IPVanish: For a safer & private internet browsing

A powerful VPN application to safeguard user data and protect from malicious hackers.

Updated on November 10, 2023
IPVanish: For a safer & private internet browsing

Online privacy and protection of data have become one of the most crucial conversations of our times. Businesses across the world are turning to online platforms to connect with their users and people too, have embraced digital as a part of their constantly growing world. This growth comes with a significant increase in the growth of data that we as users give out to websites, browsers, applications, and organizations. 
Although the data collected by companies is majorly used to improve and customize their offerings on the basis of your preferences, there are still malicious hackers looking to steal personal information for their own gain. This IPVanish VPN review covers all important features, price models and use of this popular security app. 
Unencrypted data is an easy target. Wireless networks especially Public wifi connections are more vulnerable. Devices accessing these networks could fall prey to hackers.  
This is where VPN (Virtual Private Network) comes to the rescue. VPN's aim is to make browsing the internet a private and safer experience. IPVanish app offers the solution to this problem of online security.  

What is a VPN and how does the IPVanish app work?

VPN or virtual private network adds a layer of privacy and security for your internet. It encrypts your connection and hides you from spying eyes. A VPN routes your data through remote servers and scrambles it to make it absolutely untraceable.

If you are wondering how to maintain online privacy? Then the simple and the easiest way to do that is by using a virtual private network.

A successful VPM aims to: 

  • Provide security
  • Make the connection discreet and untraceable
  • Hide or change IP addresses
  • Assist in viewing online results of a different geographical location. 

Even your Internet service provider will not be able to gather and sell your personal data when you use a virtual private network to browse the internet. 

It is true that sometimes VPN itself can view your activities and hence it is important to go for a trusted VPN provider. Free VPN services can sometimes have questionable credibility. 

IPVanish has established a market reputation for being secure and absolutely discreet. They have been providing a secure environment for surfing through the internet for more than 8 years now.

Our IPvanish review is based on the authenticity of the service, their support service, user reviews, and the numerous offerings.

What does the IPVanish app have to offer?

The application offers the following security and privacy features.

No activity logs are recorded by the app ~ They don't save your browsing history or any data for that matter.

They offer 24*7 customer support to all their customers ~ Adding to the convenience, they offer support through multiple channels including email, phone & in-app live chat.

Great network security ~ It is present in 75 countries with more than 40,000 shared IP addresses & 1400+ VPN servers worldwide. The widespread network of the app makes it that much secure. Your network can be distributed through a random location and make it virtually invisible.


Unlike other VPN service providers who rent hardware from third parties, IPVanish directly owns all of its servers, giving them more network access control and giving you stronger security.

Encrypted connections for multiple devices ~ With one paid account, you can encrypt connections for 10 devices simultaneously.

Advanced encryption standard (AES) ~ The IPVanish app uses AES-256, a cipher algorithm that enables safe and secure activities online.

The 256 bit encryption is one of the most secure encryption right now and it is used in most protocols, security algorithms and technologies including SSL and AES.

30-day money back guarantee ~ The company clearly has confidence in its services because it gives a 30 day pay back guarantee to all its users post IPVanish app download.

Multi platform availability ~ IPvanish works well with iOS, android, Windows and Mac. Also available for all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Linux, Chromebook etc.

The IPVanish vpn app review by users also authenticates the legitimacy and quick setup of the application.

IPVanish offers the following pricing options

There are 3 plans to choose from. Divided into different timelines-  

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • 1 year


A great part about paying for this reliable VPN is the 30 day money back guarantee that comes with the IPVanish vpn app. Each payment plan comes with all features.

The features combined with reasonable pricing are the reasons for its high ranking in the best vpn app list.

Where does it stand in terms of network security & privacy?

IPVanish app puts special focus on the security and user's privacy. The following pointers highlight some ways in which the app stands out in providing secure network access.

The use of OpenVPN

There are many methods of creating a VPN but an OpenVPN protocol is known for speed and performance. 
Being open source essentially means that people across the world have fixed potential vulnerabilities of the code and made it the best that it can be; a very reliable vpn service that delivers in all aspects.

Advanced-standard encryption (AES-256)

The use of AES-256 encryption makes the data very safe. It is the highest quality encryption present in the market right now.

IPv6 leak protection

Another added feature to ensure greater security is the use of IPv6 leak protection. 
Through the use of IPv6 leak protection, the IPv6 traffic is disabled while connected to the VPN and ensures that there is no IPv6 traffic leak to your Internet connection.

IPSec & L2TP support, an added option

Along with OpenSourceVPN, the app also has options for other protocols like IPSec & L2TP.

IPSec is basically used to encrypt IP packets  for transportation. It helps to mask information when in transit and provides the framework for secure travel.

L2TP or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol creates tunnels for the data to transfer. It combines with IPSec to ensure data is safely transported from one device to another.

This legacy support is available with the app, however this isn't as fast as OpenVPN.

IPVanish vpn app is a Zero Log service

They don't record any data of connection, activity or traffic. This is an important feature to build trust with users and give them complete anonymity while surfing the internet.

IPVanish app and streaming services

A defining feature of any VPN provider is the ability to provide cross-border access. As VPN masks a user's IP address, it is possible to convey a different address to a website or app.

Applications like  Netflix provide content based on the location of the user. IPVanish review proved that it is possible to access Netflix of your home country while visiting a different continent or geographical location.

Even though this is true for now, it might change in the future as VPN and streaming services are constantly consumed in a catch up dance.

A streaming service blocks VPN access and the VPN finds a way to bypass it and this cycle goes on and on.

MAD Verdict: IPVanish App review

Design- 4.2
Usability- 4.8
Features- 4.7
Reliability- 4.7

MAD rates - 4.6

  • Hits the right spots with privacy
  • Great network security 
  • Very fast support
  • Value for money


  • Design
  • No transparent audits

With the help of IPVanish, you can safeguard your online presence - emails, messages, browser history, online banking or any other data transfer. They make sure that the data goes through servers owned by them ensuring better safety and privacy. The amazing protection is a contrast with the old fashioned design which can use a slight upgrade to improve user experience. All in all IPVanish vpn review concludes that the app is a very reliable VPN that is great at protecting your data online & comes at a very reasonable price when compared with many other VPN providers. You can also get your app reviewed by MAD experts for a detailed breakdown of features and use.

Special attention has been given to ensure online security which IPVanish ensures with greater network access control and the options for using varying protocols.

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