Viber: Where Chat Becomes Amusing

Viber application helps you to chat freely with high quality crystal clear voice calls.

Updated on April 05, 2024
Viber: Where Chat Becomes Amusing

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship but interacting is not always feasible which makes things a little complicated. 

Various companies try to bridge the gap between individuals and their loved ones who live far away from each other by using different and innovative calling and messaging applications but that’s not always enough.

Staying constantly in touch and keeping personal messages a secret is highly acknowledged. And with many secret texting applications emerging to stand out, we have an app for you that thinks out of the box while making your texts and calls secure, Viber.

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What is Viber Application?

Viber is a secure messaging and calling app which makes your texting experience steady. The app helps you in calling anywhere around the world with just a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection.

Owned by Japanese multinational company Rakuten, Viber has over 1 billion users and an endless range of features like GIFs, stickers, doodle messages and many more.

The app offers you to make free international calls, send text messages, interact on video calls, and create groups with people in your contact list.

Distinguished Features of Viber Application

Viber is a free calling application that has even elevated the user experience of sending text messages. Various other features have made this application user-friendly, like: 

  • Fun gifs: a Brand new collection of gifs from various extensions like Tenor, Youtube, vice and HD gif with Gfycat.
  • Send news and more: Send videos, game recommendation, location, news and much more without leaving Viber.
  • Search gif with sounds: Through TuneMoji you can search various gifs with sounds.
  • Secret chats: Chat secretly with your friends as this Viber texting app offers the option to self destruct your secret chats
  • Categories of stickers: Different bunch of stickers to choose from like The gang, Doper Animals.
  • Create your sticker: Select any picture from the gallery and start customizing to create your own sticker pack.
  • Have your own International number: Viber provides you a local number in another country that can receive calls and messages on Viber (chargeable).
  • Doodle: Go freehand to doodle your texts and customize your messages to make it a sticker.
  • Viber customer service: In the form of live chat, currently available in English only.

Costs Involved in Viber Application

Viber is unconfined but there are certain features of this app that are chargeable to make your user experience prompt, these priced categories are listed down below:

Variety of gifs are available on Viber, but there are a few trending gifs that cost:

  • Genie: $1.99
  • Real talk: $2.38
  • Truly madly deeply: $2.38

Viber Out service allows you to call home or abroad on landlines with low calling rates charged on a monthly basis:

  • $2.99/ Month for 200 minutes in India.
  • $3.99/ Month unlimited minutes in Australia.
  • $1.99/ Month unlimited minutes in the US.
  • $5.99/ Month for 70 minutes in Egypt.

Viber local number allows you to add a local number in another country to receive calls and messages to your Viber:

  • $6.04/ Month.

But, the app offers a great deal if the user opts for a 6-month subscription plan i.e. $28 for a duration of six months. This deal reduces the monthly plan to just $4.80 which can save you a couple of extra bucks. 

Note: You can cancel your subscription anytime and there are no additional costs or fees for incoming calls or Viber text messages.

Why Do You Need Viber Application?

Viber is the best messaging application made to enhance the messaging experience in an effortless way. It is colorful and packed with gaiety elements like gifs and stickers.

Local number service, option to create your own stickers and other exceptional features has helped Viber to make its mark and climb ladders in the app stores.

Claiming to have 100 percent user privacy, this application is a secure messaging app which means that no one from the Viber community can read your personal messages.

How To Go Ahead With Viber App?

Viber is not complicated to use and installing Viber on your phone is an easy task. Following are the instructions of how to use Viber:

  • Download Viber from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Accept terms and conditions and add your phone number to receive the OTP.
  • After entering the OTP, add other details like name and email id or simply log in through Facebook.
  • Allow Viber to read your call logs and get started by sending ‘Hi’ stickers or gifs to your contacts.
  • Invite your friends from contact on Viber.

You can select your contacts and start messaging. Chats on Viber are protected by Viber’s end to end encryption.

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MAD Verdict: Viber App Review

Viber is a free video call and messaging application that has new and exciting features that can easily glue its users and provide them with beneficial services that are unparalleled.

Its unique set of features consists of inbuilt Youtube, Vice, and other applications to send the latest news, videos or any new piece of information.

Other attributes like Shouts (send colorful messages), TuneMoji (search gifs with sounds) and playing different battles with your texting partners take an edge off. This application serves a lot to its users and proves to be 100 percent safe space that makes it a secure messaging application.

Characteristics of the Viber messaging app can prove to be a reliable deal for people to be in touch without a hefty amount of calling charges flinging on their shoulders.

Viber’s custom made gifs are fun to use while this secure messaging and calling app takes care of all your calling and text messaging needs which makes it the best messaging application one can use.

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