Camelot: Smart Privacy

A sophisticated security application that offers cloud backup for your secured data.

Updated on November 18, 2019
Camelot: Smart Privacy

Today, online privacy seems to have turned into a thing of luxury.

Why... you may ask!

Well, with all the malware attacks and hacking activities taking place on a daily basis, our personal information and other private details are at constant risk of being exposed in public or worse, in the hands of someone who can misuse this data. 

This is exactly where an advanced password manager like the Camelot app comes into play. 

Camelot can be described as a comprehensive application for storing as well as protection of users' personal data in their smartphones. 

Unlike other data protection applications that tend to only focus on selected functionalities like safe storage of passwords and pictures, the Camelot app offers a much wider range of features. Keep on reading the Camelot app review to get acquainted with the advantages offered by this advanced application. 

About Camelot App


The logo of the Camelot application is unique and pretty different from the other data privacy apps that are already present in the app stores. The Camelot’s logo is smartly designed with a castle pillar on the back and the classic ‘C’ on the front, representing the brand. 


Here are the notable features that are offered by this data protection app, which are as follows: 

  • Private Vault: Camelot app comes up with a private vault specially dedicated to storing users’ photos and videos. You can directly move your private pictures and videos from the Gallery section to the vault. 
  • Password Manager: Camelot is the best password manager app, where users can save their passwords as well as their pin codes. In addition to this, it will also help them in generating random strong passwords.
  • Highly Secure Storage: With Camelot, the user gets access to storage for securely storing all their private information, safe from prying eyes. 
  • Hidden Chat: Apart from being secure online document storage, Camelot provides its users with the option to act as their secret conversation messenger. Just go ahead and create your own Peer-2-Peer chat or even chat rooms along with your family and friends without any fear of data leakage. 

In addition to this, you can also use Camelot to store your IDs and other documents by taking pictures of your ID documents and transferring them into secure storage.

What are the Benefits of Camelot? 

Camelot primarily focuses on three key segments that are Data Encryption, Data Protection, and Data Privacy. Some of the major advantages of using Camelot are as follows: 

  • Data on Camelot is encrypted in the format - AES 256, RSA 2048 which is quite hard to break down, even developers find it hard to decode.
  • Multi-level security with the help of PUK passcodes, local passcodes, and fool PIN passcodes.
  • Camelot comes with an emergency plan i.e. a quick escape button along with the decoy approach. 
  • One of the most effective techniques used by this password manager app is the 4-factor authentication, the most advanced form available in apps that support secret conversation messenger and cloud storage.

Apart from the above-mentioned functionalities, you can also generate special seal keys that can only open Camelot by using a PUK passcode. Here, the trick is to insert more seals into the app at the same time. 

The Verdict

Design- 4 stars
Support- 4 stars
Usability-  4 stars
Features-  4.5 stars

MAD Rates:  4 stars

Users can even print out their seals as QR codes or split them up with their friends, this way the data can only be shared between people who have those seals. 

The Camelot app offers its users a unique set of features for easy access to complicated passwords. This is what makes it a great alternative for some of the popular apps like LastPass and Dashlane.  

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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