Vaultt App: Stay informed, organized & connected

Searching for the best data sharing app that helps you stay connected with your family and other caregivers? Vaultt is what you need.

Updated on November 25, 2020
Vaultt App: Stay informed, organized & connected

Data privacy has become a major issue since the tech boom. Much of our information and data is being stored digitally which has made it vulnerable to data security issues. 

With that being said, the need for data management and organization is increasingly relevant for most families. In this growing tech world, we have all shared some of our data online via some third-party applications, but how concerned are you about data security? 

Today, we have reviewed an iOS application Vaultt - that knocks out the threat of data theft with a tight punch while at the same time being extremely user-friendly. 

Let’s get started with an honest Vaultt app review.

What is a Vaultt App?

Vaultt is a fully encrypted information management and communication  application, that helps you manage, store, and share information. It is developed by Vaultit.Inc, and allows you on-demand access to crucial information within your circle of care.

What is a Vaultt App?

Why Vaultt?

There are many information management solutions on the market, but what makes Vaultt stand out? Vaultt was designed by caregivers for caregivers to help families, caregivers, and busy people store, organize and share important information with ease.

With some of the best features, this app is the most secure and innovative solution on the market.

Let’s take, for instance, you are a family of 6 comprising of elderly parents, your children, and spouse. Now, Vaultt helps you in the following ways:

  • You can share medical deails of your parents, if you are out of town and there is a medical emergency at home, without the risk of data theft.
  • You can organize schedules for your kids or for your parent’s medical appointments.
  • Notifications, reminders, and alerts are always there so that you never miss important dates.
  • You can securely scan and store important documents without any worries.
  • You can provide selective access to the other members of the family so that important information stays in your control.  

Unique Features of Vaultt App

  • Data organization: This app uses the most user-friendly layout for data organization and sharing that we have reviewed yet, you can control member access for each and every profile.

Data organization

  • Scheduling with the Vaultt Calendar and Tasks: You can assign tasks which makes it easy to organize schedules.

Scheduling with calenda

  • Data Security and Encryption: Data security is one of the most important features of Vaultt. It uses advanced cryptographic algorithms to secure sensitive personal data. Also, it uses end-to-end encryption for added security and improved protection while your data is on the move.

Data Security and Encryption

  • Private News Channel: The personal news channel gives you the freedom to send updates so that you can stay informed and connected while keeping it off of social media.

Personal channel

  • The built-in scanner on the go: Scan your important documents on the go, just open the Vaultt app and easily scan at the touch of a button.  

Hits and Strikes


  • Cryptographic data security algorithms.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Controlled access for every member of the family.
  • Calendars and tasking make collaboration easy.
  • Instant yet secure access to vital information.
  • Enhanced data privacy and confidentiality.


  • Currently only available on Apple App Store

Vaultt App Review


This Vaultt app is free to download and offers monthly or yearly subscriptions ranging from $5.99 to $94.99. The prices are reasonable and worth considering.

MAD Verdict

If security matters to you, then the Vaultt app is a must for your smartphone. It not only gives you easy data organization and communication but secure data organization and communication as well.

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