Skillshare App - A Treasure of Knowledge

Learn new skills and hobbies with the Skillshare app today!

Updated on February 03, 2022
Skillshare App - A Treasure of Knowledge

More often, it happens that we love a kind of art like photography, drawing, or anything else- but we do not get to see outcomes as good as others have. And for that, someone’s guidance can do wonders. Because, to draw a perfect picture, there are tricks to adopt for a perfect texture, shape, and more.

Now, for the same, Skillshare courses come into the picture. The Skillshare app is a treasure of creative lessons for many skills. You can find the one that suits your hobby, and pursue it to enhance your skills.

Well, we are discussing the detailed Skillshare app review further, so you can understand why it is a good choice to use Skillshare. Apart from the Skillshare review, we will also rate it.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Skillshare online app - Introduction and history

This American company started its journey in 2010. The Skillshare free app has its headquarters in New York City, New York. Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong launched Skillshare Skillshare free classes in the form of a website in April 2011.

Since then, Skillshare established a network of 27,000 premium classes and 2,000 free classes by 2019. These courses are of different natures like Art, Business, History, Filmography, and Fashion among others. In short, the Skillshare app download unlocks the door of a world for you where you can learn many skills and hobbies.

Features of the Skillshare online app

To find the answer to the question- is Skillshare worth it? We will go through its features in-depth and discuss its Pros and cons further.

1. More than 2,000 free courses

Skillshare online app

The Skillshare app has free courses for almost everyone, be it- writer, photographer, or painter. The app includes videos and downloadable content for users to learn from.

2. Attempt projects to learn better

Skillshare online app

For every course, there are projects included in this Skillshare online app that you can unlock after you download Skillshare and attempt courses. These projects are included with paid and free courses, both.

3. Download learning content offline

Skillshare online app

The Skillshare app download ends the limitation of having the internet all the time to study. You can always download learning content that you want to use and save it offline. It will let you study from anywhere and anytime.

4. Free 30-days trial

The app developed by one of the top app development Companies comes with a 30-days Skillshare free trial. You can use this trial to enjoy all kinds of learning content you want. However, if you do not remove or cancel the trial before the renewal date, it will automatically deduct the amount from your account.

Is Skillshare worth it? - Pros and Cons

To know if the Skillshare app is actually worth it, we will include a few crucial Pros and Cons in this Skillshare review.

Pros if you download Skillshare

  • Free trial
  • Huge library of learning content
  • Skillshare certificates
  • Offline usable

Cons if use Skillshare courses

  • Expensive
  • A limited number of free courses

Additional information for the Skillshare Certificates app

Additional information

MAD Rating

Features- 4.7
UI- 4.5
Security- 4.6
Navigation- 4.5

To conclude, this Skillshare app review gave us an insight into if- is Skillshare worth it? with its factual data like features, ratings, and more. Now, if you are reading this app to take inspiration for your next app, you can also get your app reviewed once it is developed. It will give your mobile app a great marketing opportunity. Moreover, MobileAppDaily experts will also let you know if your mobile app has the potential of getting better.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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