Journey: Create A Journal Of Your Memories

Journey app lets you connect with your own self and explore the joy of writing your emotions while covering all your life aspects

Updated on March 27, 2020
Journey: Create A Journal Of Your Memories

Life is all about having uncertain moments that can suddenly change your perspective about everything around you. You can experience events that can make you utterly happy or gloomy. Maybe, you get to know something interesting or a beautiful quote that touches your heart, but you don’t always have a pen and a paper to jot it down or can’t have the presence of your friends around to share your feelings and feel lighter. 

More importantly, expressing emotions can be therapeutic and it is not important to share it with someone, sometimes all you need is a warm comforting cup of coffee and a plain slate to vent everything that you have been hoarding inside you. And in such cases switching to maintaining a journal can prove to be a guiding force.

Why Should You Write a Journal?

Journaling dissolves all your skepticism and trains your brain to gain mindfulness. Know how writing journals can change your life:

Emotional Intelligence

Writing a journal evokes your self-awareness and makes you sensitive to the emotions of others and reconcile with people. You are more empathetic which allows you to understand things in a better may.

Self Discipline 

Writing is an exercise and it can instill a sense of responsibility in you. With daily practice, you can hold a strong grip on your language acquisition and find exclusive words that can add on to your vocabulary.

Healing Properties

Journal can work as a projection of your inner self and you are less hesitant to spill out words that you have been hiding for a while. And all your inner conflict can untangle itself while you are writing them out.

Thanks to technology, we have got mobile applications that can be your friend and prove to be a safe space and here we are talking about Journey. It’s one of the best Journaling apps that can mend your soul and unearth your hidden writing skills. Let’s dive into this app and explore its wide possibilities.

What is Journey App All About?

Maintain a journal with the Journey app and bring the experience of diary writing or journal into the digital world. The app allows you to be more creative while curating your daily life incidents, thoughts or learning by adding pictures and locations if you like.

With the help of the Journey app, you can ensure your journal lasts forever as it is stored in Google drive. Along with this, keeping your journal safe and private is much easier when you can carry it on your smartphone.

The app has won prestigious accolades like Google Editors' Choice 2016 - 2019, App of the Day 2019 by iOS App Store and iOS App Store Best New Update. 

What is Journey App All About

How to Use Journey Journaling App?

Journey allows you to be creative with your daily journal and motivates you to do better and develop a sense of belonging. Below are them mentioned ways of how to use Journey diary journal app on your phone:

  • Download and install the Journey app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Click on get started and add a passcode to protect your journal or click on skip.
  • Sign in from your Google account.
  • Choose WiFi or WiFi + cellular to allow synchronization.

After setting up your account on the Journey diary app you can access it for 7 days after which you will have to pay for a monthly or annual subscription to function on the app.

Key Features Of Journey, A Daily Diary Writing App

With an interactive and clean interface, you don't need to wait for the whole day to get home and start writing. Using the Journey app you can write anything on the go. Below are the listed features of the Journey online journaling app:

  • All your entries will be listed on the timeline of the app while you can search and reopen any journal to edit or read.
  • If you are a beginner and don’t know how to maintain a journal, the app provides a step by step guide to writing one.
  • To ensure the safety of your journal, the app asks you to keep a passcode and fingerprint every time you enter.
  • Meet your coach on the app and rejuvenate yourself with constant guidance and access to fresh written resources by top guides
  • Edit your journal with location, weather data, what were you doing, tag and date for a better improvisation of your writing experience.
  • To break the monotony, the app allows you to switch between dark and light mode.
  • View the entries by searching them on map
  • Inbuilt calendar for your journal
  • Publish your entries with your friends over social media

 The app also offers the feature to customize your journal for health, fitness, medical records, and other related entries. Use different writing styles and themes to make your personal journal look great.

Can This App Play An Essential Part In Your Life?

The app can play an integral part in your life and allow you to note down all your day-to-day activities in the most effective way so that you can relive the moments from the past, anytime. The journey app takes care of many things by itself, so you don't need to put any extra effort. 

Add date and time to your entry by itself while mentioning the weather conditions and featuring nearby locations. You can also share any of your journal memories with your friends over social media websites.

Journey app is designed to provide you a lot of faster ways to keep the records of days. Write all your daily incidents from meeting someone new to your personal moments. No more jotting down needed, just pick up your phone and start writing whenever you feel like.

Is Journey Journal App Free?

After installing the app, new users can access the app for 7 days which is completely free of cost. But the app comes with a price range which is listed down below:

  • Monthly membership costs $4.63
  • Buy annual membership for $25.58 which will cost $2.12 per month.
  • Choose a lifetime premium for $9.84 and use the app forever.

Your creativity is never at a stop if you choose to take a premium membership of this mobile application.

The downside of Journey App

There are little knick-knacks in everything we use on our daily bases. If achieving perfection was an easy option then what else would motivate people further?

Journey app has a couple of cons, but at the same time, it can be your partner that allows you to vent your every thought and emotion. Android users can rejoice as the app lets you share your created journal on social media but iOS users cannot take advantage of this feature.

Journey App vs. Day One App

To get a better idea of Journey App, let's compare this app with other trending journaling mobile application, One App:

  • Sync Across Devices: Journey app allows you to sync without having a subscription plan whereas One App requires a subscription to unlock this feature.
  • Different Variant Of Notes: Journey allows you to add voice notes, pictures and videos while writing your journal. Whereas, One App doesn’t support any such feature.
  • Theme: Journey App has dark and light modes to change the overall look of the app. While One App does not support any theme feature.

Although One App is one of the best apps for writing Journals, the Journey app has more features that can take out the true essence of writing a journal from within you.

Journey App Review

MAD Verdict: Journey App Review

Learning and incidents will never stop in life and change is the only constant. With the Journey app, embark on a path of self-improvement and reflection every day.

Journey app is one of the best journaling apps that will add a twist to your journal writing with added features that can help you write with efficiency. The app is instilled with major benefits that can promote a healthier mind, health, sleep and so forth.

 It constantly motivates you with quotes and reminds you to be grateful for things around you by writing three lines of gratitude. The app also provides you with daily topics that you can write on while guiding you about how to write perfect journals for your upheaval. 

Let us know your take about the Journey app in the comment section below. And read our detailed app reviews to know about various mobile applications.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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