Zich App - A Community-based Personal Safety

An app to build a safer community!

Updated on October 28, 2021
Zich App - A Community-based Personal Safety

Today, with an overwhelming rate of crimes, personal safety measures have become a necessity of our regular lifestyles. From sexual harassment to robberies or even murder, crimes are unpredictable and anyone can become a victim. Thus, it is always a good idea to stay cautious, and the Zich app is a help that you can use. Zich app download connects you with a community of common people who can help each other during such a crisis. The app also has tools that can help you in your personal safety. To know more about the app, let’s move ahead towards its features.

From its founder- What is the Zich app?

Zich networking app was founded by Nilanjan Das in June 2021 to become a solution that connects people for each others’ safety. Now, this amazing personal safety app is growing and adapting technologies such as AI to become more reliable.

Zich is the world’s first community-based approach to personal safety. A platform that connects people with their communities and provides them with tools to help one another. An app that evolves with changing technology and leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to tackle every kind of physical abuse or mishap.

“Zich is a belief that we don’t need to rely on anyone to solve our problems. With the right tools - we can solve them ourselves.”

- Nilanjan Das, Founder of the Zich app

Features of Zich, a personal safety app

Furthermore, we will discuss some crucial features of the Zich app download to make this Zich review more accurate. 

1. Get a fake call to avoid stalkers or situations

Zich app

Often, it becomes handy to be on a call, especially if a stalker is following you or you are alone traveling in a cab late at night. The Get a Fake Call feature of this personal and women safety app can help you in pretending that there is someone on the other side who knows where you are. You can also customize the time of the fake call to receive it whenever you want. Helps you in avoiding boring meetings as well.

2. Share location automatically during emergencies

networking app

You can choose a few contacts to send SOS alerts to them automatically whenever you are in trouble. Moreover, the location tracking app also allows you to share locations with these trusted contacts and disable the location whenever you are safe again.

3. Send AV recordings automatically in emergency situations

The Zich app download allows you to have an extra layer of security. You can instantly send audio and video recordings to your trusted friends that you have preselected with one single tap or voice command. In the case of crimes such as robberies, this feature can be useful in identifying the criminal.

4. Send SOS alerts with voice commands

how to send emergency message on iPhone

It’s a premium feature but an amazing one. You can use voice commands either on Android or iOS devices to send SOS alerts to your contacts immediately. Moreover, you can also use these voice commands for other features like sending audios and videos, sharing locations, and more. 

5. Send customized emergency cards

family sharing app

Emergency Cards, another feature that needs some recognition in this Zich app review, is an extra pillar for your personal safety. It allows you to send customized Emergency Cards instantly to your trusted contacts so that they can understand the sensitivity of the situation. 

6. Different alerts for different situations

send SOS alerts

It is true that there can be different types of situations like you working in the office until late at night and leaving alone, or getting attacked by a robber. Thus, there are different types of colored alerts that you can send to people from the Zich app. The orange alert shows that the level of emergency is still lighter. But in very sensitive situations, red alerts are there to be used. You can send SOS alerts to people who are shortlisted into your circles.

7. Pricing

Although most of the features that we discussed in this Zich app review are free, there are a few features that you can get by unlocking the Premium segment of the Zich app download. Let’s have a look at its premium plans.

Zich app premium subscription costs







Pros and cons of the Zich women safety app

To ensure that this Zich review is the most accurate possible, we are shortlisting a few pros and cons of the Zich networking app.

Pros of the Zich networking app

  • Amazing SOS apps
  • Useful features like AV and location sharing
  • Uses AI to connect people with nearby responders

Cons of the Zich personal safety app

  • Voice command is a premium feature

Additional information for the Zich review

Additional information

MAD Rating

Pricing- 4.2
Features- 4.8
Security- 4.7
UI- 4.8

So, this is all for the Zich family sharing app review. Now, the features of this family sharing app explain that the app is an amazing idea for personal safety. And as much as its users will increase, it will surely contribute effectively to making the world a safer place to live. 

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