Wheres My Droid: Find Your Phone Effortlessly

Through this smart tracking app, protect your phone and add security to your device.

Updated on August 25, 2020
Wheres My Droid: Find Your Phone Effortlessly

Has it ever happened to you that you have forgotten where you kept your phone and got anxious while searching for it throughout the day to only realize the fact that your phone is on silent? Sometimes it is in front of you but still, you are not able to locate it. 

Sometimes you lose your phone while you’re in the market or somebody just snatches it away from you, and all your important information is at stake as it holds very private data and may be easily leaked if not protected with a strong security app. As per a study from Kensington, it was reported that 70 million phones are stolen every year and only 7 percent are recovered.

There are top-notch cell phone tracking apps available in the market and Wheres My Droid is one such application. The app not only helps you to track the cell phone’s location for free but also detects a theft and erases all your information if you ask it to. 

What is Wheres My Droid App?

Wheres My Droid is a tracking device that guards your phone against all possible threats after your device is stolen, or simply this rings up your phone if you are not able to find your device.

The tracking application has so far found 5,283,046 devices and even won an ample number of awards while serving 136 countries.

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Notable Features of Wheres My Droid App

The distinguishing attributes of this tracking application make it different from all the other tracking devices currently prevailing in the market, are all listed below:

  • GPS:  Allow this app to have access to your location and enable GPS on your phone so that the app is able to track cell phone’s location online without any problem and know where your device is.
  • GPS Flare: Enabling a GPS flare on the app asks your device to send out a location even on a low battery.
  • Ring Your Phone: If you forgot your phone somewhere, you can use this feature and hear the sound of your phone ringing.
  • Passcode: Add a passcode to open Wheres My Droid so that the settings of this application cannot be tempered by anyone.
  • Sim Monitor: The app will send you alerts once someone changes your sim.
  • Camera Settings: Allow this application to have camera access so that the app can take pictures of a person who adds a wrong passcode and save it, you can also demand a picture anytime.
  • Wipe Setup: All your personal information can be wiped from your phone to avoid any leakage of your personal information once your device has been stolen.
  • Uninstall setup: If you choose this option, the app can never be uninstalled from your device. 
  • Passive Location: The app continues to update your location throughout the day so that you are aware of where your device has traveled throughout the day.
  • Geofencing: You can trigger an action when your device is traveling somewhere outside of the allocated area.

If you have ever lost your phone somewhere around or your phone has been stolen, these features enable you to protect your phone wisely and keep all your data safe and extremely secure.

How To Use Wheres My Droid?

Setting up this application is easy and user-friendly, below is a detailed guide on how to use this application:

Step 1: Install Wheres My Droid from the Google Play Store.
Step 2: Open the app and a pop-up will appear in front of you on how to use this application.
Step 3: Click on “ok” and different sections will appear to set up all your device-related information.
Step 4: Click on any one of the sections for example (GPS setup) and enable it while typing the attention word that will appear on your email’s subject.

After setting up every section, the application will start taking care of your phone and help you ring upon your device if lost and erase all your stored information if stolen.

Do You Need An App Like Wheres My Droid?

Still, trying to find an answer to questions like ‘How to locate a lost cell phone?’

Well here is Wheres My Droid a very helpful application that helps you protect your device if it is stolen and track your lost phone.

After you set up every section on this application you can get every little information about your lost or stolen device whenever you want to get one. If you ever lose your device with Wheres My Droid installed on your phone then you don't need to worry as your personal data is safe.

Is Wheres My Droid App free?

Wheres My Droid is an application that puts your phone’s security first and is free to use, however, there are certain features that can be unlocked and comes with a charge of 99¢/ monthly or you can buy their annual subscription which costs $8.99.

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MAD Verdict: Wheres My Droid App Review

Protecting your device is very important as our whole world is centered around phones now, we rely on our phones for every little thing like calling someone, taking pictures, ordering food and whatnot.

Not only this, Phones hold our very personal data which can be widely misused if someone decides to open your phone in an unethical manner.

Phones are stolen very often and your personal information is misused in a variety of ways by such thieves. With a cell phone tracker app like Wheres My Droid, protecting your phone can be very easy and manageable.

The app is very easy to use and asks for the setup of every section like (ring setup, camera setup, wipe setup, etc) of your phone and makes you write an “attention word” for every section. If your device is tempered by someone an attention word can be sent to your mail instantly to make you aware of your device.

Wheres My Droid can also be used and controlled online at wheresmydroid.com. The app is designed to help you find your phone’s location by number.

There’s so much to explore in the mobile app world and we try our best to deliver the high-quality content for the app industry, for more such in-depth app reviews subscribe to MobileAppDaily. Let us know how you liked this app review in the comment section down below! 

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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