features of your app so as to make it compelling.
  • Include call to action
  • Put some positive reviews

In addition, there should be a good blog section on your site to engage your users and tell them to use the app.

Conduct App Store Optimization

ASO is divided into textual and visual parts. For the textual optimization, there is a need to pay attention on the name, description as well as keywords and for this, you should research traffic and competition for keywords. In this regard, Sensor Tower is the best tool. On the other hand, “App name” field in the app store is viewed as keywords. Apple demolishes keyword stuffing and would not approve names with a lot of words in them. When it comes to description, make sure to create a long-lasting impression in the first five lines.

When it comes to visual optimization, people pay attention to screenshots but make sure to use them with some text description. In addition, mobile app preview video is also a very important factor, but should not be more than 30 seconds. In order to make it successful, describe a path which a user takes to use the main functions of the app.

Follow An In-App Referral Program

A good referral strategy can be made by including some important things, which means a reward should be given to the person making the referral and the one who is being referred. Lastly, ask users for referrals.

Handle Reviews Properly

Positive reviews are important for more downloads of your app, but when it comes to reviewing pop up, pay attention to some important things that are listed below:

  • You should ask when the user has completed the task and after its completion ask for a review. This way you are not interrupting the experience.
  • If someone is not satisfied with your app then give him an option and encourage him to send you the feedback directly. This way your negative comments will not be shown publicly.

Proper marketing of your app is an indispensable part of it success and people will pay for it only when they are aware of that app. Hence, all these growth hacking breakdown for your mobile app should not be ignored at any cost.

Joshua Anderson

Joshua Anderson

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