Invstr App: Inspiring Investors

Since its inception, the Invstr app is ranked among the top-ranked finance apps in the Apple App Store.

Updated on November 04, 2022
Invstr App: Inspiring Investors

Everyone wants to make quick bucks, but sadly, quick money comes with great perils. However, investing in stocks is one way through which you can make your fortune in no time. Still and all, you need to have an investment plan before jumping into it with all your might.

Invstr app is one such investment guide that promises to make you an investor with all the tricks of the trade. Contrary to the general notion that investment needs a huge sum of money, the Invstr app allows you to start with as little as $1. Now, that sounds exciting.

 Kerim Derhalli, CEO & Co-founder of Invstr, states,

“We created Invstr to empower potential investors to overcome the primary barriers to entry when it comes to investing: a lack of knowledge and a lack of confidence. It's education and personalization that will be the key differentiator in empowering the younger generation of investors to take control of their financial futures. We believe that financial sustainability is just as important to the planet as environmental sustainability, which is why Invstr makes markets fun, exciting and social.”

To keep the user sparky, the app includes a Fantasy Finance game that gives you the flexibility of earning while learning. Then there is Invstr Fantasy League (IFL) leaderboard that can benefit you with monthly prizes. There is more to explore in the Invstr app that makes it one of the best investment apps. Let’s deep dive and get a gist of investing in stocks with our Invstr review.

About Invstr App

Invstr is an award-winning financial education and free investment app aimed at building the confidence of beginner investors in a fun, easy, and affordable way. Through gamification and personalization, Invstr members learn about investing, build both fantasy and real-world portfolios, and share insights with the social network built into the app.

Invstr aims to democratize investing by helping users of all ages build confidence, knowledge, and wealth through its three primary offerings:

  • Fantasy Finance: Leveraging the popularity of fantasy sports, Fantasy Finance allows users to pick stocks using data to build fantasy portfolios and compete with each other to claim real-world prizes and learn about investing in a fun and risk-free way.
  • Invstr Academy: Just added this month, Invstr Academy is an interactive and gamified learning experience that empowers total beginners to become confident investors through 80+ lessons on investing written in easy to understand language. 
  • Invstr Prime: Invstr’s brokerage account, Invstr Prime, enables users to start investing modest sums of money through fractional investing or buy partial shares of stocks to accumulate returns. 

The app was founded by Kerim Derhalli, an investment banking veteran with 35 years of experience. Individuals can use the app for free, or become an “Invstr Premium” member, which allows them full access to Invstr Academy, plus game-changing features in Fantasy Finance like double the trades and the ability to trade in private mode. 

Invstr App Review

How to Start With Invstr App?

Once you start, you are granted $1 million of virtual capital. With this money, you can open positions in the market in tranches of $50,000, $100,000, or $200,000. And the profit you make, you get to keep it with you.

On the other hand, if you lose, you can get that extra capital by playing more games or purchase more capital using in-app credits. To earn the credits, you need to complete some particular actions with the app and excel in the weekly Invstr leaderboards. The top three position holders in the leaderboard are rewarded with the extra credits.

In the Profile Scorecard of the stock market app, your Invstr level is ranked in the following order:

  • Apprentice
  • Novice
  • Analyst
  • Professional
  • Master
  • Expert
  • Guru

The better you do, the better your chances of moving upward in the Invstr level.

When you are ready to play the real game of investment, you can start it by investing from just $1 via fractional share trading of U.S. stocks. You only pay $0.99 commission when trading with part of a share, and from $2.99 onwards, you need to pay commission for the whole shares.

NOTE: All accounts of Invstr app are protected by SIPC (The Securities Investor Protection Corporation) against losses in cash and securities due to brokerage bankruptcy.

investr app review

What Makes Invstr App an Exceptional Pick for the Stock Market?

Invstr is one of the best investment apps for beginners that helps aspiring investors with the art of investing. You also get the chance to learn from the Invstr Academy and practice the honed skills by playing Fantasy Finance games.

The following are the features that you will find in the free investing app.

1. Invstr Academy

Before investing in stocks, you are advised to go through the 10-module interactive course of the Invstr Academy. The investment course takes you through the cycle of investing and the financial markets. It helps you gain a complete understanding of including stocks, financial markets, cryptos, and stock markets.

After you are done with the course, you have an option to test your knowledge by participating in the quizzes.

2. Fantasy Finance

You are good to play Fantasy Finance with $1M in virtual cash. There are various things that you can do in the game:

  • Trade socks to increase the portfolio’s value.
  • Earn a higher return on the investment to get a higher rank in the monthly Invstr Fantasy League.
  • Top 10 winners get a chance to win real cash prizes.
  • Rewards can unlock features.
  • Bite-sized stats help you make the right decisions.
  • You have the option to follow other players for tips.

3. The Premium Plan of Invstr App

If you venturesome and trust your gut feeling, you better go with the premium pack of Invstr app because you get game-changing features that you get in the free version of the app. At the start of every month, you get at least $1 million of virtual cash to invest, and you get access to all the 10 Academy modules

4. Private Leagues

You can start your private league and challenge others to a trade-off. Its setup is quick and is ideal for schools and investment clubs.

5. Market Monitoring

For a close track of the stock market, there are Glance Cards for each instrument. The Instrument Score of these Glance Cards is calculated from key signals and Invstr community-based sentiments.

There are Interactive Charts for global stocks, commodities, bonds, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and more. Besides, you also get personalized updates from more than 50 top financial publishers across the globe.

Invstr App Subscription Pricing & Terms

The app is free to download and use, but for the premium subscription plan, there is a price. For US users, the Invstr premium subscription plan costs $3.99 per month. The pricing may vary in other countries depending upon the exchange rate.

The additional features of the premium subscription plan include:

  • 10-module interactive investing course
  • Extra trades
  • An unlimited watchlist
  • Double XP
  • Flexible portfolio allocation
  • Technical analysis charts
  • Monthly capital insurance
  • Private trading mode

To cancel the auto-renew subscription, you need to turn off the plan at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You also have an option to turn off auto-renewal option from the iTunes setting, but you won’t get any refund for the term that might have been left.

investr app review

MAD Verdict: Invstr App Review

If you are looking for stock trading apps, we are sure that the Invstr app will excite you for sure. It’s intriguing features and fantastic UX has helped the app earn over 500,000 users and the app is among the top-ranked finance app in the Apple App Store.

Invstr app can help you in many ways; a few are listed below:

  • Decide on which instrument to invest in
  • Ways to trade the investment
  • Helps you keep track the stock market

The investment app is a must-try for beginners who wish to unravel the world of investment. The app not only gives insights into the stock market but will also help you to hone investing skills.

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